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Chapter 142 - Scouting the Su Residence at Nigh

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 142: Scouting the Su Residence at Night

    Liu Yunfei’s abrupt change in demeanor perplexed Su Junqing. However, her current indifference was much more manageable than when she’d been deliberately seducing him. Therefore, he straightened his face and said, “Both Elderly Lady Xu and Xu Hansen were killed by Ye Jiuge, Wan Ziyang, and Bai Songling.”

    “Give me more information about them.” Liu Yunfei drank the Spiritual Blood nonchalantly.

    Su Junqing told her everything about the trio, including their backgrounds.

    “Ye Jiuge is Great Master Yun’s granddaughter, Wan Ziyang holds a considerable amount of power and influence in the Justice Department, while Bai Songling is the Dongling Prince’s trusted aide. You want me to lay a finger on these three? Are you itching to let others find out about our existence as a sect that practices Black Magic?” Liu Yunfei’s gaze immediately became dangerous.

    Although she was full of herself, she was not brainless.

    The practices of Black Magic Cultivation were extremely heinous and inhumane. For a long time, they had been a thorn in the Righteous Spiritual Practitioners’ side. Otherwise, the Bloodthirsty Sect would not have been forced to deep hide within the mountains in isolation.

    Emperor Xuanwu had decreed that all Black Magic Practitioners in the kingdom should be hunted and arrested. If Lin Yunfei continued to garner attention by messing with them, she would just provide the Righteous Spiritual Practitioners with something else to hold against them.

    “Senior, please quell your anger and take a moment to listen to me…” Su Junqing laid out his plan.

    After Liu Yunfei heard everything, she could not help but give Su Junqing the once-over. She smiled and said, “I’ve really underestimated you. Junior, you are really a brilliant, capable disciple. It’s amazing that you could even think of such an idea.”

    “Senior, you flatter me. I am also doing this for the Bloodthirsty Sect’s benefit. As soon as we get rid of these people, I can guarantee that Emperor Xuanwu will not dare mention the words ‘Black Magic’ again,” Su Junqing said confidently.

    He’d racked his brains to come up with this ploy to turn the tables and eliminate those threats.

    “Alright, then I shall act according to your plan.” Liu Yunfei nodded. She could not care less.

    “Senior, I am extremely thankful for your support.” Su Junqing performed a fist and palm salute before saying, “Senior, I am afraid that you attracted some attention when you showed up at the Su Residence today. Perhaps, they will send some scouts to investigate. I want to request, Senior, that you do me a favor.”

    “Why? You can’t even handle a few scouts?” Liu Yunfei swirled the blood in the glass before taking another sip of the Spiritual Blood.

    “Senior, forgive me for my shortcomings. Other scouts do not faze me. However, there’s a particular scout who is incredibly difficult to deal with.” Su Junqing sighed before saying, “His name is Ye Yu. He has already advanced into a Shadow Assassin and is capable of sneaking in and out of the residence without a trace. He is really giving me a headache.”

    “Interesting. I love meeting such thrilling opponents.” Liu Yunfei licked the corner of her bloody lips like a cat that has detected the smell of fish.

    “With your help, that scout will surely die.” Although Su Junqing wore a smile on his face, he kept sizing up Liu Yunfei, discreetly.

    He noticed that her irises were becoming progressively red. This clearly indicated that she had cultivated her Bloodthirsty Skill to the Third Level.

    If he could absorb her power, his cultivation would take a giant leap forward and reach the level of a Spiritual Master. Then, his Mental Manipulation would become even more powerful.

    Su Junqing felt a burning desire for that possibility, but he quickly placed the thought in the back of his mind.

    If Liu Yunfei discovered that this had crossed his mind, it was very likely that she would devour him first.

    It was too risky to be around a woman like her. He should send her away as soon as possible.

    Su Junqing and Liu Yunfei appeared to be getting along with each other, regardless of their differences.

    Meanwhile, a disagreement was taking place between Ye Jiuge and Ye Yu.

    “Eldest Miss, the set-up was merely your conjecture. Despite walking on thin ice, this Black Magic Practitioner still entered the Capital. Without a doubt, there is something odd about this. I still think that we need to find out what they intend to do.”

    Ye Yu had a hunch that that this sorceress would definitely know about his sister. He had to make his way to the Su Residence.

    When Ye Jiuge saw how determined Ye Yu was, she knew that there was nothing that she could do to stop him. Therefore, she said, “Fine, but we should still take some time to prepare first—as a safety measure. Then, we can get to the bottom of this tomorrow night.”

