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Chapter 12

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 12: Their First Encounter

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    The interpretation of the two cards in front of Qianmo poked directly into Mu Feifei’s heart one after another.

    Nothing special might be felt about the card representing the past when Qianmo said that she left the husband and abandoned the daughter—it could be naught but a story.

    But the second card started to be heart-breaking.

    Qianmo said that Mu Feifei approached her for the sake of money.

    Hearing this, Mu Feifei made a sad expression. Despite that, the way she covered her mouth made Qianmo feel sure about the upcoming lies.

    “Qianmo, I miss you, really. I have been thinking about you all these years and wondering if you have a good life. I am not here for money…”

    Qianmo didn’t need to see the microexpression on her to tell that she was not telling the truth. Instead, she flipped the third card and revealed an even more tragic interpretation to her.

    “Interesting… it is the inverse of star currency…”

    Then, she broke her sentence and stayed quiet.

    The silence made people more anxious than words and expressions. Mu Feifei was worried that she might have read through something, so she started to make a dejected face while sneaking peeks at her. What she noticed made her astonished: the girl in front of her stayed so calm and steady that it was impossible to read her.

    “The star currency is about three people building the church while an inverse indicates the opposite, meaning that the church collapses. You have collaborated with someone for some business, but now, all the money’s gone. Look at this beautiful card. It means that your life had been luxurious before, yet you are not used to the change. Thus, you are reminded of the past…”

    Qianmo had her eyes upon the reaction of the woman opposite her as she was talking. She could discern the terror reflected from Mu Feifei’s eyes.

    That was the most real reaction after she was exposed. With hands clenched into fists, Mu Feifei rubbed them against her knees. When Qianmo talked about three people, Mu Feifei showcased the most nervous expression.

    Well, the number of people fitted the bill.

    Then Qianmo’s hands rested upon the last card.

    The fourth card represented the final result of the entire matter.

    Disturbed by the third card, Mu Feifei had lost the courage to read the fourth one. She snatched the mug and threw glances from left to right, expecting to come up with a proper countermeasure.

    Qianmo was not in a hurry to flip the card, however. Instead, she had her hand upon it as she asked.

    “Are you approaching me for the sake of money after you failed the collaboration with three people and created a hole in the capital?”

    Mu Feifei repeated without hesitation, “I am not approaching you for the sake of money after I fail the collaboration with three people!”

    That was a mechanical way to deny the question from the opposite side, indicating that she was more or less dishonest.

    Did you have an affair?

    No, I didn’t.

    That was a standard model of lying.

    Seeing that Qianmo was about to flip the fourth card and hearing the crystal-clear interpretation done by her, Mu Feifei was about to put down the mug. Right then, Qianmo gave her a kick below the table, startling Mu Feifei and driving the water in her cup, sprinkling over her top.

    “Ah!” Mu Feifei cried, but Qianmo looked innocent.

    “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean that. Do you want to buy some new clothes in the store next door, after all…” Qianmo threw a glance at her surroundings and found that the guests around had turned to their direction, some of whom looked quite infatuated.

    Mu Feifei’s clothes had turned transparent due to being soaked. As a result, her breasts were on display.

    She covered up her chest instantly, but she still didn’t want to give up the chance of bluffing Qianmo.

    “Come with me. I can buy some clothes for you too.” Mu Feifei had thought about getting the goal by spending some money.

    “I will meet you there later. I need to visit the bathroom.”

    After Mu Feifei left, Qianmo didn’t get up. Rather, she flipped the card depicting the end.

    That was the only upright card among all the four.

    On the surface, there was an emissary falling from the sky. He was holding a horn and coming to solve the love and loath.

    As the music of the sentence horn arose, a new cycle started. It was time to get all things done.

    The sentence that had been late for one lifetime was finally arriving; today was just a prologue.

    Qianmo tossed the cards into the dustbin, leaving only the last one on the table.

    She walked out of the café and didn’t enter the woman clothes store next door to meet Mu Feifei. She was here to mess up with her, so she left when the goal was reached.

    As she walked out of the café, the man, who had been watching her, looked at the seat she had been in a moment ago through the window.

    He loved her. Therefore, he liked everything about her.

    He also caught sight of the card on the table clearly.

    The sentence card in the Tarot…

    There could be many interpretations of a card. It could mean something different when it came to career and something else in love relationships.

    The sentence card indicated the internal realization and a satisfying result for a love affair.

    Satisfying… indeed!

    Seeing this, Yu Changmo heard his own heartbeat.

    There were many people on the street, and it was a pretty noisy place.

    But for him, it was peaceful and tranquil when he wholly focused upon the card.

    It was a wait of two years and a longing of 736 days.

    What he had seen most of her was none other than the back-figure and the side of her face ever since the first time he caught sight of her.

    Would the result he had been yearning for truly appear? Would he be able to overcome the psychological barrier and muster up his courage to come to her side and face her directly?

    The psychological barrier was not as easy a thing as he had imagined. The physical hurdle was brought out by the psychological one, and it was a cruel joke the fate had made with him.

    He had feelings for one person alone, but he also only had a problem with her.

    He had everything anyone would dream of, but what he didn’t have was to approach the woman he fancied. He couldn’t even face her. She was so attractive, and everything about her face was so… hang on, her face?!

    Yu Changmo stiffened. What had he just seen?

    The heavy traffic didn’t stop just because of a man’s gaze. However, she stayed 15 meters away and turned to look at him, one that he was never able to forget in his entire life.

    It was a bustling and jam-packed street, but the color of the sky and the clouds over her head was suddenly gone at that moment.

    Everything else was fading away; only she was the brightest color in the dark world.

    Standing right on the spot, she turned around to look at him. Her gaze was only upon his body, and he was the sole one in her eyes.

    God had pressed the pause button as if everything had just ceased at that moment.

    Qianmo took a slow walk alongside the street when she went out of the café. But the longer she walked, the stronger the feeling of being stared at got. That was why she had turned around.

    It was at that moment when she saw the only man that could affect her emotions apart from her grandmaster and family.

    As the afternoon sun sprinkled its rays upon him, the handsome and peerless man was flawless even in his side profile.

    He was so perfectly good-looking. Qianmo fancied his long and straight nose with a high nose bridge.

    His appearance indicated that he was intelligent, had a great taste towards beauty, and a little bit obsessed with cleanliness.

    Qianmo couldn’t help but show a joyful smile when she recalled him getting the home over-cleaned and blanket neatly folded.

    That was a man who could make people happy. He was capable, tidy, and good at cooking food. What’s more, he was devoted to her in every single way.

    Qianmo started to conduct the self-reflection as her mind drifted away. She was a quiet woman, and she didn’t need to be so desiring.

    But why did she keep getting sensational feelings within her dead heart whenever she ran into him?