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Chapter 139 - : Chieftain Zi Shang’s Enormous Hemipenes

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 139: Chieftain Zi Shang’s Enormous Hemipenes

    Zi Shang watched her from the side with indifference. He had no intention of helping her. If she could not even subdue this puny White Bone Flame, she should not even consider taming the Red Lotus Lightning Flame.

    Ye Jiuge could feel Zi Shang’s disparaging stare. She came to her senses immediately. Vicious anger sparked within her. She thought: If Zi Shang is the one walking all over me, then fine. For a pathetic, impertinent flame, you to have the audacity to treat me with such insolence? Do you really think that I am a frail, helpless cat?

    Ye Jiuge summoned all the Spiritual Energy she possessed. In her body, she formed a silver miniature version of the Lightning Snake Magical Whip. The smaller Lightning Snake Magical Whip opened its insatiable mouth murderously wide in a violent manner, just like a wild beast escaped from the abyss.

    “If you refuse to be obedient, I will eat you up!” Ye Jiuge conveyed her ruthless murderous intent to the White Bone Flame clearly through the Lightning Snake Magical Whip.

    She already owned an unruly Demonic Weapon, the Lightning Snake Magical Whip; she did not want another recalcitrant Spiritual Flame in her possession.

    Once the White Bone Flame sensed Ye Jiuge’s murderous intent, it immediately transformed into a small skeleton. It curled itself up in her Elixir Field and hugged its knees, trembling in fear. It was as if it were a small child being threatened by an evil bully.

    Ye Jiuge knew that this was a sign of submission from the White Bone Flame. She seized the opportunity to mark it with her Cognitive Imprint.

    After she managed to tame the White Bone Flame successfully, the energy, which had emanated from that extremely icy aura earlier, was converted into pure Spiritual Energy. This had allowed her to directly advance from a Beginner to an Intermediate Level Spiritual Practitioner.

    She thought: As expected, it is truly a treasure!

    Ye Jiuge was in a good mood. She reached out with her slender index finger.

    Before her eyes, a faint wisp of ghastly white fire appeared. It illumined her face and imbued it with a sense of abnormal beauty. She was similar to a white lotus that had bloomed in a pool filled with the blood and bones of the dead. The juxtaposition between the dark colors and the white lotus accentuated the flower’s beauty, and Ye Jiuge was even more untainted and ethereal than the goddesses from the Ninth Heaven. She was truly stunning.

    Ye Jiuge did not realize that she had gained a closer resemblance to those women who pretended to be sweet and innocent but were scheming and manipulative in reality.

    After she put the White Bone Flame away, she examined the White Bone Cavern carefully. Other than the skeletons of dead Iron-skinned Crocodiles, it was empty. It seemed that this cavern was the final resting place of Iron-skinned Crocodiles. Every Iron-skinned Crocodile that was nearing its death came to this place to draw its last breath. If this were the case, then a new Iron-skinned Crocodile would be making its way here soon to guard its grave.

    When this occurred to Ye Jiuge, she had a strong desire to leave. Suddenly, the Lightning Snake Magical Whip wriggled free from Ye Jiuge’s hand. It shifted its form into a gigantic python. After that, it opened its mouth wide and devoured every bone in the Iron-skinned Crocodile’s graveyard.

    “What is happening now?” Ye Jiuge turned to ask Zi Shang.

    “After it satisfied you, you won’t allow it to feast on your leftovers?” Zi Shang wrapped himself around Ye Jiuge. He rested his chin on her head, as if he were boneless.

    “Are you telling me that it’s healing itself?” Ye Jiuge’s eyes brightened.

    “After a Demonic Weapon such as the Lightning Snake Magical Whip recognizes someone as its owner, it develops an awareness to mend itself. Since the Spiritual Energy from the bones in this place have coalesced into a Spiritual Flame, they contain a great deal of Spiritual Energy. This can help to repair the Lightning Snake Magical Whip’s defects.”

    As Zi Shang explained, he used his chin to nudge Ye Jiuge’s head. Although Zi Shang’s sharp chin made Ye Jiuge feel pain in her head, when she heard that the Lightning Snake Magical Whip would advance to a higher rank, she beamed. That must be why Spiritual Practitioners loved to embark on treasure hunts. Indeed, one could start out with nothing and end up with unimaginable riches and valuables. This time, she had not only procured the White Bone Flame, she had also restored her Demonic Weapon at the same time. She really felt as though she had struck gold!

