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Chapter 2

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 2: Unexpected Warning

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    “It is my house, totally unrelated to you.”

    Hearing what Qianmo said, Lin Xiang’s lips twitched, and then his legs started to wobble slightly. It was not apparent unless observed carefully.

    Microexpression didn’t just include things happening on the face, as even the physical movements were involved. Qianmo of previous life was under the protection of many people while she was in prison, so she was not bullied and spared much time to self-study criminal psychology. And microexpression was the key theme she paid much attention to.

    Lin Xiang didn’t even notice that he had done something with his legs.

    That was a reaction people often had when listening to something unpleasant. Although Lin Xiang was still showing a humble smile and trying to conceal the displeasure inside his heart, yet for Qianmo, he was like an open book, with all his secrets exposed to her.

    Greed was the root of all sins, and Lin Xiang was greedy in every pore of his.

    Qianmo was thinking that if she had been a little capable back when she was younger, she would not have had a fight with her father in her previous life. Accordingly, Lin Xiang would not have the chance to take all the trophies in the combat.

    “We are a family; we are a… family.” Lin Xiang smiled as he started to behave very awkwardly.

    The mother, however, couldn’t conceal what was inside her mind as well as her son did. She got enraged when she heard Qianmo trying to provoke them.

    Who would want to have an eye- candy daughter-in-law if she did not come with a house and money? She always thought that Qianmo was the template of foxy ladies in the story, someone who was definitely going to be a “bad woman”—good women would never look this beautiful!

    “What do you mean by your house? It is my son’s, not yours!” Her son had told her that Chen Family had bought him the house, one that she could use to spend the rest of her aging days in.

    “Is your son’s name written on the certificate?” Qianmo said calmly, not scared by her raised pitch.

    “It belongs to whomever it should belong to. It is simply a joke if greed takes you over.”

    Qianmo strode out of the room with her chin raised high after she finished saying the words. By the side, the mother was so infuriated that she started to stomp hard against the floor to vent her fury.

    “Xiang, I told your brother that the ground floor will be for him and his wife. Has she already started to dislike our family before the brother-in-law is even here? As I said before, a motherless child is indeed rude, impolite, and needs to be taught a lesson!”

    Lin Xiang withdrew his smile and looked at Qianmo’s receding figure in confusion. Had she noticed something?

    As the “golden phoenix” that had flown out of the mountains, Lin Xiang had tried so hard to get accepted by a university. He was ambitious and planned to make his entire family wealthy. He looked forward to getting a wife from the city for his brother and finding a good family for his sister. On top of that,

    Lin Xiang envisioned himself living in a luxurious house and driving an expensive car. He wanted to be a man with supreme status.

    Chen Qianmo, the beautiful and wealthy girl, was the best choice for him if he wanted to save some time and effort in fighting for that goal.

    Lin Xiang tried to comfort his anxious mother when he thought of the upcoming beautiful life and the ambition of bringing the entire family to the wealthy field.

    “She truly needs to be tamed.” He was a man with a vibrant social experience. It was totally within his ability to keep a mere schoolgirl under his control!

    “No taming, always trouble-making!”

    The shameless dialogue between the mother and the son went into Qianmo’s ears. She was standing outside the door and sneering in her heart.

    She had chosen Lin Xiang as the husband because she had been given much stress by her father.

    Her father had kept her from hanging out with men since she was little, worrying that she would be taken advantage of. That was why she ended up being someone with no love experience. There were many men who had a crush on her, but none dared to confess their feelings, because they all thought that she was too beautiful and too holy to be approached by the mundane.

    Lin Xiang was the first person who confessed his feelings to Qianmo. At that time, she had no idea how to tell the good men from the bad ones, and she happened to be angry at her father. Therefore, she agreed to marry him, purely driven by rage.

    But seven years in the prison would make any fool bright. She met an excellent man there who had slipped the ring onto her finger. Lin Xiang was such a weakling compared to him.

    Why was she thinking of him again?

