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Chapter 5

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 5: The Young Man of Scallion-Pancake

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    Seeing that nothing weird was going on, Qianmo slowly relaxed.

    Why was she reminded of him all the time? Luckily, it was just an illusion.

    Somewhere nearby, a baby was wailing in the stroller, and the young mother who was holding it glared at the weirdo who had brought her baby to tears.

    Squatting behind the stroller, the man scooped out a lollipop with difficulty out of his pocket and gave it to the baby. It was such a conspicuous contrast between his severely paralyzed face and his ridiculous behavior.

    The young mother spat at the weirdo and pushed the stroller away. This man had a pleasant countenance, but his brain seemed to be abnormal. What was he doing behind the baby’s stroller?

    At this moment, the two men who had volunteered to check the balls dragged Lin Xiang out of the room. With a we-did-a-good-thing expression on the face, they announced in the local dialect.

    “This man doesn’t have the balls!”

    Any man would not be able to stand the fact that their privacy was publicized. Lin Xiang spat a mouthful of blood and directly passed out on the spot.

    Mother Lin wailed as she pulled herself together after being punched by the aunt and kneeled down in front of her son.

    “Ah, my dearest son. How could she be so cruel as to kill you? She is so vicious! You are dishonoring my son for the sake of money!”

    The two men stood with their backs straight.

    “Anyone who doesn’t believe us can see it himself. However, we two inspected him first, so the money…”

    Father Chen flung the money to them, turned to Lin Xiang, who had passed out, and gave him a violent kick. You bastard, you even dare to trick my daughter. Bah!

    After the farce ended, Qianmo smirked as the woman who had caused it all. Wait, why was the creepy feeling here again…

    She looked up and saw the man who was giggling and failed to hide in time. He and Qianmo just caught each other’s eyes.

    Flopping, Qianmo’s microphone dropped to the ground. The drilling noise reflected her mood at the moment. It was him!

    There was a man standing around 20 meters away from her.

    The fancy garment of excellent quality outlined his long and slender legs perfectly, and the well-fitting outfit simply couldn’t conceal his muscular and robust figure. He looked so manly even with the clothes on.

    His hair was short and well-trimmed. His eyes were large and profound under the long eyelashes, even making women jealous. Those beautiful facial features didn’t add any feminine charm to him, and his height of 185cm gave her a strong sense of security.

    That was the best-looking man in casual clothes whom Qianmo had ever seen, especially the rugged features of his. But none of these was the key point.

    The key point was that this face, which attracted young girls and women alike, looked so much like the man who had slipped the ring to her finger, who made her revenge possible, who pursued her and spoiled her unconditionally, who was dumped by her ruthlessly, and who she owed a lifetime to…

    Qianmo confirmed the thought after two minutes.

    The man standing not far away was the muscular pursuer whom she felt so guilty about!

    Qianmo was just about to think even more carefully when the man turned around and drifted away.

    Qianmo would have run after him if everything on the scene had been settled. However, she had to give up on the idea when she saw the man dashing off.

    That couldn’t have been him.

    According to what happened in their previous life, they had not yet met at this time.

    They were studying in the same high school, but they had not spoken with each other while being two years apart.

    When Qianmo first got enrolled in the school, he was already in his last year of senior high.

    But why did this senior student left a deep impression on her? Because every morning when Qianmo went to school, she could see him eating a scallion-pancake on breakfast stand outside the school gate.

    Every time she passed by the breakfast stand, she could hear him calling out to the owner for one scallion-pancake with his relatively low voice.

    Eating a scallion-pancake for one morning might not have been so interesting. But she heard him asking for a scallion-pancake every single day for one year in a row, and he didn’t even pay any attention to the deep-fried bread or the jellied bean-curd lying next to him. How persistent and everlasting his affection must have been! As time went by, she started to remember this scallion-pancake man.

    But the scallion-pancake man was gone later on when Qianmo ended up being in prison because of Xiang the scumbag. When the two met again, she was already set loose.

    By that time, the scallion-pancake guy had grown into a muscular and good-looking man. He kept running after her and pestering her. That was something Qianmo had not yet been able to figure out.

    Could it have been because she looked like a scallion-pancake and smell like one too?

    The receding figure of this muscular man made Qianmo forget about the scumbag and his tossing-around mother. She left the two to her father’s hand, excused herself into the room with the pretense of not being well. Then she started to watch the chaos outside through the windows.

    Her father was grabbing Lin Xiang’s collars as if interrogating him for something.

    If she had seen her father protecting her in this way in her previous life, how could she have been set up and fallen into the trap? She even ended up hating her father and separating herself from him!

    It was simply wonderful that she could return to this precise moment so that she could rectify her own mistake.

    “My… pitiful… son, oh!!”

    Hearing her speak, her chubby aunt rushed towards the mother. She had a weight of 75 kilograms and a size of XXL. When she was running, the meat around the waist dangled with her steps.

    The aunt took hold of Qianmo and started to wail loudly.

    “They are so immoral! They are totally inhumane! Don’t get yourself involved with them! Don’t get so angry that you want to kill yourself!”

    Qianmo took a deep breath with difficulty. “Aunt, I am not trying to kill myself, but I am almost killed by your strangling.”

    When the chubby aunt saw her eyes reddening, she assumed that she was sad about not being married. Therefore, she cried and cursed to calm her niece a bit.

    “This family is terrible! They will not have a good life later on!”

    Seeing Qianmo not utter a single word, she looked up and saw Qianmo, who was half a head taller than herself, staring at her with her black eyes. Only now did the aunt realize that she was a bit too close to this child. She took a step backward as her large, chubby hands twisted back and forth on her clothes nervously.

    “Oh, I forgot about the three-meter distance.”

    Qianmo of the previous life didn’t like this aunt. She had decided to take a leave from the school and marry the scumbag to annoy her father, basically because of her.

    Her mother ran away when she was three years old, and her grandfather passed away at an early age. As a result, her paralyzed grandmother and her aunt, who was still in school, were left behind. Father Chen would have all the reasons to leave the mess behind, but he eventually decided to piece the broken family together.

    He supported the aunt for her school and took care of the paralyzed grandmother until she was gone. The two families had been very close after that.

    Qianmo had liked her aunt before, but she stopped being nice to her when one day, she ran into her in the arms of her father.

    She had assumed that the aunt was doing everything to please her father so that they could combine forces and kick her out together. Besides, her mother, who had run away with another man, had returned and told something horrible about her aunt and her father behind the back.

    Therefore, Qianmo set up a rule with her aunt that she should never get close to her and that she should stay three meters away from her.

    The aunt had totally forgotten about Qianmo’s rule while caring so much about her. Hurriedly, she took a step back and gazed at her with fear.

    “I will keep my distance; please don’t get mad… sigh!”

    Qianmo, however, took her into her arms.

    She felt that the lump of fat in her embrace had stiffened, too nervous about placing her hands somewhere.

    “No more three meters,” Qianmo said profoundly.

    In her previous life, she had assumed that the aunt tried to please her because of her father’s money. Hence, she gave the cold shoulder to her all the time.

    But after the incident happened and her father ended up being in the sickbed, her chubby aunt lost dozens of kilograms and turned into a beautiful, skinny lady. She tried all she could to gather money for her father, and she even engaged in illegal business until she eventually got caught in the “pornographic movement” and ended up being Qianmo’s cellmate in prison.