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Chapter 235.1 - Little Demoness, Really Want To Eat You Up

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 235.1: Little Demoness, Really Want To Eat You Up

    The figure that was lunging straight towards her at great speed caused Qing Yu’s eyes to narrow, and the hand supporting her body’s weight against the cloud beneath her quickly pushed her up, as she swept a long slender leg out in a powerful whirlwind kick, aimed right at the fast approaching figure.

    [Sneaking his way in here in the middle of the night and was trying to spring a surprise attack on her?]

    [Ha! A lecher! Mask your face won’t you? Then I pummel your face so hard you will be ashamed of ever showing your face to anyone!]

    The opponent was however calm and composed, not showing the slightest sign of panic.

    Upon seeing the young lady’s foot was aimed right at his head in a vicious sweeping kick, his eyes that were hidden under the darkness seemed to flash with an almost imperceptible mirthful glint, before he caught the young lady’s ankle in his hand. With a slightly forceful tug, he pulled her forward straight towards himself.

    If she allowed him to pull her over like that, she knew that she would end up in a highly awkward position, falling right onto the man’s body.

    Qing Yu scoffed coldly and her entire body flipped in the air, as she swung her other leg in another sweeping kick. Catching that one moment that the man would have no choice but to release his grip on her ankle, she raised her free hand up slightly, and several gold needles shot out towards the man.

    Her needles were made from a special material, exceptionally tough and strong. Thrown out with internal strength, they were able to pierce through armour, and a person could easily be turned into a sieve with her needles.

    But before Qing Yu could finish that gleeful thought in her mind, the next thing that happened right in front of her eyes in the very next instant caused her to stare incredulously in open mouthed shock.

    Her golden needles were finer than cow hair and they were flying at incredible speed through the air. Not to mention when it was under the darkness of night, one would not be able to see them clearly even in the light of day. That person was not only able to perfectly dodge every single one of those golden needles shooting at him from all kinds of impossible angles, he managed to render them all harmless and kept them properly into his sleeve.

    Qing Yu remained silent as a vein throbbed on one side of her temple. “…..”

    [Absolutely maniacal.]

    It was while she was still in that stunned daze that the person had come to hold her by her waist, and pressed her back down onto the comfortably soft cloud. And before she could even start to throw a fit, the man suddenly pulled the voluminous cape that covered him completely from head to toe right off his body, and tossed it aside.

    What met her eyes was a figure clad in devilishly flamboyant purple, and a pair of violet eyes that looked like they were filled with stars that studded the night skies, that were gazing smilingly at her.

    Qing Yu blinked her eyes, and the expression on her face looked highly befuddled in that one instant.

    It took her a long while before she was able to react, where she then pulled the man’s head down and bit him right on his fair skinned neck. She bit quite hard, so viciously like she almost wanted to bite off a piece of his flesh.