    Qianmo caressed the empty spot where there had once been a ring he gifted to her. She didn’t feel well to have owed him that much…

    Holding the wedding at Chen Family was one of the key points why the mother rebelled against Qianmo.

    There should have been dozens of tables set at the most luxurious hotel when her son was marrying a girl from the city.

    Although the bride’s family paid for all the banquets, the mother felt that she had lost her face in front of all the fellows. What did this mean? Could Chen Family humiliate her and her son with money?

    The mother ran out of the room and glared at Qianmo, thinking that no one from the city would be nice in any way. Her look told Qianmo that she was going to set up some rules for this goddamned girl later.

    There were two chairs placed on the stage, where Father Chen and Mother Lin were sitting next to each other. The bride had passed out because of sunstroke when they were in the middle of the red packet reception from parents.

    It was quite embarrassing when the wedding broke off.

    According to the schedule, Chen Qianmo and Lin Xiang should have presented the tea to the parents and received the blessing from them after the reception of the red packets.

    Mother Lin came to the host, trying to grab the microphone before the newly-wedded couple presented the tea.

    The host was bewildered by her abruptness.

    What was going on?

    Father Chen also frowned. He had no idea what tricks this annoying woman was up to now.

    And this was exactly what Chen Qianmo was waiting for. It was happening in precisely the same way as that in her previous life.

    Mother Lin grabbed hold of the microphone from the host, who was striving to make the atmosphere less embarrassing, fearing that she might have forgotten about the schedule.

    “Could this mother-in-law-to-be have gotten so happy and satisfied with her daughter-in-law?”

    That should have been a question raised after the newly-wedded couple presented the tea. But since Mother Lin refused to follow the arrangements, the host had to put forward the question ahead of time.

    Usually, people would answer positively, but the top bitch of Village Lin did not follow the routine. The mother said loudly,

    “I am not satisfied with the wedding, and I am certainly not satisfied with the daughter-in-law my son has chosen either!”

    Mother Lin was following what she had said in her previous life. Qianmo of the past life had been quite at a loss when she heard the words, but now, she understood that Mother Lin was just trying to raise her own status.

    The host, who had witnessed so many weddings, had run into such a situation for the first time!

    He was dumbfounded—no one had been so straightforward in their opinion about the daughter-in-law. What was he supposed to say now?

    Mother Lin ignored the riot she had caused. Instead, she continued with her own talk.

    “Xiang’s father died more than a decade ago, and I brought up the three siblings Xiang, Fen, and Diao carefully by myself until they are now fully grownups. Xiang is the first university student of this village. He is handsome, cultured, and so attractive that many matchmakers have come to set up a marriage for him! Even the daughter of the Director of the Educational Bureau wanted to wed him! However, my son wants no one else but this girl! Well, even though we are farmers, we rank second in the list of scholars, farmers, workers, and businessmen. Honestly, her business family is after us…”

    Mother Lin spoke in an intimidating way with a strong dialect, expressing the anger of setting up banquets at the hotel and the bride claiming the right to house property. She was trying to warn them all subtly.

    Father Chen was extremely irritated with lines over his forehead and clenched fists. He had never liked this pair, and now he was even more annoyed at the moment.

    Poverty made them even more shameless! She didn’t spend a single penny at the wedding but started to threaten and brag at the moment, as if Chen Family had gotten connected with a family better than theirs!

    Mother Lin got very satisfied to have caused a scene, so she continued.

    “This girl is dumb in hands and weak on shoulders. What’s more, she can be cast away by a breeze.”

    The following sentence should have been—”but if my son likes her, I will accept what he wants.”

    That was what was supposed to have been said in the previous life, a sentence that hurt Chen Family by raising her own status. Father Chen even fainted because of a heart attack after he got home.

    But Qianmo was no longer a little girl without any social experience. Seven years in the women’s prison made everything happening right now so simple.

    Mother Lin was about to say something when she found her hands emptied; Qianmo had taken over the microphone.

    Qianmo interrupted her before Mother Lin could spill the words that humiliated her.