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Chapter 8

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 8: Crystal-Clear Truth

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    Hearing that his daughter intended to continue with studies back in school, Chen Baichuan took a long breath and his stiffened body sunk into the sofa.

    “You feel relieved to hear me going back to school?” Qianmo asked.

    Chen Baichuan took up the newspaper and said in a relaxed tone.

    “I don’t care about you and do whatever you like. You pick the road, so don’t cry in my arms whatever you become in the future!”

    Although he sounded so annoyingly harsh, Qianmo could still sense his eased face behind the newspaper. This old man must be giggling there, wasn’t he?

    Her aunt, who came out of the kitchen with dishes in her hands, exposed him without hesitation.

    “Brother, stop annoying Qianmo all the time. You worry about her, don’t you? Qianmo, do you know that your father has not had a good sleep for nights in a row just because of you? He is bothered that you will be expelled by the school after you get married, so he even visited your school leaders with presents…”

    There were no concrete rules in the police school about students not being allowed to get married. However, Qianmo took the leave and never returned, and she even concealed the purpose of taking the leave. That was totally sufficient for the school to expel her.

    As the top university in this area, it was considered as Harvard University among all the police schools with a 99% employment rate. Many excellent talents had been cultivated here, and few had been ousted.

    “My father went to visit the school leaders? When did this happen?!” That was something she didn’t know in her previous life

    Annoyed, Chen Baichuan glared at the aunt.

    “What are you babbling about?!”

    The aunt, however, ignored Chen Baichuan’s warning and continued revealing the truth to Qianmo.

    “It was yesterday. Your father went to visit the school leaders with several bottles of expensive wine, begging them to take good care of you.”

    Qianmo was still on the holiday that had not yet expired, so she could not have been expelled according to the rules. But Chen Baichuan was worried that his daughter would not want to return to the school after the wedding. Therefore, he started to lose sleep even before anything happened.

    “And the school leaders accepted the presents?!”

    Aunt looked bitter. “They tossed out everything. Oh, the wine was so expensive, but the bottles were all broken.”

    Qianmo massaged her temples. No wonder she had been discharged so fast in the previous life. Apart from her own deeds, her dumb father had worsened the situation.

    Anyone who intended to give presents to the school that was full of justice would obviously be thrown out. It was entirely reasonable.

    The professors and the leaders at her school were all people who were devoted to crime prevention, and they were all people of justice. It was already kind of them not to arrest him right then and there.

    “Stop spouting nonsense, go and make food!” Chen Baichuan struck the newspaper on the table, looking very embarrassed.

    Usually, the aunt had been quite obedient to him. But today, she was behaving differently.

    “I will talk even if you don’t let me! I can’t stand seeing you two being in conflicts all the time. Qianmo, your father has done a lot for your sake.”

    Her aunt was talking with two arms over her waist, wholly different from how she usually had been. She was defending her territory; yeah, her father was a part of aunt’s turf already.

    Qianmo made a gesture, indicating her to go on. Chen Baichuan, on the other hand, took up the teacup and kept sipping tea in shyness.

    “When your father failed to stop you from getting married, he went to the university and got rebuked by the leaders. Then he started to think about something else. He had even found a school overseas, thinking that you could move abroad after the wedding. He said that as long as the scumbag Lin Xiang is away from you, you will probably understand.”

    Chen Baichuan scratched his head. “What are you talking about? I am not concerned about her! I was just worried that she would be tricked by Lin Xiang, the scumbag, ending up being a hobo on the street! How shameful will it be for me to see my daughter like that!”

    Qianm’s look was profound, deep in thought.

    After she was expelled by the school in her previous life, her father handed her some recruitment forms of foreign private universities and talked with her in such a way. So irritating!

    Qianmo, who had been stubborn and hated to be given out of pity, turned him down instantly. She had failed to realize how much effort her father had made just for the sake of her, even though he was talking noisily to cover up his real thoughts.

    “Your father has a problem with the heart. He has been running the plant business alone all these years, and he is no longer fit for that! He has been sleeplessly looking for a proper school for you, and I have even seen him taking the pills for heart attack… Qianmo, he talks in an unfriendly manner, but he cares about you. He really does!”

    The aunt wiped her tears after she said those words. She was the person who felt most guilty when the family war had come to such a stage.

    Had Qianmo not seen her in his arms, Qianmo would not have gotten herself married to someone randomly just to annoy Baichuan.

    Mu Mianmian had always wanted to explain to Qianmo clearly, but Qianmo had been too busy fighting against her brother-in-law to allow her to get close to.

    At this moment, when the opportunity was just right, she spilled everything, risking that her brother-in-law would blame her for whatever she said.

    “What are you talking about!?” Chen Baichuan stood up and started to walk upstairs.

    The man looked stubborn and wanted to defend his own self-respect all the time. He got so embarrassed to have been exposed by her aunt, and he refused to allow his daughter to see the change of expression on his face.

    “Dad!” Qianmo called out to him.

    “What is it?!” Chen Baichuan refused to turn around.

    “Thank you! I will finish school and will become the best policewoman. Don’t stay up late anymore.”

    The stubborn Chen Baichuan was moved by his daughter’s words and almost fell to the verge of tears.

    “If you stay up too late and die too fast, you might not see me in the police uniform or witness the birth of the most excellent female criminal psychologist in the country.”

    Chen Baichuan turned around when he was discovered being agitated. He pointed at Qianmo with a reddened face and bellowed at his daughter.

    “You have never wanted your father to stay fine, did you? If I die, you will marry the scumbag Lin Xiang and end up living on the street!”

    “I am not a silly woman! How could I make the same mistake twice! I won’t even accept the stupid guy like Lin Xiang if someone forced me to!”

    She had considered twice standing in front of a man like Moshao, so what would a fellow like Lin Xiang be doing here? Wait, what was she thinking about again?

    Mu Mianmian threw a glance at Qianmo and then at her brother-in-law, feeling anxious.

    What was that about? They had just been on good terms with each other just a minute ago!

    But the situation turned out to be different. This father and daughter had been on such a fierce fight before that they wished to kill each other with those vicious words.

    However, Qianmo, at this instant, seemed to be fighting against her father, but she was sparing him at the same time as well. She was showing concern to her father in an elegant and calm manner.

    Her brother-in-law was the exact opposite, though. He was annoyed and furious by what Qianmo had said, and apparently, he had nothing more inside to defend himself. Instead, all he could do was to raise his voice to conceal his weakness.

    It seemed that Qianmo was in an advantageous position!

    “It is all your fault! You spoiled her!” Chen Baichuan had to turn himself around to Mu Mianmian when he found himself losing.

    Qianmo shook her head, seeing her aunt being blamed again.

    “Say and do as you wish, old man. If my aunt abandons you one day, you will die alone! Aunt, what about Uncle Wang from the neighborhood? If you don’t want this annoying old man, I will set you up with him instead?”

    It was completely quiet in the room.

    What happened between Chen Baichuan and Mu Mianmian was something that didn’t need to be explained loudly. Qianmo had exposed the hidden secret with almost no efforts.