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Chapter 9

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 9: She Enjoyed Humiliating

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    Mu Mianmian turned pale, and her hands shivered when she heard Qianmo exposing her relationship with Chen Baichuan.

    She had intended to take hold of Qianmo’s sleeves but didn’t dare to. Then she raised her hands and put them down helplessly.

    The expression of this woman, who had been wronged, made it impossible for Qianmo to associate her to the leader of the prison later in life.

    Mu Mianmian was an extraordinarily fierce and capable woman. She worked as an accountant at Chen Baichuan’s plant and was fearless to everyone, except for Qianmo, whom she would rather hide from like a mouse trying to run away from a cat.

    Actually, Aunt was only 8 years older than Qianmo. When Qianmo’s real mother eloped, she was no more than 12. She had only been a child.

    Qianmo had no idea how she ended up being with Chen Baichuan. But since the very beginning, Chen Baichuan had been raising up this aunt who was 15 years older than him as a child.

    “Qianmo, your father and I are not… you know, don’t overthink!” Mianmian twisted her apron, and her chubby face looked so bitter.

    She looked like someone who could kneel down on the floor at any time and start to wail if a piece of bitter music was played.

    Qianmo softened her tone and tried to make her facial expression look gentle since she didn’t want to give her aunt so much stress. What on earth had she done to her that resulted in such fear in her? Oh, man!

    “Then how did you know that he hasn’t slept for days?”

    Although Qianmo took her degree by studying in prison alone, she was still quite professional. She was also skilled in the studies of micro expressions, and as a part of the psychology major, it could be handy in the FBI’s case solving.

    The teacher who gave her instruction was the most excellent professor of criminal psychology in the entire country. As for why he would come to her in prison and offer to teach her, she still had no clue about it.

    All in all, she was simply as skillful as the real professionals.

    Any cunning man or woman could not escape her sight. When her father and aunt behaved in this way, she was pretty sure about the dubious relationship between them.

    “I mean, I mean, I come to stay at… the living room when you are not here and when your father needs someone to look after him!” trying to cover up the truth, Mu Mianmian stumbled.

    Qianmo noticed that she kept blinking and twisting her fingers so hard that they had turned white.

    “Normally, the frequency of eyeblink is 30-50 times per minute. When the pressure piles up, the rate will increase with psychological stress. So, Aunt, why are you blinking so fast?”

    Mu Mianmian kept her eyes widely opened and tried not to blink anymore. Was she opening and shutting her eyes that rapidly just now?

    Seeing his love story being exposed by his daughter, Chen Baichuan subconsciously rubbed his nose and was about to say something when Qianmo raised her eyebrows at him.

    “When people are lying, their nose tends to get enlarged because of the bloodstream, so they are inclined to touch… Dad, were you planning to say that you and my aunt are not intimate?”

    They were indeed not so close under the blanket. When a middle-aged young girl and a single old man were together, they definitely would have a pure friendship, of course…


    Chen Baichuan put down his hands in embarrassment. “Hehe, you did learn something from school. Continue with your studies!”

    So he was admitting it? Mu Mianmian was about to pass out at this point. Oh, god damn it! She would have to stay three, no, thirty, or three hundred meters away from Qianmo from that moment on!

    “Qianmo, your father is not to blame. It is all my fault! Be mad at me! I will pack and leave now, and I will never be here again. I…”

    “Who would make me braised pork if you are not here? Aunt, is the pork still braised at the kitchen?”

    Stimulated by Qianmo, Mianmian showed much more eye white than usual. Qianmo struck upon the fat on her belly.

    “I enjoy the food you make, and I also like you. Despite that, I don’t fancy your fat. Can’t you try to lose some weight? Being overweight would lead to diseases.”

    “Don’t try to bully your aunt.” Chen Baichuan had noticed that his daughter had stopped rejecting Mianmian. Wow, so his daughter had progressed so much after being stung by the scumbag man. He had also improved remarkably as to have found a proper word to describe what was in his mind to boot.

    Qianmo took up the newspaper from the table to cover her face, and Mu Mianmian had her hands over her mouth.

    Did it mean that Qianmo had… accepted her?

    The happiness had come too suddenly for anyone to believe that it could possibly be true.

    Then the home phone rang. Mu Mianmian, who was very close to it, received the call.

    “Hello, oh, okay. Mo, someone is asking for you.”

    Mianmian was a bit confused. She found that the female voice from the other side of the phone sounded quite familiar. She might have heard it somewhere before…

    Qianmo put down the newspaper and picked up the receiver.

    “Chen Qianmo.”

    “Mo, this is mom. Can you come out and meet me? I am worried about you.”

    The female voice from the other side of the line sounded hurried. In spite of that, Qianmo’s look turned cold.

    “Okay, the cold drink café opposite the square.”

    Having hung up the call, Qianmo was asked by Mu Mianmian.

    “Mo, who was that?”

    “Man or woman?” That was what Chen Baichuan cared most about. There was always someone out there going for his daughter!

    “A woman… someone that sounds quite familiar, somehow.”

    Of course, she did. That was her elder sister, Mu Feifei, Qianmo’s mother!

    Mu Feifei ran away with another man when Qianmo was three years old and stayed out of touch for more than a decade. At that time, Mu Mianmian was too young to remember anything.

    Half a year ago, Mu Feifei suddenly found Qianmo and told her in tears that she was really regretful for what she did. She gave Qianmo money and bought her all kinds of presents.

    Qianmo found it very difficult to resist the motherly love that had been missing from her life for so many years. Fue to her newfound bliss, she had not been able to think over the conspiracy her mother had brewed before stupidly falling into her trap.

    Mu Feifei instigated Qianmo to break up with Chen Baichuan. She had also cast a deep influence upon her decision to marry the scumbag, framing her father in start-up company establishment, and all the wrong choices she made earlier.

    Qianmo of previous life was never able to figure out why her mother could be cruel enough to abandon her own daughter and lead her on to the wrong path of life.

    Even when she acquired the knowledge of psychology in the later period of her life from a master and when she could read everyone’s mind, Qianmo still had no idea why Mu Feifei would be so obsessed with tricking her own daughter.

    Before Qianmo of previous life was able to solve the riddle, Mu Feifei died in a car crash during her sentence.

    Qianmo took hold of her little handbag and left after saying that she had done eating. She wanted to solve the puzzle left from her previous life.

    Worried, Mu Mianmian watched Qianmo leaving and said to Chen Baichuan, “Brother, Mo can’t be on the way to meet Lin Xiang, could she? They have gone separate ways, and they mustn’t be together again. Should I stalk her?”

    Chen Baichuan waved her off. “Nothing to worry about.”

    He trusted his child based on how she had behaved just now.

    After so many years, he finally came to the moment when his daughter had grown up. The more he thought about how Qianmo tried to test him and Mianmian a moment ago with what she had learned, the funnier he found the entire thing to be. He swept Mu Mianmian into his arms all of a sudden. She was meaty, but he felt that it was like hugging a tree, plump and safe.

    Mu Mianmian screamed. “Are you mental!?”

    Chen Baichuan giggled and spanked her buttocks. It felt so good to feel the wiggling fat under his hand.

    “What mental? Go and grab my finest wine. I need to take some sips.”

    “Doctor said that you can’t drink wine…”

    “Hurry up now! Wife!” What more would he need to be worried about after his daughter accepted his second girlfriend?

    With a sound of clattering, Mu Mianmian dropped the dishes off her hands.

    What was brother-in-law calling her just now?

    Seeing the scattered dish on the floor, Chen Baichuan found that he had been too excited to care about anything else.