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Chapter 1

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 1: Reborn

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    “Son, what kind of unlucky daughter-in-law have you married!?”

    The piercing voice of a woman woke Chen Qianmo up. She opened her eyes and caught sight of a patch of colorful garlands as well as a large, dazzling papercut of red “Happiness”. Dressed in the wedding gown, she was lying in the bed of the bridal room.

    She remembered that she had died in the arms of the pursuer because of a heart attack. So how come she ended up being in the wedding bed?

    A mother and her son were standing right in front of her. The old lady had her back facing Qianmo, and she was the one that made the noise that woke Qianmo up.

    The old lady pointed at Qianmo with her bark-like hand, her nails filled with mud.

    “She is pretty and rich, but what else does she have? She is totally a jinx when she passes out at her own wedding, that too, due to nothing more than a sunstroke!”

    “Mom, keep your voice down…” The young man tried to appease his mother in a hushed tone. Meanwhile, he threw a glance at the bed cautiously, where Qianmo was pretending to be asleep with her eyes closed.

    With his heart assured, the man continued, “She will be your daughter-in-law after she marries me, so you can do whatever you want after the ceremony. My father-in-law says that he will buy me a car after the wedding…”

    The enormous temptation of the money quelled the old lady’s anger as the mother and the son went out of the bridal room.

    Qianmo understood what was happening here.

    She had just been reborn in the hot summer at the age of 19, and it was her big day with that scumbag.

    It was just a wedding, not a marriage yet.

    Chen Qianmo had just turned 19 at that moment, not old enough for the certificate. So a wedding was held first while the certificate would be issued later. Legally speaking, she was still a single woman.

    In the hot weather, Qianmo lost consciousness because of sunstroke at the wedding ceremony, which was forced to take a pause.

    Currently, she was resting in the room when the scumbag man and his family came to the bedside and started to calculate her properties. Qianmo of the previous life had not yet woken up at this moment, so she missed the chance to see through her husband-to-be.

    However, Qianmo, who had been reborn, was now standing still in the wedding room. Her previous life kept flashing across her mind like a running-horse lantern.

    In her previous life, she was accepted in the major of criminal psychology at the best school in the country. Still, she applied for leave and married the scumbag a few days after the opening of the semester. Then she got expelled by the school because she had concealed her marital status. The irony was, she did all of these not because she was so deeply in love with the scumbag, but because she wanted to take revenge on her father for treating her and her mother “badly”.

    What’s more, she spent so much effort in trying to annoy her father that she ignored Lin Xiang, the scumbag. He grabbed the opportunity and consumed all the properties before getting her father killed. When Qianmo got to know the truth, she became so furious that she axed this trash and made him single-armed.

    She cut him so deeply that the arm couldn’t be reconnected to the root. The staff who took over this case all got astonished when they found out her careful plan of revenge as well as her own confession that followed afterward.

    It was impossible for anyone to imagine that such a beautiful and calm girl would have committed a crime so calmly and would show no regrets. She had done everything in the open air and had not exhibited any signs of remorse on what she had done. Qianmo had been poised and rational in her actions.

    For Qianmo, it had been her creed that she would definitely be thankful to anyone who had helped her and show no mercy to those who had harmed her, even if it meant that she had to pay legal bills.

    But that was still not the end of the story.

    Maiming the scumbag would not bring her father back. After Qianmo came out of the prison, she received the help of her pursuer and started a business, making herself the queen of the business field. Then, she spared no efforts to take revenge upon the scumbag and anyone related to the affair. She succeeded in getting back her father’s legacy, forcing the single-armed degenerate to the edge of the cliff.

    She had thoroughly enjoyed the entire process of revenge, but because of the long-term stress, she caught problems with the heart. As a result, she had to take special medication to keep her life going. But one day, someone replaced her medicine, and that killed her.

    As she turned into a young married woman, who got expelled by the school, from an excellent student, and subsequently a prisoner who later became a tycoon of the business field, Qianmo experienced a very bumping life. Thinking back on the past, she felt terrible for what she did to her father, as well as someone else.

