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Chapter 3

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 3: Secret Revealed

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    “Since this aunt is so unsatisfied with me, I hereby announce that the wedding is canceled! From today on, Lin Xiang and I will walk our own separate paths, and we are never going to talk with each other again in our life.”

    “If you cancel the wedding, what about my son’s hou… my son!” Mother Lin nearly spilled the beans but immediately corrected herself.

    Qianmo smiled, showing two large dimples. “You can continue to seek for the daughter-in-law you like and not get your son defiled by a foxy lady like me. Hurry up, or you will miss the Line 2 bus.”

    It was a scorching day of August, but Mother Lin felt a chill all over her body because of her smile.

    From that moment on, the track of previous life was entirely changed.

    In her previous life, Mother Lin was unsatisfied with the wedding and warned her by publicly complaining about the bride.

    Qianmo was only 19 years old back then. She was smart yet socially inexperienced. Having never come across such a scene before, she stood dumbfounded, not knowing what to do.

    Father Chen came to her, grabbed one of her hands, and wanted to take her away. But Lin Xiang took hold of her other hand, begging desperately.

    He said that he had lost his father when he was little, and it had been his mother who brought him up. Xiang also said that his mother had a sharp tongue, but she was actually kind-hearted. He even asked Qianmo not to be angry with Mother Lin, who was, after all, the senior in the family and was not taught well. Instead, Lin Xiang asked Qianmo to forgive her.

    With both father and Lin Xiang holding tightly to her hands, Qianmo was forced into a dilemma. She could either leave with her father or stay with Lin Xiang, who spoke gently and said that marrying him was spending time with him rather than with his mother and that his mother was just in a disadvantageous group.

    When the intimidating and the weakling were both presented in front of her, Qianmo eventually forgave Lin Xiang and the so-called “disadvantageous group”. Despite her father’s objection, they finished the ridiculous wedding.

    But when Qianmo was reborn, she became a capable and ruthless woman who could read the minds of others. Whatever Lin Xiang did at the moment was just a self-humiliating behavior in her eyes.

    Qianmo’s announcement surprised all at the scene.

    The mother and the son were both appalled, but Qianmo continued.

    “You can’t force a horse to drink. Since aunt is so displeased with me, I will not torment you anymore. So the wedding is canceled now, and I apologize for the inconvenience.”

    Lin Xiang had never expected that the situation would deteriorate to this degree, so he hurriedly came to Qianmo and tried to grab hold of her.

    “Qianmo, parents should be respected! My mother brought me up, and she has had a hard life. How can you get irritated by her on this happy day! Now, apologize to mom!”

    What he meant was that we were the disadvantageous group, and you should not bully me!

    Qianmo of previous life had heard too much of such words. But when she heard them once again in this life, she raised her hand and directly slapped his face. It was such a violent strike that the scumbag’s face had almost been distorted.

    Seeing that the bride had slapped the bridegroom, the audience was gobsmacked. Mother Lin got even more furious—a woman hitting a man? That was a sin that would lead to skin slay!

    “Why would I care if she brought you up? If you want to be filial, be filial yourself! What more can you do apart from dragging me into the matter? Lin Xiang, you are handicapped, but that is nothing compared to what is inside your heart. You don’t deserve me, not at all!”

    Qianmo didn’t speak with a loud voice, but each of the words she uttered was piercing. The scumbag Lin kept showing how terrible he was and how thick his face could get. Honestly, he deserved much more than losing just an arm.

    Lin Xiang had wanted to say a great deal to Qianmo, but after hearing the word “handicapped”, he shivered—was she aware of it?!

    The outsiders had no idea why the bride suddenly turned hostile; however, they caught the word “handicapped”, too. What did she mean by that? The bridegroom had four limbs, and he didn’t look like someone with a problem.

    “Since the wedding is dropped, the 100,000 yuan that Chen Family gave to your family must be returned within one week. Otherwise, we will bring the case to the court!”

