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Chapter 15

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 15: Something Hit Him

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    Was it the kind of coffee that was blended with her scent, so that the two could sit face to face in a melodic environment where she was within a short distance from him?!

    That was a scene Yu Changmo had simulated inside his brain for more than ten times. Every time he passed by the newly-opened café, he would stop and take a look inside, assuming that one day he could ask her out over a cup of coffee over there.

    But all was gone now…

    Qianmo took a few steps and felt a chill attacking her back. She turned around, only to see the guy standing on the same spot with his head lowered in the very dark ambiance.

    She stopped and thought for a few seconds.

    She was not an impulsive person, and she had excellent self-control. How come she got hot-headed at the sight of him?

    They had a connection in her previous life, and she owed him right now in the present one. He was her savior after all, and she should not have walked away in this manner. What’s more, although she had not yet thought about how to get on with him in the future, she was still unable to forget whatever he had done for her.

    But why was he so different in the present life compared to the past? She had almost turned thirty when they first met in her previous life. Could it be possible that she was very hideous to look at currently?

    She had walked away, seemingly pissed. That struck hard upon Yu Changmo, who considered it the worst day of his life.

    Qianmo was also thinking at a place five meters away from him. She then coincidentally turned around at the same time as he looked up. At this very moment, she noticed the expression on his face, one that changed this man’s tragic and pathetic history of love.

    His eyes, which had been dead and unhappy, brightened up within this short period of seconds. His lips also arched when he raised his head and saw her in front of him.

    This was a microexpression that could not possibly have been noticed by anyone who was not an expert in this area. Luckily, Qianmo was one of them.

    The microexpression that happened within such a short distance must have been the real emotion revealed from the innermost of the person’s heart. He was happy, and she was the one that made him so.

    It made her lips slightly curve as well, such that half of the unknown anger instantly disappeared.

    Qianmo was just pondering about how to break the ice when she saw him throwing himself at her. He had her in his arms, and before she could think, he turned himself around and kept her in his embrace. What she could hear was a strange sound as if something had ripped through the wind, followed by a slight shiver by the man that clasped her in his bosom.

    Two seconds had gone by when Qianmo realized that something had fallen and hit him.

    “Are you alright?” Yu Changmo asked with hands over his arm.

    Qianmo shook her head. “Let me check your arm first!”

    Had he not rushed to her side to keep her protected, Qianmo would have been hit. Judging from the location, it was more probable that the thing would have smacked her head and knocked her out.

    Yu Changmo had his hand over the arm that ached so much that it went numb. “No, no need to check it.”

    Qianmo had his hand in hers and sensed that it felt stiff. It must have hurt tremendously.

    Actually, even if it didn’t hurt, he would still turn rigid when being touched. The thing was that she just had no idea about it.

    “Can it move?” Nothing could be seen when he had the clothes on, so Qianmo only asked discreetly, not daring to touch it.

    “It is okay.”

    Seeing that he was only playing tough as the cold sweat gushed out of his forehead, her face sunk, and she sounded even more intimidating.

    “Move your hand. Right Now. Can it move?”


    It seemed that it turned out to be much worse.

    Qianmo lifted her head. She was looking for a taxi to take him to the hospital when she saw a Santana driving towards her, stopping by the side. She saw her father coming out of the passenger seat and bellowing in this direction as soon as he got off the car.

    “You bastard, get your hands off her!”

    Chen Baichuan had seen everything clearly! This bastard dared to take hold of his daughter? Although he looked completely different from the scumbag Lin Xiang, it didn’t mean that a taller and more handsome man was allowed to take his little girl into his arms!

    After Chen Baichuan received the call, he immediately came over in Mu Mianmian’s car. Before he got to know why his daughter ended up being in the police station, he had noticed the stinky bastard trying to take advantage of her in public. He burst out in fury as he was a bit drunk too.

    “Calm down, Dad!” Qianmo wanted to defend him, yet he took a quicker action. He had her into his arms directly, which was soft and fragrant. He was the first one that made a move, and she had nothing to do with it!

    Chen Baichuan found this bastard so rampant that he got increasingly furious. Then he saw the fallen object on the ground and turned completely red when he understood what it was.

    It was a black bag that held several heavy things inside, and one of them was apparently something… something, you know!

    That was something available in the country, but most of the people with a traditional mind would not dare to buy those things at all. Any buyers would keep their head lowered when they entered the store that sold the thing, but today, Chen Baichuan saw the real deal!

    Qianmo and Yu Changmo followed Chen Baichuan’s line of sight. What an awkward situation!

    It was a heavy bag full of those things that hit Yu Changmo… well, the bag was opened and exposed when it landed.

    He must have been the only one in a hundred years that had been hit by a bag full of those things.

    Chen Baichuan stomped on his feet, making the bag fall off and the items inside running out.

    Chen Baichuan’s wrinkled face turned green when he caught sight of the objects.

    He took a look at Yu Changmo, then at his daughter, and then at the bag. He had turned entirely sober by now.

    “What is going on? Who is this man, Qianmo? What are you guys doing? Oh, what is it on the floor?” Mu Mianmian had just parked the car and joined them. She was an innocent woman who had never seen these objects before. She was about to take a look at them when the furious Chen Baichuan took hold of her.

    Qianmo wished so much that she knew nothing, nothing at all…

    She envied her aunt so much. She was the happiest woman on earth to be oblivious. Qianmo tried hard to keep a straight face and pretended to stay innocent as if she was also ignorant.

    It was already a very embarrassing matter for an object like that to fall. What remained in the bag must simply be beyond description.

    What a memory it would be to be hit by that thing.

    “What are those things? Oh my god, look at that on the floor!” Mu Mianmian first screamed, then her flesh shook. It was simply way too much for an ordinary person to accept the scene.

    That was like forcing Mianmian, who had been a complete newbie to become an expert within a second. With redness on the face, she felt as if being choked as she pointed at the objects on the ground…!!

    “Bastard, I will kill you!” Chen Baichuan rushed towards them as he rolled up his sleeves.

    In his heart, he had thought of everything that could possibly happen in a TV-series.

    This scumbag had… done whatever it was to his pure daughter with these gadgets! No wonder the police had called home.

    He would never be a man if he didn’t take revenge this time. Chen Baichuan dashed towards Yu Changmo, raised his feet, and started to kick him.