    Namely, the pursuer who gave her the resources to take her revenge. She had died in his arms.

    That man had been courting her since she went out of the prison. He was worlds apart from her scumbag ex-husband, being muscular and a walking hormone. He was also in the upper echelons of society, with handsome looks. Most importantly, he loved her to the bones.

    After Qianmo got out of prison, she made use of his contacts for revenge. When she fulfilled her purpose, she dumped him.

    Although she had been ruthless towards the scumbag and his family, she had never hurt a single innocent soul. But he was an exception.

    Qianmo’s profound eyes rippled when she thought of the suitor.

    She owed him the love of a lifetime, and it was something she couldn’t return. To her, it didn’t feel good to owe anyone anything.

    “Has the jinx woken up?” the scumbag’s mother approached, and the man himself also lowered his voice.

    “Mom, keep your voice down, the car…”

    The sound drew near and brought Qianmo back, who had immersed herself in the memory of her previous life.

    Chen Qianmo regarded their dialogue as the sighing of an asshole.

    In other words, farting!

    Standing in front of the makeup desk, she looked at the beautiful woman in the mirror.

    Her face was exquisite and small, her eyes appearing so large against the curled eyelashes. Her skin was smooth and refined, and she was a young and energetic girl at the age of 20.

    As the long fingers caressed the mirror, she noticed that the pretty woman in the mirror had lost the touch of innocence. What remained on her face was a sense of unmoved emotion.

    During her time in prison, she went through the examination and got a master’s degree in psychology. Her major was microexpression, and she was now extremely good at temper control. The stupid girl who showed whatever she thought on the face had passed away.

    “Pour water on her if she is still asleep!” the scumbag’s mother sounded intimidating.

    “Mom, the car! Think about the car and restrain your emotions!” The scumbag was frenzied about cars.

    It was understandable since he only had a bike before he got to know Qianmo. If he was able to persuade his father-in-law to buy a car for him, then he could drive it back to the countryside with his mother and make all those poor, pathetic peers jealous of him.

    Qianmo lowered her eyes. Sure, he could get one.

    After she tormented the scumbag to death, she got him a luxurious hearse and gave him a grand funeral. Of course, she would not be so stupid as to get herself hurt in the revenge process this time.

    The mother and the son pushed the door open and found Qianmo standing there. Lin Xiang showed a loving smile out of instinct. “You are awake now, Qianmo. Mother and I were so worried about you just now, right, mom?”

    It was a beautiful woman standing in front of him. Apart from that, she was also an expensive car and the hope for the entire family to get wealthy overnight!

    Lin Mu threw a sneering look at Qianmo and snapped.

    “Show yourself out now since you are awake. If you want to marry into our Lin family, you will have to obey our rules. How can you give birth to babies when you pass out in a breeze!”

    The mother sounded irritable and looked arrogant. Qianmo understood at first glance that she was very anxious, someone very easy to deal with.

    As for this scumbag, Lin Xiang, who showed a perfect smile to her, she did make a terrible judgment in her previous life and thought that he was a down-to-earth, harmless man who could be easily manipulated.

    Instead, he had completely fooled her by acting like an “honest” man.

    “Xiang, your house is so plainly decorated.” The mother made a complaint about the wedding room.

    Chen Qianmo’s father was the owner of a plant, not lacking any money for the decoration of houses. The mother spilled the words on purpose just to scare Qianmo.

    “But as far as I remember, it is my house given by my father?” Qianmo moved her eyes down. Opposite to her, Lin Xiang immediately split his legs apart.

    He was not standing in this way when he entered the room just now. Clearly, he had changed his posture after hearing about ownership.

    So he was trying to defend his territory? Hehe, he did have eyes out for her house!

    But a house was not a pole, and two split legs and a piss would not be able to leave a mark.

    “We are all a family, so there is no difference between yours and mine.” Lin Xiang panicked as he looked at Qianmo in a testing way.

    He had a hunch that this Qianmo in front of him was not quite the same as the one he was used to?