    What? The silly daughter of a wealthy lord refused to marry them and even required a return of the money? The mother and the son instantly got anxious.

    “What evidence do you have that supports your claim? I even remember that we have given you 100,000. Okay, the wedding is off, so give the money back to me!”

    Mother Lin sat down upon the stage and started to act shamelessly. Seeing that the event had turned into a farce, Father Chen wanted to stand up to say something. However, Qianmo gave an it-was-okay-I-got-this look to her father, startling him a big deal.

    So his daughter… was no longer angry at him? Didn’t this girl refuse to forgive him no matter what?

    Without sparing a minute to explain to her father, Qianmo sneered, seeing Mother Lin rolling all over the ground.

    “Do I have to speak the real truth? I canceled the wedding with Lin Xiang because your son has an unmentionable disease: natural dysfunction. You will have to spend every penny you have to cure him. But how much money have you got? Not to mention 100,000, is there even 10,000?”


    This enormous gossip stunned the entire public, who then cast a strange look at Lin Xiang. Could the bridegroom have been born a eunuch? He was later discovered by the bride, so she refused to marry him?

    According to the bride, it seemed that she had intended to cancel the wedding in a proper way so that the reputation of both parties could be saved. But apparently, the bridegroom’s mother behaved audaciously, causing her to spill the truth in public. Aha…

    The mother and the son turned pale. How could she possibly know about Lin Xiang’s problem of sexual dysfunction, even though the secret was so well kept?

    “Stop it!” Mother Lin sprang up from the floor. She was about to grab the microphone when Qianmo stretched out her arm to press her head down whilst continuing to reveal even more stories. After all, she was 1.66 meters tall while Mother Lin was only 1.52 meters.

    “Lin Xiang is not physically fit for marriage, and that is something he has been keeping away from me. But fortunately, I ran into his surgeon the other day, who told me that he only has one… well, you know.” Qianmo showed a you-knew-best expression to the public.

    The guests below the stage nodded seriously and understandingly. If a couple was going to live together, they would certainly need to go through the matters in the bedroom. How dishonest the bridegroom must have been to have concealed such an important issue!

    Qianmo continued to establish a nice image for herself while blackening Lin Family.

    “As you all know, we, Chens, are an upright family, and I have been living a very clean life based on family virtues. I haven’t even gotten the chance to hold hands with a boy yet! I shouldn’t have known anything about this, but the doctor is a good and long-term friend of ours, and he hates to see me being a living widow. That was why he told me everything. It is not your fault if you have a physical problem, but concealing it and marrying me is a fraud. Besides, humiliating my family at my own wedding is simply too much…”

    Having said the words, she lowered her head and shivered, looking pitiful and helpless—she was also pretty good at being the disadvantageous group!

    When the expert of microexpression acted, she was simply a professional compared to the scumbag.

    Mother Lin felt like fainting. Damn, they were doomed!

    The villagers from the hometown started to whisper to each other.

    In order to show off in front of the villagers, Mother Lin had invited everyone from the village. After all, the bride’s family paid for everything. But what she had not expected was that this vicious girl would start to talk about such matters. How would Lin Family be able to live in the village now?

    Within one second, the matter of shame from the golden phoenix in Lin Family became a hot topic, making Mother Lin pale and blue. She raised her arm and was about to slap Qianmo when Qianmo’s aunt caught hold of her hand. She could no longer remain seated.

    Qianmo’s aunt looked chubby and hot-tempered, fierce like a firestorm. Hearing that her niece had been cheated and seeing Mother Lin trying to hit Qianmo, she couldn’t stand it anymore.

    Qianmo’s aunt went up to grab hold of Mother Lin’s hand and pushed her with her large palm, almost knocking her off her feet.

    Mother Lin retreated two steps and then cursed at Qianmo.

    “You lustful bitch! You slander us because you can’t get him for yourself! My son is totally healthy!”

    “You tried that on him?”

    Mother Lin’s mouth twitched, trying to avoid their eyes. Qianmo got transfixed…

    Could what she had thought have been true?!