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Chapter 6

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 6: One Trick Was Enough

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    Before Qianmo caused the big fuss, she was an abhorrence of sins. She was an innocent little girl who divided the world into either the bad or the good, with no grey in between. She thought that all the evil guys were worth detesting.

    Not until she waved the knife and maimed the man did she realize that there was still a part of the world that didn’t have any light.

    Every criminal had a sad story behind him. A sinner should unquestionably be punished rather than pitied, but he was definitely worth studying.

    If nothing had happened, she would have been continuing the university as a student majoring in criminal psychology. But what she had not expected was that she would practice what she had learned in such a way.

    Her aunt went into prison as a pimp, only because she needed money to cure Chen Baichuan’s disease. It was such a pathetic story: a conventional lady like her ended up organizing a prostitution group for her brother-in-law.

    Although the aunt hated Qianmo for having caused her father’s illness, she never allowed anyone to bully her. She had been the protector for Qianmo in prison as the leader of the female prisoners.

    One day before she was released, she held Qianmo, who was still under the service, in her arms and cried loudly. She was worried that without her, Qianmo would be bullied by her fellows.

    Qianmo did look like someone who could get strong-armed. However, the wondrous part was that for seven years in prison, she had gotten many protectors for her. She was steady, introverted, and was not easily bullied. No one had dared to touch her.

    A friend in need is a friend indeed. Qianmo had burned the scene when her aunt cried loudly while embracing her in her memory. At this moment, she had decided to revise the prejudice she had earlier and started to treat her aunt nicely.

    Qianmo was used to seeing the beautiful and slender aunt in her previous life, so she was kind of unaccustomed to receiving the meaty mountain in front of her.

    The meaty mountain stiffened and looked at Qianmo with shivering lips.

    “Mo, what, what did you just say?!”

    She was also not so used to being treated nicely by Qianmo since she was familiar with being bullied by her.

    Qianmo was good at concealing her expression. In order to make the aunt accept her, she tried hard to show a sincere smile.

    “No more three meters. We are a family.”

    Hands over her mouth, her aunt was totally stunned.

    Qianmo was about to open her arms to give her a shy hug when the meaty mountain rushed out while crying out loudly.

    “Brother, brother! Something is wrong! Mo seems to have gone mental! She is haunted!”

    Qianmo became speechless…

    Was her gesture so exaggerating? What she had done was trying to be nice to her family, but her aunt had

    totally freaked out.

    Had she really been so spoiled before?

    Well… it appeared so.

    Father Chen was wrestling with Lin Xiang as the aunt rushed towards him. Chen Baichuan had already punched that man so hard that he almost spat out blood.

    “If you ever spread any rumor about my daughter, I will definitely break your legs!”

    Chen Baichuan’s voice pierced through the window as his eyes widened. Quite obviously, he was furious.

    Hands over the balcony, Qianmo stared at everyone’s expression in a very confident manner.

    Hearing the aunt shouting something about his daughter being unwell, Chen Baichuan gave Lin Xiang one more kick. He had been an irritable man, stubborn and traditional. Qianmo, in the previous life, had that kind of personality, mostly because she wanted to oppose him.

    He was a straight man solely raising a child, which had laid a foundation for the future tragedy. The girl was not an easy cake, either.

    Chen Baichuan was moody, hot-tempered, and not so well-educated. Therefore, it was hard for him to come up with a convincing logic to criticize Qianmo, who had been so devoted to her studies. Most of the time, he just roared.

    He forbade her skirt to be above the knees.

    He ordered her to clean the room.

    He prohibited her from reading romantic fiction from Taiwan.

    And he even controlled her choice in the major application.

    When little girls grew to a certain age, they would tend to want to get dressed up. So when Qianmo spent her pocket money upon lipsticks as everyone else did, her father bellowed at her when he discovered the deed.

    He had claimed to have not yelled so much at his daughter compared to the outsiders. But in Qianmo’s eyes, she had been through a rough childhood, and the relationship between the father and the daughter worsened.

    Previously, Qianmo had hated it most when father was showing this facial expression: widened eyes and wrinkles around the nose bridge.

    But when she saw his expression at this moment, she felt no resentment but was moved instead.

    Many things would make sense when the motivation behind what he did was discovered, and his behaviors analyzed.

    Father may have used the wrong method, but he was true to her in every way.

    Qianmo noticed that when the aunt told him about her being unwell, her father, who had looked furious and angry before, frowned; he was worried.

    Father and aunt glanced at the room together and saw Qianmo wiping off her tears. Chen Baichuan immediately dumped the scumbag man he had been punching and strode towards the room.

    She had been young and had no idea about how her father felt after being angry. She had fallen for her mother’s ill-intending whispers so that she was in a fight with him for years. As a result, the scumbag man took advantage of the chance and forced her to leave her father. How upsetting it must have been when her successful father had failed to pay the medical bills of tens of thousands of yuan.

    While mulling over her previous life when she was kneeling by her father’s sickbed and had a heart-to-heart conversation with him, Qianmo had tears in her eyes.

    “Mo, how… you deserved it!” Chen Baichuan pushed the door open. When he saw his daughter standing there with a pair of red eyes, he stopped being concerned and started to bellow at her again.

    “Where is your stubbornness against me? Why are you standing here rather than punishing those scumbags?!”

    This annoying old man, who was uneducated and irritable, was always able to make his worry sound so irritating. Qianmo understood that if she had not grown mature and learned psychology, she would have blown a fuse on hearing what he had said.

    Aunt panicked and shook Chen Baichuan’s arm.

    “Don’t, Brother!”

    The child had been humiliated by someone else, and her father had come to scream at her rather than console her. No wonder Qianmo was never close to him.

    “The older she is, the less obedient she becomes! I asked her to attend police school and be a clerk at the office, so she can have a steady life! But she never listens! What’s more, she has found such a stupid man to annoy me! See what it has brought you to!” Chen Baichuan pointed right at Qianmo’s nose.

    “Chen Qianmo, do you think that you have grown up? Get out of the family if you don’t want to stay at home! You don’t like me anyway!” Chen Baichuan was about to turn around and break that scumbag man’s legs; that would certainly make him less irritated.

    He rebuked Qianmo not because he hated his daughter, but because he was a man, and he had a different way of expressing himself. Chen Baichuan was disturbed to see his daughter at the brink of tears, but he had no idea how to vent the rage and anxiety. That was why he spilled out the hurtful words.

    The aunt was regretful. Why the hell did she go to her brother-in-law? The father and the daughter would certainly fight against each other again.

    Chen Baichuan was also remorseful after roaring at her. Previously, when he had such a quarrel with his child, Qianmo got so annoyed that she left home and then brought back this jerk after two days, claiming that she would get married and never return.

    With hands over her temples, aunt tried to cover her eyes.

    Oh god, a disaster was on the way.

    Qianmo was neither infuriated nor perturbed after being reprimanded.

    She was no longer the little girl who used to argue with her father. Only one trick was needed to deal with an upright and annoying man like him.