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Chapter 417 - Please Explain This Question, Fang Qiu!

Medical Master
     Chapter 417 Please Explain This Question, Fang Qiu!

    As he heard the director’s urgent voice over the headset, the host immediately rummaged on the stage and found several hand cards that marked “simple”.

    Since they were recording the show, the crew could be prepared in advance.

    The 340 questions submitted by the participants had all been read and sorted out in advance.

    In the beginning, the live director wanted to use some difficult questions to let the audience see the competence of the contestants. Unexpectedly, they didn’t choose the right questions. They didn’t know that Fang Qiu’s question could get 50 people eliminated. Moreover, each difficult question after that eliminated ten people at least.

    The elimination rate was much faster than expected.

    If they continued to use the difficult questions, it wouldn’t be long before this recording was over.

    Therefore, they chose some easy questions.

    Of course, none of the contestants or the audience knew about this.

    As he got the hand cards, the host gave five easy questions in a row.

    As a result, all the contestants got the right answer, so none of them were eliminated.

    The director finally relieved as he saw this.

    The director instructed him, “Keep giving easy questions.”

    The host could only continue to look for more simple questions.

    After asking several simple questions in a row, he saw that all the simple questions that he had found were almost finished and that no one had been eliminated within ten questions. The host did not continue to look for the simple questions but took out a hand card at random.

    “Let’s go on.” Because no one had been eliminated and the questions were quite easy, the host didn’t ask the judges to make any comment. He just kept asking the contestants.

    “This question was given by Wang Shijie.”

    As he spoke, the host raised his eyebrows and said, “This is a very professional question. Is the question maker still on the stage? Can you raise your hand?”

    Then a youth who was sitting behind Fang Qiu on the second row raised his hand and smiled.

    The crowd turned to look at him.

    He was dressed in a red hoodie, with long curly hair, fair skin, and good features. He would be more like a handsome man if his clothes and face were not dirty.

    “This question is quite difficult.”

    The host looked at Wang Shijie and said, “The person who can make such a question should not be a nobody.”

    “Huh.” Wang Shijie laughed but didn’t respond.

    The host didn’t continue to ask him.

    However, their conversation actually made people feel curious about Wang Shijie’s question. “Is it really so difficult?” Some people thought to themselves.

    Even the three highly-skilled doctors were waiting for the host to ask the question curiously.

    “Listen to the question, please.” The host looked at the card and said, “A male patient, 23 years old, got a red streak in his right arm and it extended to his elbow. If we choose Bianlian therapy, what should we do?

    “A Pierce the needle to two ends of the streak and make them bleed. B Use the plum-blossom needle to prick the streak and cause micro-bleeding. C Use the three-edged needle to break the streak inch-by-inch and cause micro-bleeding. D Use the three-edged needle to make it bleed by points. E Use the plum-blossom needle to prick along the streak and cause micro-bleeding plus lighting fumigation.”

    As soon as this one came out, many people couldn’t help but ruminate.

    Some of them looked as if they did not understand the question.

    This was a tough one.

    Even Fang Qiu found it too difficult. To be exact, he found it difficult for other contestants on the stage.

    Apparently, it was a question about acupuncture.

    Judging by the difficulty of the question, this man, Wang Shijie, must also be an expert in acupuncture.

    Though he found it difficult, Fang Qiu was not worried.

    He knew the answer to this question. Jiang Miaoyu was also born in an acupuncture family, so this problem certainly couldn’t beat her.

    The host said, “Please answer the question.”

    Ten seconds later. “Please show the correct answer.”

    With the order of the host, the sound of lights going out was heard again.

    This time, there were 39 people who got the wrong answer.

    Seeing the number of elimination, the live director almost passed out.

    “What are these kids doing? Why did they make the questions so difficult?” He muttered to himself.

    On the stage, the host was taken aback.

    He didn’t expect that so many people would be eliminated by this question.

    “All right, judges.” The host turned to the judges and opened his mouth, “Judges, what do you want to say about this difficult question?”

    “I’ll do it.” Huang Zhengren raised his microphone. “I have done some research on acupuncture. Let me explain it to you.

    “In fact, this question is to examine the comprehension of the red-streaked infection Bianlian therapy. You need to hold the skin near the needle prick point with your thumb and index finger, prick the streak inch-by-inch, and cause micro-bleeding.”

    Huang Zhengren then also introduced Bianlian therapy, as well as the red-streaked infection.

    After the explanation, 39 people got eliminated.

    “Simple questions, find some simple questions!” The live director shouted at the host through the headset.

    The number on the big screen had jumped from 236 to 197, which meant the show would be over if another 97 people got eliminated.

