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Chapter 14

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 14: Thank You Anyway

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    Qianmo hurriedly ran up the path that led to the middle section of the city where most migrants lived. The sanitary condition was actually quite poor here.

    The weed in the surroundings had grown to half a meter tall. In the days of summer, the grass and the woods were flourishing so densely that it was impossible to tell what was hidden inside.

    Qianmo ran up and let out a sigh of relief when she caught sight of the legs exposed outside the grass.

    It was not him.

    He was dressed in a casual outfit and had a pair of much longer legs.

    Qianmo squatted down and was about to check who was lying in the grass when suddenly, some noise arose behind her back.

    “You nosy man, I will ahhhhh!”

    Qianmo looked into the direction of the sound and found a sunken place in the ground below the grass. The terrain was relatively low, and it was also covered by the bushes around. Had it not been for the voice, no one would have noticed that spot.

    Qianmo brushed away the grass, bent down, and looked in that direction.

    There was a water pit over there, but the water was now dried up. The concave spot had already cracked and was filled with rubbish.

    The motorbike was off next to that location, and a man was lying there. He was the one who cursed a minute ago, and now, he was pleading helplessly.

    That man was currently under Yu Changmo’s foot. Qianmo’s heart gripped, and she understood at once.

    He caught up with them and pushed one of them off the motorbike, namely the one lying in the grass at the moment.

    Then he ran after the driver and also kicked him off. Judging from the way the motorbike was lying, Qianmo suspected that he had attacked from the back, gripped the man on the passenger’s seat, and then…

    Qianmo took a look around and discovered a broken wine bottle next to the motorbike.

    According to the primary judgment, Yu Changmo must have dragged one of them down, picked up a bottle of wine from the dirt, and hit the driver who had tried to take the smaller path. Later, he used only one trick to finish the passenger and jumped off the ground to deal with the person who had been hit by the wine bottle.

    Excellent. He was able to finish two robbers who had a vehicle within such a short period.

    Yu Changmo kicked the man, searched him all over, and found Qianmo’s cell phone. Just then, he felt something weird coming above his head. He looked up and saw her face right next to his.

    Yu Changmo stiffened again.

    “Watch out!” Qianmo saw the man behind him rising to his feet with the wine bottle in his hand. He was about to attack him on the sly.

    Without even turning his head back, Yu Changmo gracefully gave a backward kick, hitting that man right on the spot.

    Qianmo’s heart beat fast when she saw the performance of this man.

    Was he really the Yu Changmo she knew?

    The Yu Changmo who had never beaten her in the ball game?

    In her previous life, the two of them often went for golf or tennis. But as far as Qianmo remembered, as long as they were in a game with each other, he had never won the match. As a result, Qianmo always teased him by saying that his muscles were all for a show and that he had no genes for sports. His hulk-like body was just a front.

    He never objected to her teasing, except on one occasion when he timidly revealed that he had been with a special department.

    Before he lost three more games.

    That was why Qianmo couldn’t help but consider him as one of the clerks…

    But today, she witnessed everything. He was not bragging about his history, and he was definitely not one of the clerks.

    With one foot on the man and one hand holding her cell phone, Yu Changmo made a call. Qianmo thought that he was calling the police when she heard a ringtone coming out of the overcoat in her arms.

    Oh, he was making a call to himself? Was he trying to get her number?

    Also, why was this ringtone the same as hers? Even the sound quality was identical. Could this be a similar-style ringtone for a similar-style cell phone?

    Yu Changmo tossed the cell phone back to her expressionlessly.

    “Call the police.”


    Chen Baichuan was holding his beautiful chubby girl in his arms and taking a sip from the goblet when the police station called and said that his daughter was there. He got startled and suddenly got half sober at once.

    Without a moment of waiting, he and Mianmian rushed towards the police station.

    By this moment, Qianmo had finished the testimony recording and walked out of the police station with Yu Changmo, one after the other. As the two stood on the staircase, one was holding the arms in silence, and the other was staring straightforward like an upright man.w

    That was an awkward atmosphere.

    The policeman who had just recorded the testimony for Qianmo came after her and smiled brightly.

    “Junior Sister!”

    It was discovered during the recording process that the policeman was attending the same school as Qianmo. Therefore, it was not weird to call her Junior Sister.

    Qianmo showed him a polite smile, dazzling the senior brother who had just finished school and started to work.

    She was the goddess of the campus. He had a good feeling towards her during the process of recording. So when the official business was over, he came out and started some chit chat.

    “Sorry to have troubled you, Senior Brother.”

    The senior brother scratched his hand. “Where do you live? Maybe I can give you a lift? I am going to need to check the household registration of compounds too.”

    “You don’t go the same route.” Yu Changmo stopped looking straightforward. Instead, he showed fierceness to anyone apart from her.

    This senior brother had immersed himself in the charm of the goddess of campus a minute ago when he suddenly fell into an icy dungeon. Where was the chill coming from?

    He looked up and caught sight of Yu Changmo’s black eyes. Then he took a couple of steps backward, shrank his shoulders, and made Qianmo amused.

    He looked very much like a weak guy who had entered a tremendously dangerous territory occupied by a powerful man, where both of them showcased their personalities, and the weakling backed off.

    “How did you… you know that we do not go the same way?” The senior brother asked him with his squeezed dignity since he didn’t want to lose face in front of the goddess while being intimidated by Yu Changmo.

    Without saying a word, Yu Changmo had his chin slightly raised and legs slightly apart. His legs were pointing at Qianmo involuntarily as if someone else were trying to invade his territory.

    “We came here together. Thanks, Senior Brother.” Qianmo couldn’t tolerate that someone was being scared by that man like that, so she stepped up to resolve the situation. The senior brother looked stricken, mumbled, and turned away.

    Qianmo pretended not to have heard those words, and Yu Changmo’s ears reddened.

    “Seems like the most beautiful policewoman has not yet paired up with anyone, but the good-looking guy takes the first step…”

    Well, all of a sudden, this creamy little guy was no longer that annoying. Yu Changmo fell into contemplation as he looked at the direction where the policeman was standing.

    “Thank you for what you did for me today.” Qianmo returned the coat to him. They were doing the testimony just now, and she had his coat in her arms all the time.

    “Sure.” He still looked straight ahead as he took over the coat and put it on.

    Did he hate her so much? When Qianmo met him, she was feeling very guilty. She was always reminded of how she had dumped her. However, she got slightly displeased when she found him not looking at her.

    “Am I so ugly?”

    “Ehh… no!” He turned his head to her, gave her a glance, and moved away instantly.

    You were so good-looking that you drove me mad. That’s why I couldn’t stand staring at you!

    “I had wanted to treat you to coffee to show my gratitude. But it seems that you hate me very much, then… forget it. Anyway, thank you.”

    After hearing what Qianmo said and seeing her turn around, Yu Changmo felt his heart dropping from the sky high above him through his pants and smashing against the ground, shattering into pieces within a few seconds.