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Chapter 418 - Come On, Chinese Medicine!

Medical Master
     Chapter 418 Come On, Chinese Medicine!


    “My answer is.” While he was speaking, Fang Qiu paused to take a look at Zheng Chao and continued, “Fumigation and wiping therapy are always used to cure the surface injury, while the cutting therapy can cure malnutrition and asthma.


    “Cupping therapy has the effect of dispelling wind, dispersing cold and relieving pain, and is often used in children with pneumonia, cough, abdominal pain, asthma, and enuresis.

    “Chiropractic therapy has the effect of promoting blood circulation, clearing channels and collaterals, tranquilizing Qi, and regulating viscera. It is often used in clinical for diarrhea, convulsion, abdominal pain, and flaccidity.

    “Judging from the question, the disease is diarrhea caused by the weakness of spleen, so chiropractic therapy will be the best choice. Cupping therapy is more suitable for another kind of diarrhea. Am I right?” Fang Qiu asked and looked at Zheng Chao.

    “Yes.” Zheng Chao nodded nonchalantly and didn’t say anything else.


    Jiang Miaoyu couldn’t help but get angry as she saw this.

    Who the hell was this guy? He obviously picked on Fang Qiu.

    Now he was just going to move on after Fang Qiu solved the problem. He had no sense of decency.


    Compared to Jiang Miaoyu’s anger, Fang Qiu just simply laughed off.

    On stage, the competition kept going.


    The director who saw this was lost in thought in an instant.


    He was Director Li Huawen. He had a very unique idea of how to make the show popular. He could do whatever he wanted to do because he got enough power and gained great popularity.

    “It’s an interesting competition.”

    As he was thinking, Li Huawen murmured, “The first round is only a beginning. Things will get more exciting when they get into the next round. Maybe we can change the rules of the next round and make them challenge each other?”


    Li Huawen couldn’t help but get a little excited when he thought about this.

    Although this was a show which promoted traditional culture and Chinese Medicine, Li Huawen was aware that the audience would get bored if they kept focusing on the introduction of Chinese Medicine. It would make them feel that they were having a lesson about Chinese Medicine, instead of watching a show.

    Therefore, the show needed to have some shining points to attract the audience.

    If they couldn’t get the audience to watch the show, then they couldn’t promote Chinese Medicine at all.


    Then he said to the host’s headset, “Keep it simple and don’t worry about the rest. Don’t make it too short to record.”


    At this stage, he had to make sure that he got enough materials for this episode.

    Since it was the first episode, they had to make sure enough materials and high quality.

    On the stage, the host could not help but give a wry smile as he heard what the director said.


    He had been looking for the cards for a long time, but there was no card that was marked “simple” on it. How could he ask the simple questions?


    However, he could only select the questions which he thought might be easy for the contestants.

    But as it turned out, he underestimated the contestants.


    After reading ten more questions, there were exactly 100 contestants left.


    Looking at the number “100” on the screen, everyone was relieved.


    Finally, they were able to make it.

    Since they didn’t lack qualified contestants, there was no need to move on to the second round.

    Although the contestants were relieved, the director was worried.


    Looking at the timetable, Director Li Huawen found that there was simply not enough time for the first episode.

    One episode needed to last for 90 minutes. However, they had only recorded for 80 minutes even though they added the interviews last night.

    Although they could edit it and make it to 90 minutes, it would drag if they just used these materials for the first episode.


    Director Li Huawen was a bit helpless, not knowing what to do.

    At this point, a playwright-director had a brainwave and immediately came forward with a proposal. “Director Li, maybe we can ask the contestants to show their talents in various ways, which can not only spice the show but also break the stereotype of Chinese Medicine. What do you think?”


    “Oh? Good idea,” Li Huawen said, his eyes lighting up.

    “But it would be a waste of time to have all the contestants perform, and it would take a long time to rehearse. If we can only ask one of them to perform, who would you recommend?”


    Speaking of which, Li Huawen and the playwright-director exchanged a glance and blurted out at the same time, “Fang Qiu!”

    When they thought of talent, they instantly reminded themselves of Fang Qiu whose videos of the performances that had gone viral on Weibo.

    In particular, Fang Qiu had an amazing performance in Song Yaqi’s concert.

    “Go, let’s get Fang Qiu,” Director Li Huawen said hurriedly.


    Without any hesitation, the playwright-director went straight to the stage.

    In the meantime, the director spoke with the microphone, “This recording is over. All contestants, please stay where you are.”


    Then he added, “Fang Qiu, please come here for a second.”


    As the contestants prepared to leave, they were confused.


    Some of them whispered, “Why couldn’t we leave after recording? What’s the matter?”

    “Besides, of all the people here, why did you only ask for Fang Qiu?”

    For a moment, the contestants began to whisper.


    Those who got the contestants next to them on the stage began to discuss with each other.

    Those who didn’t have anyone next to them could only murmur to themselves.


