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Chapter 16

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 16: She Killed Anyone Who Hurt Him

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    Yu Changmo couldn’t get himself out of the situation no matter how he tried to explain.

    He had created a terrible image in front of the girl’s father, with the bag of dramatic things lying on the floor. What’s more, he had her hands in his.

    He was now viewed as a total bastard and a shameless man. He would have been buried alive if he had been born decades earlier as a wicked guy who bullied someone’s only daughter.

    Chen Baichuan lunged at Yu Changmo in full force and raised his leg to kick him.

    With Qianmo in his arms, Yu Changmo dodged him flexibly. He found that he had just gotten a problem with his arm, so he couldn’t release her under these circumstances.

    Watching her aged father trying to pick a fight with this muscular man, who had a height of 185 cm, Qianmo was worried that he would hurt his back if he continued to curse and hit him like a primary school kid.

    Chen Baichuan failed to strike his target several times. No matter how hard his daughter tried to calm him down and how the guy strived to explain to him, he heard nothing.

    He was all for that.

    Chen Baichuan had just raised his leg and was about to give this shameless guy in front of him a kick of father’s anger when he heard the pants of his suit ripping open.

    The time seemed to have ceased in that instant…

    By now, Yu Changmo had released Qianmo, who was standing right behind her father. She saw the specially-made suit of his for her wedding tearing all the way from the back to the root of the thighs, exposing the black underpants he wore inside.

    Here was the scene: a bunch of scattered equipment, the broken destiny from her previous life, and a father who had got his own pants ripped off because he tried too hard to kick someone.

    Qianmo really wished that she could be turned into a breeze that brushed past the twigs, one that was flying away with the white clouds. After all, there was never a worse and more chaotic moment like right now.


    Qianmo looked profound when they stepped back into the police station.

    Mu Mianmian was blushing, stumbling, and gesturing to the policeman who her father was sitting next to. With hands over the hair, he kept his head lowered, repenting for the wrong man he had tried to hit.

    The senior brothers who had recorded the testimony for Qianmo were all engaged in listening to the entire process as if it had been a fairy tale story.

    “So… you mean, there was a bag of…” Senior Brother threw a look at the exhibits on the table. How was he supposed to describe those things?

    “Yes, the bag fell from the sky and hit my niece!” Mu Mianmian had turned tomato-red in the face. She would definitely need to kowtow to some deities when she got home.

    How unlucky must one be so as to run into such a thing?

    “Not on me, but on my…” Qianmo took a pause and found a proper title for him.

    “My friend.”

    “That man? Is he badly injured?” All the policemen present found the case astounding. They had been in the police station for so long but had never run into such a matter before.

    Objects falling from the sky didn’t happen often. And such items from the sky were… simply indescribable.

    “He got a call and left. Judging from the injury, I am afraid that he might have broken bones or even fractures.”

    After her father’s pants were ripped open, Yu Changmo’s phone happened to ring. He answered a brief “yes” and took off.

    Chen Qianmo guessed that it must have been from his company. Before he left, she stressed to him that he should have his arm scanned. It was not certain whether he had followed her instructions.

    She didn’t have much understanding of his company. What she knew was that he was swamped with work.

    These thoughts made Qianmo feel even worse.

    She had never expected that the historical trace had been altered on the first day of her rebirth.

    If she remembered it clearly, the scallion-guy was a senior brother two years older than her. In that very year, she had just entered university, and judging from the age difference, he might still be a student at this moment. But this guy looked as if he had graduated and started to work. That didn’t make any sense.

    It was a puzzle, to say the least.

    No matter the case, she was never going to allow him to sacrifice his promising future just to save her. He had been an excellent and mighty Master Mo in her previous life. Therefore, if he was really ruined because of her, she would have owed him big both during the past and present lives. It was a favor created by sexual toys…

    Qianmo stood up when this idea hit her.

    “Senior Brother, it is a grave matter. We must find out who tossed down the objects. Hence, I require a fingerprint examination for the real criminal behind the incident.”

    The policemen showed an expression of awkwardness.

    “Fingerprint examination is not that simple. Normally, unless the objects kill someone, no such procedures would be conducted to solve the case. It is expensive, and we hardly get approval. Also, even if the superiors pass the application, the fingerprints might not be extracted that easily from every object. It is challenging to find the responsible guy when there are 32 floors in one single building.”

    The Senior Brother sighed simultaneously with his partner.

    They were not worried about the trouble, yet the actual situation was different than what TV series usually showed. When the fund was limited, they would have to turn off their heart of favor considering the procedure and the regulations…

    “Since he was trying to save you, we can pay for the medical bills.” Father Chen covered his pants up and said rationally.

    Considering that the man was not a hooligan but a savior who had saved his daughter, Father Chen was willing to be responsible for the treatment, however much it might cost.

    The two policemen let out a sigh of relief. That was for the best.

    The related laws for objects falling from the sky were not complete, and there were some similar cases in the past that cost both time and energy. The court had managed to pass the verdict, but the payment was hardly gained even after many years.

    It was almost impossible to solve this incident. There were too many people in the building, and it was not possible to check every room. If the culprit was not discovered, and the procedure of pressing charges became complicated, the case often could not stand out. Usually, the fees for the prosecution were almost the same as that of the treatment.

    Qianmo, however, disagreed with her father.

    “We must find out the truth, and I must know who it is that hurt my… my friend.”

    The Senior Brother was put into a dilemma. “Junior Sister, it is not an easy thing to find out…”

    Qianmo sneered.

    “Are you under the impression that I am making a big fuss? Are you thinking that as long as no one is dead, the entire matter could simply be dropped? Let me tell you, that’s impossible! For you guys, it might not be a big deal if no one is killed, but for me, he can’t even tolerate a small injury. He has a yearly salary of 8 figures, and do you know how much money it costs to bring someone up like this? If he is hurt because of this matter, what about his staff? How many families would be involved?”

    Qianmo was a little unsure. He had been a very successful man in her previous life, but he was still so young at this moment, so maybe he really was just a small clerk. Anyway, bragging had to be the first step.

    The two senior brothers got so moved by her that they had tears in their eyes. It was indeed a wonderful thing that a girl could fight for her beloved one, yet…

    The regulations and the system didn’t back off because she was inspiring. They were just small policemen with limited rights.

    “Senior Brothers, I have a method that doesn’t require you to spend money or request for approval. What you need is to work with me. I can do the technical part and solve the case within one day.”

    She wouldn’t back off when it came to Yu Changmo.

    “You do the technical part?”

    Qianmo was calm. “Get your leader here, and I will have a talk with him. We must fight for the positive and never let the objects from the sky take us over! Let’s just set one example for all the others.”

    Anyone who dared to touch her man… her savior, she would kill him, definitely.