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Chapter 235.2 - Little Demoness, Really Want To Eat You Up

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 235.2: Little Demoness, Really Want To Eat You Up

    Lou Jun Yao let out a soft cry, but did not push her away. His voice sounded a little helpless as he said: “To think that I had been so excited to come look for you, but here you are attempting to murder your beloved the moment we meet. What a heartless little thing you are.”

    Qing Yu scoffed coldly and released the man’s delicate neck. Upon seeing the reddened bruise with traces of blood still oozing out, she was finally satisfied.

    Hearing the man’s words, Qing Yu did not feel the slightest bit guilty but arched up an eyebrow to look at him. “Who asked you to come sneaking around in the middle of the night to come frighten me! ? I’m already being merciful by not biting you to death!”

    “Oh! In that case, I’ll take it that this is your way of showing how much you missed me then!” Lou Jun Yao nodded his head knowingly. His eyes then flashed with a dark glint before he said: “Then it is now my turn to show you how much I missed you next.”

    [Show how much you missed me?]

    Qing Yu had still not fathomed what his words meant when his handsome face leaned in close to her, and the pressure upon her lips shocked her so much she suddenly forgot to think.

    While she was still spacing out, the man who was violating her on her lips suddenly opened his mouth slightly, and bit her hard on her soft tender lips.

    Sensing pain caused her to subconsciously open her mouth. That sly slippery fella immediately took the chance to slip inside, teasing and taunting, causing the young lady who was frowning in mild anger to blush a peach blossom pink, as she gasped for air.

    After the tangled bout of sentimental kisses, the young lady who had been a little indignant was rather overcome with passion at that moment.

    “How is it? Are you still angry?” Lou Jun Yao asked as he gazed at the flushed face in his arms, her lips a little swollen and red, her eyes deep and immersive.

    The young lady’s impassioned look was just too alluring, and he could not help but started thinking to…..

    Qing Yu saw the man’s devilishly attractive eyes start to grow darkly deep once again and she quickly stretched her hand out to push away his lips that were bullishly coming in close once again as she turned her head slightly to the side. Her voice sounded exceptionally alluring because of the raging emotions inside, so seductive it was killing Lou Jun Yao.

    “Don’t come any closer. You’re just like a ravenous wolf.”

    Her words that sounded like she was complaining caused the man to laugh out loud, but because the young lady’s soft hand was clasped over his mouth, the sound came out a little muffled.

    His warm breath spread over her palm, and it felt a little ticklish. Qing Yu pulled her fingers back a little, thinking of putting her arm down, but the man unexpectedly stuck his tongue out mischievously to lick her hand just as she was moving her hand away.

    Qing Yu’s face flushed red in an instant. “…..”

    [How devilishly seductive!]

    With his beloved clasped softly in his arms, Lou Jun Yao was feeling satisfied and happy as a lark. His heart was more at ease having the little one at his side afterall. However, he had not forgotten to ask about the serious business at hand. He lowered his head and looked at the young lady to ask: “How did you come to attract the eye of the Divine Temple’s people? And they actually brought you all the way here.”