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Chapter 4

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 4: Something Surprising

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    She had a strong movement on the lips, and the motion of the lips tended to reveal people’s expression without notice.

    Qianmo had said such terrible words, only because she followed the flow. But after she finished her short speech, Mother Lin’s lips twitched.




    It was a fast move, but Qianmo caught it all. She, in her previous life, learned the related theories in prison and practiced them in the business field after she was released. Even a swift move within one-quarter of the second could not escape her sight.

    Usually, when people heard something like that, the first reaction they had should be annoyance. After all, it was the biggest shame in people’s perspectives. But Mother Lin turned out to be anxious rather than being annoyed.

    Qianmo could swear on the existence of her pursuer that it was a look shown by people who had run into big trouble!

    That Lin Xiang had physical problems was something she came to know in the late period of her previous life.

    The couple had never slept with each other after the wedding. Qianmo certainly was not interested in him, and Lin Xiang had always put on a performance of a gentleman, claiming that he would wait until she was wholly willing to give herself to him. However, the truth was that this guy had some physical problems.

    Qianmo revealing Lin Xiang’s secret in public had led to, unexpectedly, such a huge truth.

    …how exciting.

    Maybe it had been a treatment for Lin Xiang. Even if Lin Xiang couldn’t climax in sexual intercourse, there must have been something going on between them.

    Qianmo of previous life slept in separate bedrooms, but there were many occasions when she noticed Lin Xiang waking up in Mother Lin’s bedroom… She had assumed that it had been because of their deep mother-and-son relationship, but now it seemed that…

    Well, all must have been for the sake of treatment. Nothing wrong about it!

    Mother Lin had authentically reacted to this seemingly casual word spoken by Qianmo. Still, Lin Xiang was steadier than his mother.

    The fear of getting his private affair revealed in public was much worse than the fear of losing the car, the house, and the potentially promising future of the family.

    Lin Xiang kneeled down all of a sudden, begging Qianmo for mercy.

    “Qianmo, I am completely fine, believe me. I really love you with all my heart!” Along with your money, car, and house!

    The loving words plus the adorable expression had fooled Qianmo for many years.

    Every time Qianmo was bullied by her mother-in-law and intended to get divorced, Lin Xiang would kneel down and beg her. He claimed that his mother had had a difficult life, and so had he. He also said that it was not his fault to have only one ball and that he and his mother had been in the disadvantageous group. He asked her not to leave him like a heartless and selfish woman.

    Gaining sympathy + disguised displacement of conception + moral kidnapping = shameless scumbag man.

    Qianmo threw a disdainful look at Lin Xiang, who was on his knees in front of her. He seemed to have a spring attached to his knees so that he could always fall upon them whenever something terrible came up, as if the entire world owed him care. But after he gained some influence and power, he thoroughly changed, showing his ugliest and most hideous face and heart.

    After Lin Xiang acquired control of Qianmo’s family business, he started to hit her, curse her and called her a bitch. He even accused her of looking down on him being a handicapped man and threatened her with the treatment money that ought to be given to her father’s disease, so she couldn’t divorce him.

    It seemed to be just yesterday when her skinny father laid in the sickbed. The man begging for mercy in front of her was simply a huge satire.

    Lin Xiang climbed toward her on his knees and grabbed Qianmo’s dress. But she simply raised her foot and kicked him off her with the thin heels of her shoes.

    She subsequently came to her father and grabbed hold of the red packet from his hands, one that was supposed to be given to his son-in-law.

    10,001 yuan was inside the red packet, which was not a small amount back then.

    Qianmo pulled out the money and shook the deck in the air.

    “My fellow villagers, I don’t want to be a cruel person. Everyone here is my father’s friend and my relatives, and you all know that I don’t usually talk so loudly. If Lin Family had not lied to me, I would not have reacted so harshly! They forced me to it!”

    Qianmo pointed at the mother and the son, laying the foundation to her utterly changed personality.

    The guests from her family nodded. There was always a limitation of tolerance when it came to such serious issues, including the fraud of marriage.

    Qianmo continued. “I got 10,000 yuan in my hands, and any kind-hearted fellow here who dares to come up to check this scumbag cheat for his physical problem would get the money!”

    People went silent for a few seconds, trying to digest what the bride meant.

    A few moments later, someone understood her intention.

    The bride was trying to get a couple of men to drag the bridegroom into an isolated room and check if he really had that problem.

    Frightened, Lin Xiang sat down on his ass with his legs tightly pinched together. What had happened to this gentle flower from a greenhouse? How come she suddenly became so fierce?

    Father Chen went up to his daughter and said in a lowered voice. “Forget it; just let them go.”

    When the incident had grown to such a degree, what Father Chen cared most about was his daughter’s reputation. He was worried that if the entire thing went too badly, she might not be viewed as a fine, virtuous lady.

    Qianmo stared at her father and was almost at the brink of tears.

    Father Chen’s heart ached. He thought that his daughter was still angry at him. He knew pretty well that the wedding happened because his daughter was disappointed with him and didn’t understand him.

    Yet Qianmo looked at her father with guilt, which was something no one understood.

    This was the first time for her to reveal her real emotion after being reborn. When she axed the scumbag, she just couldn’t owe anyone anything.

    However, in her previous life, she owed the most to her father.


    Without waiting for her to finish the sentence, Chen Baichuan changed his mind after hearing one single word.

    His stubborn daughter had never been so helpless before. Therefore, Chen Baichuan would save no efforts when the situation had come to this stage.

    “Anyone willing to do the job will get 10,000 more from me!”

    Despite the estrangement between the father and the daughter and the misunderstanding between the two, Father Chen always regarded Qianmo as the apple of his eye, one that should never be mistreated.

    Brave men would always appear when there was an attractive enough reward. Two guys rushed towards the stage, pushing off anyone that tried to come after them. 20,000 yuan was an amount that could only be gained if they cut off all their expenses for several years!

    Seeing that someone was coming towards him, Lin Xiang got so frightened that he wanted to run away. But the two guys quickly reached him, surrounded him, took him by the arms, and dragged him into the room.

    Seeing that she was failing, Mother Lin started to wail as she tossed back and forth on the ground. “We mother and son are being bullied! God, look, what have they done!”

    Qianmo thought that Lin Xiang became a coward because that was what his mother was like. What a strong gene!

    “There are so many mothers and sons in the world, but not every one of them is as shameless as you, trying to trick us of money and marriage!”

    The way she revealed the scumbag on the stage greeted the eyes of a handsome man standing not so far away.

    The man, who had been wearing a sad expression, suddenly brightened up.

    So… she was not getting married?

    He had a crush on Qianmo for more than two years. However, due to some psychological issues, he just couldn’t talk in front of his goddess. Instead, what he could do was to watch her from a distance and not disturb her life. He was just about to confess when he heard of her wedding.

    His heart was frozen when he saw her marrying someone else in the beautiful wedding gown. But all he could do was to hide in a dark corner and watch her tie the knots.

    Hearing that she was not marrying that guy, he suddenly felt his frozen heart melting. Now, it had turned into a prairie where the green grass was growing crazily and rapidly.

    When Qianmo was waiting for the result on the stage, she suddenly felt goosebumps creeping on her back as if someone were staring at her. She looked around and found nothing strange. She then pressed down the anxiety inside her heart and caressed the empty finger of hers subconsciously.

    The creepy feeling that appeared all of a sudden was so similar to the anxious feeling she had when her pursuer would stare at her. So now she had gotten psychotically sick because she owed him so much?