    “I am afraid that tomorrow will be too late.” Ye Yu wanted to head there now.

    “I said tomorrow night, so we will do it tomorrow night. If you refuse to listen to me, then you don’t need to consult me about anything else in the future.” Ye Jiuge’s face turned serious.

    At this time, Zi Shang’s languid voice rang out beside Ye Jiuge’s ear.

    “If you’d heeded my advice earlier and bound him with a Slave Contract, he would not dare to act against your wishes.”

    “I have no desire to be a slaveholder.” Ye Jiuge did not aspire to conquer the continent. She did not feel the need to own slaves.

    She preferred to form agreements based on mutual benefit, which both parties could end quickly without hard feelings if a situation arose that necessitated parting ways.

    Zi Shang was extremely irked by Ye Jiuge’s lack of ambition. However, he did not argue any further.

    On the other hand, when Ye Yu observed how Ye Jiuge’s expression kept changing, he thought that she was furious at him. He said quickly, “I will listen to you.”

    “It is quite late now. You should return first. Meet me around eleven o’clock tomorrow night.” Ye Jiuge pinched her nose.

    To capture the White Bone Flame, she was always on the move throughout the entire day. She was so tired that she did not have the energy to do anything else.

    “I would like to apologize for disturbing you at such a time. You should have a good rest first.” When Ye Yu noted Ye Jiuge’s weary face, he instantly felt a slight pang of guilt.

    Ye Jiuge waved him away with her eyes half-closed. She drifted back to her room like a wandering spirit. Once her head hit the pillow, she fell asleep.

    The next day after Ye Jiuge woke up, she took a stroll outside and gathered some information. She also made some arrangements before going back to the Zilin Residence.

    When she changed into her ninja garb, it was still early. She went to the Pill Production Room to carry on with her Rank Three Mind-clearing Pill production.

    Night quietly fell. It was a starless night, and the moon was nowhere to be seen. Tree leaves rustled as cold winds blew by.

    Ye Jiuge produced another two bottles of Rank Three Mind-clearing Pills. When she walked out of the room, she was just on time.

    Ye Yu was already waiting at her courtyard. He said, “Eldest Miss, the mole that I planted in Su Residence has reported to me that, after that lady entered the Su Residence, Su Junqing stationed her in his study. Not only that, he has forbidden anyone from entering or leaving the area.”

    “It seems that Su Junqing is worried that we will not go to her!” Ye Jiuge smiled.

    Anyone with any interest in the Su Residence would be unable to stop themselves from investigating why Su Junqing had made the odd decision to allow this mysterious lady to stay in his study, of all places.

    “Eldest Miss, how about letting me sneak into the Su Residence alone?” Ye Yu was undaunted by the prospect of a trap. He was just concerned that he would place Ye Jiuge in danger.

    “Stop being an idiot and take this with you. Before you enter the Su Residence, suck on one pill. It can help you resist Su Junqing’s Mental Manipulation.” Ye Jiuge tossed a bottle of freshly produced Mind-clearing Pills to Ye Yu.

    “Thank you very much.” Ye Yu accepted the Medicinal Pills. Once again, he felt lucky that he was serving an Alchemist. He did not need to fret about obtaining any Medicinal Pills.

    Ye Jiuge concealed her face with a mask, before stealthily making her way to the Su Residence with Ye Yu.

    During her last visit to the Su Residence, the view had been splendid. Now, the Su Residence was looking bleak.

    “Su Junqing’s study is located beside the Main Residence.” Ye Yu stood in the shadows, and he pointed toward a brightly-lit small building situated right at the center.

    Ye Jiuge swept her eyes over the Main Residence. After that, she looked at the small building where the Su Clan’s Old Master resided, and asked, “How is the Su Clan’s Old Master doing now?”

    “How else? His children and grandchildren are so filial that they pay respects to him day and night. Moreover, he has many servants at his beck and call. He is living such a happy and comfortable life.” Ye Yu smiled coldly.

    He detested every member of the Su Clan, including the Su Clan’s Old Master.

    “Knowing that he is suffering gives me joy!” Ye Jiuge grinned.

    Until now, the Spiritual Doctors from the Capital had failed to diagnose correctly the reason for the Su Clan’s Old Master’s coma. They’d determined that Demonic Magic was the cause and were unable to prescribe the correct medicine to treat it.

    Ye Yu resonated with Ye Jiuge’s words deeply. He asked softly, “Eldest Miss, should we proceed now?”

    “There is no need to rush. Let’s wait a little while longer.” Ye Jiuge shook her head. Right now was not the best time to make a move.