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Chapter 10

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 10: No.1 Master

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    At the cold drink café opposite People’s Square, a woman lowered her hat and started to glance outside the window constantly. After a while, she was confident that no one would recognize her.

    Seeing the slender Qianmo coming her way, the woman with the hat straightened her back.

    This lady was none other than Mu Feifei.

    When Mu Feifei eloped with another man, Qianmo had just turned three. Sixteen years had passed, and the dirty child back then had turned out to be a perfect-looking woman with excellent facial features.

    Qianmo’s face resembled her mother’s but looked slightly more intimidating than her. A sense of coldness flashed across her eyebrows when she saw the woman in the café. She was simply so outstanding among the pedestrians that she stood out from the rest.

    Mu Feifei noticed that Qianmo had attracted many head-turners on the way. But she ignored the looks from passers-by and strode towards her direction.

    This girl… in Mu Feifei’s eyes, seemed quite different today.

    Oh yes, she was walking in an unusual manner.

    Qianmo moved at a more steady and faster pace compared to two months ago. And there was something else about her that was different too, something even Mu Feifei couldn’t tell.

    It had been two months since they met each other last time. Qianmo back then was taking slow and hesitant steps. She had been a teenager in her rebellious phase who believed that she was capable enough to fight against the entire world and who was innocent yet annoying. In Mu Feifei’s eyes as a professional fortune-teller, Qianmo was none other than a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

    There was another reason why Mu Feifei disliked Qianmo. She had a way too similar personality to her father’s—always full of thorns and always acting stubborn and speaking hurtful words.

    She left Father Chen for another man because she couldn’t stand his bellowing. Against all the odds, however, Chen Baichuan turned out to be a very successful and wealthy man nowadays.

    Qianmo had pushed the door open and entered the café, so Mu Feifei stopped looking like a fortune-teller. She transformed herself into a kind mother as she waved to Qianmo.


    When Qianmo came to her side, Mu Feifei wanted to stand up and shake her hand. However, she discovered that Qianmo had her hands in the pocket. Therefore, she withdrew the outstretched hand and sat down nervously.

    “Anything you need?” Qianmo asked directly.

    For Mu Feifei, it had only been a couple of months since the two met. But for Qianmo, it had been a lifetime, and there had also been a life involved.

    Mu Feifei approached her and claimed to make compensation to her as a kind mother. After earning Qianmo’s trust, she started to instigate her to fight against Chen Baichuan so that she could finally empty Qianmo’s company by taking advantage of her dependence. As a result, she would have ended up in jail if she couldn’t pay.

    Chen Baichuan couldn’t stand the fact that his daughter would wind up being in prison, so he invested all of his money just to save Qianmo. However, the scumbag Lin Xiang, who had been waiting for this opportunity, exploited the situation where the duo was fighting against each other and gained all the profits in the process.

    Worried that his daughter’s company had been taken away by Lin Xiang, Chen Baichuan fell sick directly. When Mu Feifei stole all the money from Qianmo, she had no way out but to borrow money from everywhere until finally, she watched her father die at the hospital.

    In her previous life, Qianmo cut off one arm of Lin Xiang. But compared to Mu Feifei, who was supposed to be her biological mother, Lin Xiang was only the second-worst enemy to her.

    “Why are you looking at me in this way? I have just ordered your favorite hot chocolate.”

    Mu Feifei pushed the cup to her and took a moment to observe Qianmo. She was a fortune-teller, and she had been dealing with men all the time. She could grasp what kind of personality a person had and what that person was thinking at a glance.

    Previously, Qianmo could be read through with one single look, but now, Mu Feifei was panicking instead.

    Qianmo had absolutely no expression on her face, and it was impossible to tell what emotions she was feeling. This child had just experienced a disaster wedding, and she shouldn’t be wearing this kind of look.

    “Cold water, please.” Qianmo pushed the hot chocolate away and asked the waiter for a new drink.

    “Isn’t it your favorite?”

    Qianmo threw a glance at the drink with coldness. “It used to, but not anymore.”

    She liked all kinds of desserts, pastries, and high-calorie meat. She had a unique physical quality, causing her never to put on weight.

    Hot chocolate used to be her favorite, but her tastes were raised after she met Moshao.

    For some reason, that man had picked his cooking skills from somewhere unknown, and he was good at making both Chinese and western food. He was even skilled at making cocktails and drinks, and he could also brew excellent coffee.

    The hot chocolate he made was way too excellent compared to the instant drink in front of her eyes at the moment. It was fragrant, and the pattern on the top was exquisite. He was able to make more than two dozen varying kinds of hot chocolate, which warmed her stomach and her heart in an unprecedented fashion for more than thirty days in a row.

    Qianmo had eaten the most excellent delicacies and seen the deepest corner of the world, so she would rather take cold water when she was offered this terrible-quality drink.

    Mu Feifei somehow couldn’t keep up with Qianmo’s abrupt change. She had tried to urge Qianmo to continue the marriage with Lin Xiang by acting like a spiritualist. After all, that was the first step of her enormous plan.

    “Tell me what you need of me. I am busy.” Qianmo checked her watch, indicating that she was in a hurry.

    Mu Feifei grabbed a set of tortoise-shell bronze coins from the bag.

    “I foresaw that you would have a problem with marriage recently, so I am here to check you up. I was so worried.”

    Qianmo squinted her eyes. Tortoise-shell for fortune-telling; that was what Mu Feifei lived on.

    Mu Feifei was the fortune-teller in the tale. When she suddenly showed up in front of her, she was using the exact same method and pointing out the current situation of Qianmo to make Qianmo believe her.

    The strange thing about fortune-telling was that it could always hit some points, and the more you thought about them, the more accurate it would sound. There had been one time when Qianmo fell for her words, resulting in losing everything.

    With the tortoise-shell in hands, Mu Feifei was about to start when Qianmo stopped her.

    “Hang on.”

    “What is it?” Mu Feifei was interrupted several times right from the beginning. Although she was smiling on the surface, Qianmo noticed that she was not showing any facial wrinkles.

    She was faking her smile, trying to suck up to her.

    Qianmo was certain that if she continued to follow Mu Feifei’s pace and allowed her to tell her fortune, she would be led by the nose.

    Qianmo had been the disciple of Chen Meng, the No.1 master of criminal psychology, picking up a great deal from her. She had gone through so many tough years and had been an excellent disciple that never shamed her master. Considering it all, she decided to take the first step, sparing no chance to Mu Feifei.

    “I have also learned some fortune-telling these days. How about me doing the trick for you first?”

    Qianmo said as she took out a box from her handbag. It was sealed with plastic.

    It was a pack of Tarot cards she had bought from the stationary store on the way here.

    It was apparently a pirated version that was terribly printed, one that was meant to be sold to the junior school students for fun.

    “You…” Mu Feifei had no idea what she was up to.

    “Yes, me. What about me divining your fortune first to see whether I have inherited your gift of being a fortune-teller?”

    With eyes upon her, Qianmo returned a slight smile to Mu Feifei. If she could ever be allowed to make a choice for her fate, she honestly had no interest in inheriting a single bit of this vicious woman.

    The fake smile was indicating a great many things. For example, Mu Feifei fake-smiled at Qianmo because she wanted to dupe her by laying out the entire plan that came later on. However, Qianmo fake-smiled at her for only one purpose.

    To cover up her counterstrike that followed directly afterward.