    After the Lightning Snake Magical Whip wolfed down every bone, it returned to Ye Jiuge’s hand. The hues of its scales became more layered, and there was an indication that it would grow a fourth section. It looked as though it had gained improved intellectual capabilities.

    Pleased, Ye Jiuge caressed the Lightning Snake Magical Whip before attaching it to her waist.

    At that moment, the Black Fat Rat, which was standing by her side, squeaked in dissatisfaction, “Pipi!”

    Every one of you has benefited from this, now what about me?

    “Just tell me, what do you want?” Right now, Ye Jiuge was in an excellent mood.

    She was well aware that it had been thanks the Black Fat Rat that she’d been able to find the White Bone Flame. Naturally, she needed to reward it generously.

    “Pipi!” The Black Fat Rat pointed at Ye Jiuge’s finger before revealing its little sharp white teeth. After that, it nibbled its small paws and made a sucking gesture.

    “You wished to feed on my blood?” Ye Jiuge understood it instantly.

    She never thought that her blood was so impressive that even the Black Fat Rat coveted it.

    “Pipi Jam!” The Black Fat Rat nodded, blinking its large eyes pleadingly.

    Before Ye Jiuge could agree to its request, a savage, terrifying aura penetrated the air.

    “You dare to sink your teeth into my woman? How bold of you!” Zi Shang lifted his hand, using his intangible force to choke the Black Fat Rat as it ascended midair.

    “Pipi…” The Black Fat Rat was so frightened that it stuffed both of its chubby paws into its mouth.

    Its large eyes glistened with tears and it looked at Ye Jiuge pitifully.

    “That’s enough. A true man would never intimidate a rat. That is not an admirable act. Moreover, it wanted my blood, not yours.”

    Ye Jiuge tapped Zi Shang’s arm. She still needed to depend on the Black Fat Rat to purify the poison she needed for pill-making.

    She thought: What if Zi Shang causes it to flee in fear?

    Zi Shang narrowed his eyes at Ye Jiuge. He did not make any move to let the Black Fat Rat down. Instead, he asked it threateningly, “Do you still want to drink her blood now?”

    “Pi, pi, pi, pi!” The Black Fat Rat shook its head fervently with humble repentance.

    Only after this did Zi Shang place the Black Fat Rat down. The Black Fat Rat picked itself up and ran back to Ye Jiuge’s pocket.

    Ye Jiuge patted the pocket lightly, before telling the rat secretly, “Don’t worry. When Zi Shang falls into another deep sleep, I will feed you without his knowledge!”

    “Let me warn you that you better not have such thoughts!” Zi Shang narrowed his purple irises as he said coldly. “This Spiritual Rat’s origins are unknown. Until you know its history inside out, you better not get so close to it.”

    “It’s merely a Black Fat Rat. What is there to be concerned about?” Ye Jiuge felt that Zi Shang was making a mountain out of a molehill.

    This Black Fat Rat was so weak; it did not have slightest bit of power to attack her. It would not cause any trouble.

    “Do not forget about our agreement. Every drop of blood in your body belongs to me. If you dare to take me lightly and act without my permission, you will only have yourself to blame when I have my way with you.”

    When Zi Shang saw that Ye Jiuge was still objecting to him, a dangerous glint flitted past his eyes. He hugged her before holding her down against his lower body. The punishment that he was implying was evident.

    Ye Jiuge could clearly feel two solid bulges prodding her back. She recalled something she’d heard: Snakes have two hemipenes…

    Instantly, Ye Jiuge felt numbness in her skull. She promised him quickly, “I won’t do it. I won’t do it.”

    “Are you absolutely certain?” Although Zi Shang sounded smug, his voice carried a little disappointment.

    “I really won’t.” She thought: So, can you please retract those unwelcome, large hemipenes of yours at once?

    Zi Shang curved his red lips, before releasing Ye Jiuge slowly from his grasp.

    Actually, he’d never thought of doing anything to Ye Jiuge in this godforsaken place. He was merely teasing her. However, this was also Ye Jiuge’s fault. This idiot was too stubborn. He could only threaten her in this way to make her listen to him. She’d landed herself in this situation.

    Ye Jiuge furtively breathed a sigh of relief. However, she did not want to remain in this grim place any longer.

    She refused to press herself against Zi Shang during her return to the surface. She took the Black Fat Rat out from her pocket and said, “I used a Blue Stone last time. Do you still have any left? Give me one.”