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Chapter 7

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 7: Different

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    “I am not going anywhere. This is my home.”

    What Qianmo said turned out to be more startling than the arguments she used to have with her father altogether.

    Her aunt gasped, while Father Chen’s body stiffened, his foot still raised in the air.

    That was precisely what Qianmo expected to see. She pointed at Chen Baichuan.

    “You, old man, are always annoying and never verbally nice. But you will not hurt me, so why should I leave?”

    The aunt felt as if her eyes were popping out. Dumbfounded, she stretched out her hands to touch Qianmo’s forehead.

    “Brother, look! I knew that this child has turned abnormal. Is she haunted? Oh god, get some monk to get back her old soul.”

    That was way too scary!

    How could someone’s temper and personality change within such a short period? What else could it be if it had not been something called “being jinxed”?

    When Chen Baichuan heard her calling himself “old man”, he got so furious that he was about to let it all out. But then he heard her considering him as her father forever and was deeply shaken up by what she had said.

    He looked at Qianmo in disbelief; how deeply had this child been stricken?

    With eyes upon him and her aunt, who was wearing the exact same expression, Qianmo also noticed the way they were standing. Judging from the direction of the feet, it could be discerned that these two had been together on the sly for a very long time.

    However much a person tried to disguise the expressions and the languages, they would always reveal the innermost thoughts through their body movements. Looking at these two who were standing next to each other, their feet were heading in the same direction.

    So this siblings-in-law on the surface had actually been sold out by the distance between their two bodies. Nevertheless, they refused to admit the truth because they didn’t want Qianmo to raise objections!

    It seemed that she, of the previous life, was indeed spoiled, just like her old man who hurt her as she hurt him.

    “Are you okay?” Chen Baichuan would rather be cursed at by his little girl than watch her lose her mind.

    “I am more clear-minded than ever before. What transpired with Lin Xiang made me understand everything. I apologize for what I did to you, and of course, you, old man, should also do some self-reflection. After all, you have done something that hurt me as well!”

    “Since when did I hurt you?!” Chen Baichuan was not convinced.

    He was the owner of a plant, and it seemed to everyone else that it brought him a great deal of easy money.

    But only he understood how difficult it had been to start the business. During cold winter, he had to stand in the freezing water with plastic boots to take care of the sea cucumbers, a feeling that gave him so much agony that he had to take anti-pain pills to keep himself up. He tried so hard to make money only because he wanted to give his daughter a better life.

    But when the child grew up, she hated him to her bones.

    “I admit that what you have given to me materialistically is definitely fancy and advanced. But do you have any idea what I like the most? What I hate the most? And when was the last time that I was truly happy?”

    Chen Baichuan got stuck with words. He truly had… no idea!

    “Dad, we are just human beings who make mistakes. We might have problems with each other, but we can’t let outsiders take advantage of us at all. I require a truce!” Qianmo stretched out her hands to Chen Baichuan, who hesitated for a second and patted her on the arms.

    “So undisciplined; no one wants to shake hands with you! Get yourself changed! I never liked the dress you picked. It shows too much of yourself! And also, you!” Father Chen pointed at the aunt’s nose.

    The aunt was just in the middle of being so profoundly touched. After all, she had never expected this stubborn child to call a truce with her father and even offer to shake hands.

    Her aunt was surprised to be called by name all of a sudden. What about her?

    “Always causing a ruckus. My daughter is never someone who would lose temper just because of some unexpected matters! So narrow-sighted and so blank-minded!”

    After yelling at her, he walked out in a fresh mood. With hands upon his back, he walked out with a fast and eased gait. He had decided to give that scumbag man some more kicks. The guy was simply asking for death to have tried to trick his daughter.

    The aunt felt so aggrieved to have been blamed. She pointed at Chen Baichuan and then put down her finger while shivering. He had been worried about the child a moment ago too, but why did he end up blaming her instead?

    “Aunt, do you think that my father is very annoying?” Qianmo tried to lead her on.

    She was really displeased. “Yes, very annoying!”

    “No one would want to marry him because he is so bad-tempered. No wonder he has been single for so many years.” She continued.

    “True!” That was way too correct!

    “Then it has to be you.” Qianmo patted her shoulders, and her aunt nodded. But a second later, she trembled all over; she was scared.

    Three seconds later, the chubby aunt dashed off the scene instantly. Qianmo won the battle against the two of them on her own.

    Qianmo had become strong enough to deal with these people after being reborn. It was such a piece of cake, just like a pro that had dealt with a minor monster in a pleasant and easy way.

    But that man was an exception.

    When she thought of the familiar back-figure of that man who had appeared at the wedding, Qianmo lost her confidence and wrapped herself around. That guy had been affecting her emotions from her previous life all the way to the present one.

    It was never a good thing to owe anyone anything.


    The ridiculous wedding ended after Lin Xiang was laid bare in front of everyone.

    Qianmo didn’t stay at the wedding house her father had prepared for her. Instead, she followed him home.

    The aunt was the happiest one in the entire incident. Qianmo didn’t need to marry that scumbag, and she didn’t hate her anymore. On top of that, she was able to stay and make dinner for her brother-in-law and Qianmo. It felt so nice not to sneak around any longer.

    Father Chen was sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper while throwing some furtive glances at her daughter from above the paper.

    Qianmo removed her makeup, got changed, and started to trim the nails on the sofa.

    Father Chen was the one who picked all of her clothes, which were mostly conventional and out of fashion. He wanted to cover every piece of his daughter’s beauty so that no bastard outside would sneak a peek at her.

    In order to rebel against her father’s hegemony, Qianmo used to buy some miniskirt and slings for herself. That made Chen Baichuan so pissed that he cut them all off right in front of her face. Nonetheless, she continued with the shopping even after he shredded those garments apart, and it was not known where she got all the money.

    But Qianmo had replaced all those embarrassing clothes with ordinary T-shirts and summer-style long dresses. With newly-washed hair spread over her shoulders, she looked even more like a star in those simple outfits.

    Thinking of everything she said to him after the wedding, Chen Baichuan felt gratified that this child had finally grown up.

    “What is your plan for the future?” Chen Baichuan put down the newspaper and said in a very calm tone, pretending as if he didn’t give a damn about her suggestion.

    “Resume my studies at school.”

    When she was tidying up the room a moment ago, she saw the school uniform that had been packed away.

    Unlike regular universities, police school offered students uniforms, suitcases, and badges. After graduation, formal police rank would be presented after the graduates were accepted by the entities.

    When Chen Qianmo and her father were in a fight previously, she had made up her mind never to return after she took a break from school. She intended to toss the uniform away.

    Now when she was reborn, she had a different game plan from what she made in her previous life.

    A smart person could do well in any position, she, for example.

    When she gave up the major of criminal psychology and started to rise up in the business field, Moshao did offer her a lot of extra help. However, it was also mostly because she was a smart, intelligent, and excellent mind-reader.

    After being the queen of business for so long, she realized that what she needed most from the deepest corner of her mind was not making a large amount of money from businesses.

    She was not happy to do whatever she disliked doing.

    Qianmo regretted deeply when she saw the jailers wearing uniforms she had thrown away during those years in prison.

    She would always have a dream in which she would be tossing the police uniforms.

    Every time she tried to ask the girl in the dream not to discard the uniforms, she would wake up and see the cold iron windows right in front of her eyes.

    It turned out that what she had wanted to get most of all was exactly what her father had planned for her before.

    Since she had a second chance to start everything over, she was absolutely never going to give up whatever she genuinely liked.