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Chapter 416 - The Elimination Rate Is Too Fast!

Medical Master
     Chapter 416 The Elimination Rate Is Too Fast!

    The first question had appeared.

    Although the words that Fang Qiu used were a little crude, it was still a competition. They despised him a little but still came into their senses and started to answer the question.

    “You have ten seconds to answer this question.” The host opened his mouth.

    Ten seconds later. “Time’s up. Please show your answer.”

    With the sound of the host, the LED screen which was in front of the contestants showed their answers immediately.

    At first glance, there were many different answers.

    But most of them chose D, and a small number of them chose A.

    “The answer to this question is D,” the host announced.


    When that came out, there was a sudden sound of the lights going out on the stage.

    Many people gave the wrong answer.

    The lights of those who chose A went out.

    A number popped up on the big screen connected to the answer area.

    290! Everyone was shocked when they saw the number because it represented the number of people who were still on the stage, which meant the first question got 50 people eliminated.

    That was horrible.

    “Wow!” While everyone was shocked, the host was also amazed. He didn’t know that Fang Qiu’s question could get 50 people eliminated. There were 340 competitors, which meant that nearly 15 percent of them needed to leave.

    Compared to the shock of the host, the three judges were so calm. It seemed that they were aware of this consequence.

    “Is it really so difficult?” The host turned to the judges’ table and said, “Let’s ask our judges.”

    As they heard the host, the judges looked at each other.

    Then Huang Zhengren sitting on the left picked up the microphone and said, “Although the words of the question that given by Fang Qiu were not quite appropriate, there is no denying that it is very professional.

    “Why would I say that? In traditional Chinese medicine, it’s important to look, listen, question, and feel. Knowing what kind of disease the patients had after they told the symptoms was a basic requirement for Chinese medicine doctors. However, defecation seems to be a little unexpected. I think the students seem to pay less attention to defecation.

    “Those who get the wrong answer should work hard. To be a Chinese medicine doctor, you must master all the knowledge you need.”

    The judge then put down the microphone.

    Over there, the contestants who got the wrong answer left the stage.

    “Let’s go on.” The host turned around, picked up the second card, and said, “The next question is a bit odd. This is a live question.”

    Everyone was surprised.

    When everyone was confused, the host said, “The person who gives the answer, please raise your hand.”

    One contestant in the third row raised his hand.

    Everyone turned to look at him.

    “Please give us your question.” The host said, “Please listen to the question, everyone.”

    The contestant opened his mouth. “I had a cold yesterday, and I had the following symptoms, high fever, afraid of the wind, distension, sweating, swollen throat, coughing, yellow sputum, nasal obstruction, always thirsty, and pale tongue.”

    Speaking of which, the person that gave the question looked around.

    It turned out that a lot of people had already started writing answers.

    Indeed, everyone thought that the man’s question must be asking whether he had a common cold or a wind-heat type common cold as they heard the question.

    Just as everyone was starting to write down their answers with confidence, the person asked with a smile, “I bought 999 Ganmao Qingre Granules for this illness. Did I get the right medicine?”

    “A right, B wrong.” When he asked, everyone was stunned.

    Damn, how could he give such an unexpected question?

    Most importantly, this question didn’t only require people to tell the differences between a wind-heat type common cold and a common cold but also needed them to know what medicine they could use.

    “What?!” As the live director heard it, he immediately asked, “Did they confirm the question in advance? This guy isn’t from the 999 company, right? Call the staff of the 999 company and ask them if they want to be a sponsor. Otherwise, don’t show this part on TV. We can’t just advertise for a company for free.”

    On the stage, as Fang Qiu heard the question, he gave a smile.

    Turning to the guy who asked the question, Fang Qiu thought that this guy was interesting. Not only did he give a live question, but he also used the opportunity to fool a lot of people.

    “Ten seconds. You may answer the question!” The host announced.

    Without hesitation, Fang Qiu wrote down “B” on the answering machine.

    As far as he was concerned, it was obviously the wrong medicine.

    The person actually got a wind-heat type common cold, but he bought the medicine which would cure a common cold. Therefore, it was impossible that the person would be cured.

    “Time’s up. Please show me your answer.” The host shouted and waited for everyone’s answer before he said, “The correct answer is B.”

    As he said, another sound of lights being turned off was heard.

    The number 290 on the big screen became 280 in an instant.

    Ten more people had been eliminated!

    The host said to the judges, “Could our judges please explain why B is the correct answer?”

    “Ha-ha.” Sitting on the right of the judges’ area, Yang Juanyong raised the microphone and said, “The symptoms that he described are all related to a wind-heat type common cold.