    How many questions could they give to hold the show if they kept eliminating people like this?

    If they got more difficult questions like what Fang Qiu gave, the contestants would be all eliminated within several questions.

    The live director was anxious, so was the host.

    Therefore, while the judge was giving comments, he quickly checked on the hand cards to find some simple questions.

    After a while, he finally found a couple of questions that marked “simple”.

    As soon as he gave the questions, the rest of the contestants got them all right.

    After five more questions, the host felt that the atmosphere on the stage was a bit flat without the excitement of the competition.

    After all, it was his job as the host to set the mood.

    “Next question.” The host took a look at the question and said, “This is not a difficult question, but much harder than it.”

    Although this was the first time that they heard about a much more difficult question, the contestants on the stage were still trying to be more concentrated.

    They had to be more careful because they were about to get into the next round.

    The live director knew what the host was thinking and he was also aware that the show could get a little boring if they kept asking the simple questions. Therefore, he didn’t interfere.

    “Please listen to the question.” The host said, “A child who is about 2 years old suffers from diarrhea for a week. His symptoms include loss of appetite, monophagia, defecating about three to four times a day recently, diarrhea after taking food, yellowish complexion, pale tongue, and pink fingerprints. What treatment should be the first choice?

    “A Fumigation. B Wiping. C Cutting Therapy. D Chiropractic Therapy. E Cupping Therapy.”

    Many people’s reaction was the same as what they had when they heard the last difficult question.

    A lot of people were dumbfounded.

    They absolutely had no idea.

    They could do the treatment or prescribe some medicine, but they didn’t know what the best treatment was yet.

    How were they supposed to learn all the treatments?

    However, there were so many different contestants here. Some of them were confused while others were confident.

    The host said, “Please answer the question.”

    Without hesitation, Fang Qiu immediately wrote down his answer “D” on the answering machine.

    Ten seconds later. “Please show your answers.”

    As all the contestants’ answers were shown, and many lights went out again.

    On the big screen, the number jumped from 197 to 167. 30 people got eliminated.

    On the stage, those who got it right were pleased, and those who got it wrong were morose.

    They had no idea that the other contestants’ questions would be so difficult!

    However, they couldn’t blame it on the person who wrote the question. Everyone was making every effort to come up with a difficult question so as to get others eliminated.

    Unfortunately, those who got eliminated were not competent enough.

    However, the live director was going to lose his temper.

    How long had this been going on? So many people had already left the stage.

    How could they get enough recording time for the show?

    But there was nothing he could do.

    After all, this was a competition. Even if they were recording, there was no possibility to do it again!

    Therefore, he could just pray that they got enough time for this episode.

    “Judges?” On the stage, the host was going to ask the judges to explain.

    However, at this moment, a contestant suddenly raised his hand and clapped the button on the answering machine in front of him.

    The sound immediately got everyone’s attention.

    The host also turned to look at him.

    The contestant with his hand up was a young man with a buzz cut, sitting in the fourth row.

    The host asked, “Do you have any questions, contestant?”

    “I came up with this question. I’m Zheng Chao.” The young man directly introduced himself.

    “Oh, yes, I’m sorry I forgot to mention your name before I read the question.” The host laughed.

    “That’s not why I raised my hand.” Zheng Chao shook his head and looked down at Fang Qiu’s position. He continued, “Fang Qiu answered my question correctly. I’m very curious. I want to know how he knew the answer. So I’d like him to explain, please.”

    When that came out, the crowd was quite surprised.

    All of them turned to look at Fang Qiu. Obviously, he was challenging Fang Qiu.

    In front of all these people, he did this in a show which would be aired.

    Although everyone treated Fang Qiu as an opponent, no one dared to stand out and go against Fang Qiu. After all, they thought they might act modestly in the competition on television.

    None of them expected that Zheng Chao actually did the thing that they were afraid to do.

    Not just the contestants, the live director also jumped for joy as he saw this because that was what he wanted.

    That was the real spice, the attraction, the thrill!

    No matter how dull they were in the past several minutes, they got enough materials as long as they pulled this off.

    As he became the focus of the stage, Fang Qiu raised his hand and asked, “Can I answer that?”

    “Yes, yes, let him respond.” The excited voice of the live director came from the host’s headset.

    “Well, let’s hear what Fang Qiu has to say about it.” The host nodded.

    “All right.” With a smile, Fang Qiu opened his mouth. “Actually, this question is very simple.”

    When that came out, the thirty people who had been eliminated turned gloomy and their faces darkened. “Simple? My ass! If it were easy, why would we be eliminated?”