    Since the director called out to him, Fang Qiu came under the stage.

    As soon as he stepped off the stage, the playwright-director immediately greeted him.

    “What’s going on?” he asked.

    “Well.” The playwright-director was leading Fang Qiu to the director, “The show is over, but judging from the materials recorded, there shouldn’t be enough materials for the first episode, so the director thinks that you can show some talents, which might help add some time and interest to the show as well as break the stereotype of traditional Chinese Medicine.”

    “Huh?” Fang Qiu was startled.


    “Isn’t this the Young Physician of Huaxia Competition? It’s a competition, right? When does it become a talent show?” Fang Qiu thought.

    As they spoke, they had already walked up to the director.

    “I can perform, but what talent can I perform?” he asked.

    “Um…” The director pondered for a moment and said, “You can sing the theme song of our show.”


    “What? What theme song?” Fang Qiu asked in surprise.


    Fang Qiu never heard of the theme song of the show. After all, they were just contestants, so it was really none of their business.


    “Come on, Chinese Medicine,” the director said. “This is the theme song of our show. If you record it now, you’ll have less time to practice. We can record it in the afternoon, but if we do it in the afternoon, we won’t be able to get everyone on the picture.”

    Speaking of which, Director Li Huawen was struggling again.


    “Let’s do it now,” Fang Qiu said. “Let me hear the song.”

    The playwright-director immediately took out a player and played the theme song to Fang Qiu.

    After listening to the music, Fang Qiu took off his earphones and nodded. “OK.”

    When that came out, Li Huawen and all the cameramen around him were stunned.

    “That’s it? Does he only need to listen to it once? Maybe he didn’t even finish.” They thought.

    “Why don’t you listen to it for one more time and practice a little?” Director Li Huawen said.


    “No. It’s OK. Let’s do it. What should I do?” Fang Qiu shook his head and said.


    “Well, all right.” The director nodded.


    He just needed to tell the contestants about this issue, and they would stay here to help them after knowing what happened. If anything went wrong, Fang Qiu would be the one to blame. If he couldn’t finish the song, they could change the time and record it in the afternoon.

    The worst-case scenario would be recording the scene that everyone was in the picture in advance, and then they would do some editing.


    The director then immediately began to confer with the host.

    In a few minutes, the host said on the stage, “Please wait, everyone. I have an announcement to make.” The host looked at the remaining contestants on the stage, and also asked everyone who had been eliminated to return to their seats and filled in all the blank seats.

    Then he continued, “Next, we will record the theme song of the show. After the discussion of the crew, we invited Fang Qiu to sing the theme song of the show. Let’s welcome Fang Qiu!”

    As they heard what the host said, all the contestants were stunned.


    But as Fang Qiu came to the stage, everyone couldn’t help applauding.

    In the fifth row of the seats, Jiang Miaoyu was also stunned.


    “Fang Qiu sings the theme song? Why didn’t I hear that before?” She thought.

    Just when everyone was surprised and confused, the prelude to the song was heard.

    Fang Qiu stood in the middle of the stage. With the pictures of the LED screen and the shining lights on the scene, he started to sing.


    “Cassia twigs in ephedra decoction, almond and glycyrrhiza are different;

    “Cassia twig decoction can cure Taiyang Feng, Peony, Glycyrrhiza, Ginger, and Jujube are the same;

    “Xiaoqinglong decoction is the most effective, it cures a common cold;

    “Dachengqi decoction with Xiaohuang, combined with Wuzhi, it cures diarrhea;


    As soon as the crowd listened to the song, they started to feel excited.


    Especially with the music like Beijing opera, Fang Qiu read out the lyrics word by word. Everyone was stunned, for they didn’t expect this theme song to be so hip. It started with a rap.


    When Fang Qiu began to sing, everyone couldn’t help but clap with the beat.


    “How much does the Compendium of Materia Medica weigh,

    “What can we know about the Yellow Emperor’s Classic Of Medicine,

    “What are the four diagnostic criteria and eight standards,


    Hearing the lyrics, all the 340 contestants, including those who had been eliminated, couldn’t help but laugh as they heard the cheerful tune.

    “How much does Chinese Medicine work,

    “How much you know about the verses of prescriptions,

    “What about the four smells and five tastes,

    “The king and his ministers need wisdom,


    Hearing these lyrics which had a great connection with traditional Chinese Medicine, everyone was in a state of surprise and started to think about the wonderful experiences and memories as they started to practice medicine.

    They were all caught up in the song.

    On the stage, Fang Qiu smiled and continued to sing.


    “Let it go,

    “Chase all you want,

    “Be true to who you are,

    “Start your journey,


    The chorus was so catchy that it was only sung by Fang Qiu once, but all the contestants who were immersed in the mood of the song began to sing along.

    This song was perfect.

    At the beginning of the song, it talked about Chinese Medicine, which could remind people of the wonderful memories of practicing medicine. And the chorus made people became more determined to learn Chinese Medicine and love it.