    “The wind-heat type common cold is caused by the malfunction of the lung.

    “But the common cold is caused by cold, relating to fever, sweating, headache, body ache, coughing, desire for hot drinks, and pale tongue. Although these symptoms look the same as those of a wind-heat type common cold, they are quite different. You can’t recklessly use the medicine just because they are both bad cold.

    “Of course, you can’t use the 999 granules just because it has the words “Qingre” on it. This medicine is used for dispersing the cold and relieving exterior syndrome, which can cure a common cold. Therefore, the correct answer is B. Those who got the wrong answer should learn more about this field!”

    Then Yang Juanyong put down the microphone.

    Those who gave the wrong answer left the stage.

    “Thank you for explaining.” The host said sincerely to Yang Juanyong, then turned to say, “Let’s move on to the next question.

    “Question three was given by a female student named Zhao Kaiqin.

    “Please listen to the question.

    “Which of the following is not a complication of abortion?

    “A induced abortion syndrome, B uterine perforation, C uterine contraction failure, D incomplete abortion, E postoperative infection.”

    As soon as this one came out, all the boys were dumbfounded.

    “Oh, my God, this one is so tough!”

    “So everyone just gives the question that only themselves know the answer?”

    “It’s horrible. This is not a competition, it’s a battlefield! These people really dare to give any difficult questions!”

    Many people shook their heads and smiled wryly.

    “Please answer the question.” The host warned them.

    They soon gave the answers.

    Without hesitation, Fang Qiu wrote C on the answering machine.

    He once worked in the gynecologic department in the hospital. Although he only used pulse diagnosis, he did remember a lot about gynecological knowledge, not to mention that he got so many books in his mind.

    Ten seconds later, the host said, “Please show the correct answer.”

    As soon as the answer was shown, there was the sound of the lights going out again.

    The number on the big screen also turned to 263.

    A gynecological question had eliminated 17 people.

    However, Fang Qiu got it right, so did Jiang Miaoyu.

    This time, when the host wanted to ask the judges to make explanations of the question, it turned out that the judges didn’t want to comment at all. They just chose to skip it.

    Actually, the judges were confused. They also didn’t expect that someone would ask such a question in a competition like this.

    Besides, it was better not to judge a woman’s matters. After all, all three of them were highly-skilled doctors. They needed to be more careful about their images.

    The three were thinking about the same thing, so they sat straight and decided not to look at the host.

    “Question Four.” The host said directly, “This question was given by a freshman of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, Jiang Miaoyu.”

    Hearing that, everyone turned to look at Jiang Miaoyu immediately.

    After all, Jiang Miaoyu also got a good score. And she always showed up with Fang Qiu and got a lot of attention, so people were quite familiar with her.

    Some people also did some research and found that Jiang Miaoyu was born to an acupuncture family.

    When they heard Jiang Miaoyu was about to give the question, they immediately listened to her attentively.

    They knew that Jiang Miaoyu would definitely ask something about acupuncture. Things about acupuncture could be very difficult, so they paid more attention to it.

    Fang Qiu was particularly curious.

    He still remembered that Jiang Miaoyu was very confident that he would not be able to answer her question, which made Fang Qiu wonder for a long time.

    What kind of question would Jiang Miaoyu ask eventually?

    With all eyes on him, the host said, “Please listen to the question!

    “Among the meridian system, which one is connected to the twelve divergent meridians?

    “A Rush moxibustion, B Ginger moxibustion, C Garlic moxibustion, D Salt moxibustion, E Mud moxibustion.”

    As soon as this one came out, many people were confused because it was a professional question.

    A lot of people had never even heard of it.

    However, as for Fang Qiu, it couldn’t be easier.

    He excelled at acupuncture therapy and bonesetting therapy.

    How could such a simple question possibly elude him?

    Although he thought it was simple, Fang Qiu was also proud of Jiang Miaoyu.

    That must be a tough question.

    As expected, as soon as the correct answer was shown, 27 lights went out on the stage.

    The number on the big screen turned from 263 to 236.

    27 people were eliminated.

    People were all amazed both on and off stage, especially the live director.

    “Damn, the elimination rate is a bit fast, huh?”

    “It’s only been four questions and 104 people have already been eliminated. If it keeps going on like this, we won’t have enough time for this episode.” The director was worried.

    He gave a wry smile when he thought of Fang Qiu’s question which got 50 people eliminated.

    If this kept going on, it would not only shorten the recording time but would also make the contestants look unqualified.

    So many people had been eliminated within several questions.

    How could they make this competition look like a primary student’s exam?

    The director immediately picked up the microphone, connected it to the host, and told him, “Give them some simple questions! Otherwise, we’ll be screwed.”