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Chapter 13

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 13: Backing Her Up

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    Qianmo’s profession required that she should figure out the real psychological activities of a person within a split second.

    The fastest microexpression could happen within just one-quarter of a second, and many analyses could be conducted within that lightning-fast response.

    However, at this moment, she was standing on the street of the busy city and staring at him for more than five minutes. Neither of them had moved a single step.

    Five minutes were more than 300 seconds.

    For Qianmo, it had been way too long a period.

    Although it had been a protracted spell, she still failed to tell what that man, who was standing not far away from her, was thinking.

    She could make out most people’s mind, but she could not read his.

    Neither in her previous life nor in the present one.

    She couldn’t comprehend his thoughts, and what’s more, she couldn’t even figure out what she herself was thinking.

    All he did was to stand there and gaze at her concentratedly, just as how he looked at her in her previous life when she had no idea what he was thinking. As long as his eyes were upon her, the world would be frozen completely.

    There was no response in the body or in eyes, or even as deep as into the pupils.

    It was a strange reaction passed on to her. She had never met any man like him.

    As the summer breeze blew past by the street corner, the two of them stood and stared at each other without moving an inch.

    All of a sudden, Qianmo felt that the leather handbag over her shoulders was pulled. When she turned her eyes, she noticed a man vanishing into the crowd at a fast speed with her bag in hands.

    That thief had been crouching in the chaotic city and watching Qianmo for a long while.

    The bag was Coach, and when she came out of the café, the thief noticed Qianmo tossing her latest version of the cell phone into the bag.

    It was a new cell phone, something that was worth a great deal of money.

    She was dressed in simple yet branded clothes, and judging from her outfit, she was definitely from a wealthy family in this small city.

    For little and weak girls dressed in branded clothes, the street robbers called them “a fat goat”.

    Qianmo had been standing still for too long for the thief to stand it anymore. Therefore, he rushed up and robbed her of the bag. After successfully snatching it, he mounted over the motorbike his partner drove by and dashed off.

    This thief group couldn’t have possibly imagined that this girl might appear weak, but the man beside her was not so at all.

    Ever since the moment his goddess’s handbag was taken away, Yu Changmo had taken off and started to showcase a unique side which he only did in front of Qianmo.

    He was more than 185 cm tall, and his long legs were exceedingly fast, seemingly skilled at chasing a motorbike.

    He, from the previous life, never talked about his past with Qianmo, so she didn’t expect that he could be so skillful.

    Chasing the motorbike was a piece of cake for him, and Qianmo couldn’t figure out exactly how fast he was running. But judging from that pace of his, chasing a rabbit might not be any problem at all. He was surprisingly explosive in force and swift in speed.

    When the two thieves saw someone chasing them, they did not consider it as something of importance at the beginning. Furthermore, they had not been riding the motorbike that fast either. Yet as they noticed the man sprinting after them at such a speed and the distance between them shortening, the two thieves panicked. They immediately sped up, trying to get themselves away from him.

    However, the man was dashing faster and faster after them. Panicking and in a rush, the thieves tossed the bag off the motorbike and took off directly.

    Yu Changmo picked up the bag from the floor and stiffened as Qianmo came after him step by step.

    It was a psychological issue that he just couldn’t overcome yet…

    With no expression on his face and no movements, he looked as if someone that hated Qianmo. He was no longer that fast as he had been a moment ago when he tried to catch the thieves. Instead, he looked like a frozen statue of ice.

    “Thank you.” Qianmo was out of breath as she paid her gratitude. This guy was tremendously strong. She must not take up any fight with him.

    “You are welcome.” He passed the bag back to her stiffly, with eyes looking somewhere else.

    “Check and see if anything is missing.”

    He could feel the scent from her, fragrant and comfortably sweet just like herself. This was the first time for the two of them to stay so close to each other. She was less than one meter away from him, and he wanted to get near her yet failed eventually.

    One more look and he would stumble in words.

    “The cell phone is missing.” Qianmo groped inside her bag. The cell-phone was gone.

    Her father never treated her badly in buying things. Whatever he gave to her might not be so fashionable, yet they were definitely expensive.

    Yu Changmo was about to take off when Qianmo took hold of him. He stiffened again; it worked much better than petrifying.

    “Forget it. Those thieves must have many accomplices in this area. It is not safe for you to run after them, and I can buy a new one.”

    She was worried about his safety. These bag robbers had been active for more than just a couple of days. It was not worth it for him to risk his life for just a cell phone.

    His super-brain that could remember all kinds of complicated codes within one second stopped functioning at that moment. He didn’t take in what Qianmo had said. The only thing he could discern was that her voice was quite catchy, not sweet as ordinary girls but beautiful like a melody, one that echoed across the empty valley and made him relaxed.

    He was wearing such a… fierce expression. Was he confronting a girl or a robber?

    Even the mind-reader expert got confused by the stiffened face. Like always, she was never able to read through what he was thinking.

    “Whatever, don’t run after them.” She was just considering whether she should take the opportunity and invite this old flame to a drink. Maybe expressing gratitude to him could be a good excuse to treat him?


    “There is nothing important in the cell phone but some pictures of mine. They are not worth a penny. Still, thank you for helping me. Nice to meet you, my name is Chen…?”


    Before she finished her words, he took off his overcoat and said.

    “Keep it for me.”

    Then he turned around and took off. The motorbike had gone into a small alley, and he followed in.

    Confused, Qianmo had no idea what he was doing while she held the warm overcoat in her arms.

    Didn’t he just agree not to run after them?

    Yu Changmo had indeed abandoned the idea of tailing them, but he changed his mind after hearing the word “pictures”.

    The thieves would soon sell the phone to someone else when they got it. Therefore, it was unknown who would end up having her pictures.

    And he was not able to tolerate the fact that her pictures would fall into the hands of a strange man.

    Seeing him dash into the alleyway by the street, Qianmo thought for a few seconds before following after him.

    Even though she had no idea what she could do over there, she still did so.

    Qianmo was not as strong as Yu Changmo. Even after hurrying, when she arrived, the alleyway was empty. There were two separate paths at the end, and it was not known which one they had taken.

    She observed the surroundings and soon made up her mind.

    The left path led to the middle section of the city while the right one led to a compound, which was located next to the police station. Qianmo took the left path and ran for 300 meters when she noticed a pair of shoes in the grass by the street. Someone was hiding there, exposing his boots.

    Qianmo felt her heart tightening. She suddenly had a picture of him lying in the grass, covered in blood. At the thought of it, she instantly ran towards that direction.