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Chapter 234.4 - Attacked at Nigh

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 234.4: Attacked at Night

    “My Lord, Lu Ji has failed in my duty, and allowed something to happen to Miss Qing. I ask for my Lord to mete out punishment.”

    In the dim and dark coloured main hall, besides the man seated upon the throne, Bai Zhi Yan, Xun Luo, Mei Ji, Little Monster and the bookish and scholarly looking man were seated on the sides.

    Lu Ji was kneeling in the middle of the hall, her head hung very low.

    Lou Jun Yao had always been very lenient with his subordinates and was not someone who bothered much with empty formalities, not to mention making his subordinates kneel here and there every time they came to make a report, which was just tiring to see. So he had waived all of them of a need for such piddling details.

    For so many years, this was the first time that the proud and haughty Lu Ji was seen to look so servile.

    The man on the throne did not say anything and it was Bai Zhi Yan who spoke up in a bluster. “What has happened to that lass again? Has she gotten herself hurt again? ? How long has it only been and she has…..”

    “She was abducted.” Lu Ji’s voice was tinged with a faint hoarseness. “The person….. seems to be from Cloud Heaven but I do not know which one of the five powers he is from.”

    “From Cloud Heaven?” Bai Zhi Yan raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Where did she get taken away?”

    “In the Faint Mist Sect’s forbidden grounds.” Lu Ji replied with a sharp glint in her eyes.

    “That is rather interesting. To think that someone from Cloud Heaven would go all the way down to the lower realms. What could they have gone there for?” Bai Zhi Yan asked as he looked up at the man seated high up on the pedestal who had not said a single word. “And you do not seem to be anxious at all.”

    Lou Jun Yao had his chin propped up in one hand and his other hand was resting upon the eyeless snake on the chair’s arm, his fingers tapping lightly. Hearing Bai Zhi Yan’s words, his violet eyes looked up slightly. “If she’s in Cloud Heaven, then there is nothing to get anxious about.”

    His tone of voice was not only calm and unworried, but he looked like he had known about this all along.

    “You know where the lass is?” Bai Zhi Yan asked in surprise.

    Lou Jun Yao replied indifferently. “Mm. I will go find her tonight.”

    His gaze swept indifferently over the woman kneeling in the center of the hall. “Stand up. Considering the fact that she has not been hurt this time, this Lord here will not place any blame onto you. But, though I am sparing you from death, you will still have to suffer some form of punishment.”

    Lu Ji lowered her head. “I await my Lord’s instructions.”

    “Go to the Black Cliff to receive twelve lashes, and reflect for a month against the wall in solitary confinement before you can come out.” Lou Jun Yao said.

    “I am grateful for my Lord’s benevolence.” Lu Ji said as she retreated back out from the hall.

    Everyone knew in their hearts that the punishment meted out was light and nobody was against that.

    Except for Mei Ji who piped in to ask: “My Lord really knows where the lass is now?”

    “What do you think?” Lou Jun Yao curved his lips up in a smile, an indiscernible glint in his eyes, which actually looked quite terrifying.

    Hence when night fell, Bai Zhi Yan suddenly remembered something that he had to tell Lou Jun Yao and he went over to his room to look for him. But he found it to be empty with no one inside, and he recalled what the man had said earlier that day.

    [He has really gone to look for the lass?]

    — Bright Moon Temple —

    Lanterns and candle light illuminated the place, and it was silent at this time of the night.

    Yue Fen had come here once that night to deliver food. Although he had looked like he still wasn’t happy to see her, Qing Yu was not too bothered about it.

    She had naturally not touched a single bite of the food as she would not want to be suddenly afflicted by some strange voodoo.

    Seated upon a soft fluffy cloud with her eyes closed, she was just about to take full advantage of the thick and robust spirit energy in the air of this place when she suddenly detected the aura of another person. It had sprouted out of nowhere all of a sudden and huddled under a cape, it was lunging straight towards her…..