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Chapter 17

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 17: Every Penny

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    On the way back home, Chen Baichuan had been thinking about the peculiar incident of objects from the sky.

    “Mo, you said that you could find the killer within one day and that you will help with the investigation. What makes you so certain?”

    Chen Baichuan elbowed her when he found her absent-minded and distracted state with the phone in her hands.

    “Nothing.” Qianmo got back to herself and threw a look at the cell phone subconsciously.

    He had not sent any message to her. She had also tried calling him when they came out of the police station, but the phone was off.

    She was wondering how seriously he had been injured.

    “Where is your mind running off to?” Chen Baichuan had no idea what Qianmo was thinking about. The only thing he noticed was that his daughter was not that happy.

    “Nothing. I am just pondering about the case.”

    Qianmo had come to a compromise with the police station. She had no qualifications as a policewoman, so she should not have the right to be involved with the investigation. But it was not a criminal case, and she was such an observant negotiator that she finally gained the permission of one day’s investigation from the leader.

    “You are merely a student, so they would not agree to follow your instructions. Did it have anything to do with secrets or something…” Even a rough man like Chen Baichuan knew something.

    The daughter and the leader talked for only five minutes before the leader came out. How on earth did she do that?

    “God helps those who help themselves.” She was definitely not going to allow him to get hurt without reason.

    “Why are you so concerned about a stranger? Who is that guy working with? How old is he? What is his family like? How much does he make a month?”

    Chen Baichuan found the entire affair very suspicious. His daughter claimed that she was not his friend, but he could never get the scene where the guy had his daughter in his arms out of his mind.

    Qianmo threw a side glance at him.

    “You can try household investigation. You are definitely good at prying.”

    “Stop switching the topic! Let me tell you, what you need to focus on right now is study, not getting in a love relationship. Yes, that guy does look better than Lin Xiang, and he has saved you too, but you must not give yourself up to him!”

    Mu Mianmian, who was driving the car, almost lost her control on the steering wheel when she heard her brother-in-law speaking an idiom.

    “Dad, stop watching the soap opera; it affects your mind.” Qianmo sounded calm, but she was slightly flushing.

    “Who is the boy working with? What is his family background?”

    Once bitten, twice shy; Chen Baichuan assumed that all men who tried to approach his daughter were terrible.

    Especially the guy who had her in his arms.

    “He is a businessman.” Qianmo was troubled when she heard her father suspecting him.

    “You believe whatever he says? Look at your Uncle Wang next door. He is none other than a sea cucumber keeper, but he keeps bragging himself to be some big boss. That Uncle Wang is not a good man. He is younger than me, and he is a better driver, but he looks so dreadful…”

    “Brother-in-law, didn’t you say that Brother Wang is a good man who helped with the wedding arrangement?” Mu Mianmian interrupted Chen Baichuan.

    Qianmo looked down; she had successfully switched the topic.

    Uncle Wang had indeed been a perfect neighbor in her father’s heart. They often fished and played mahjong together. Nonetheless, ever since Qianmo mentioned setting her aunt up with the divorced Uncle Wang, Chen Baichuan had never thought of him as a good man.

    “Mianmian, don’t judge people by their looks. Wang has never been a soldier, yet he has a badge on him. By the way, Mo, do you think that is against the law?”

    Qianmo threw a look at her shameless father and exposed him without hesitation.

    “It might not be good for Uncle Wang to be overly obsessed with the military, so you should suggest him against wearing the badge. However, Dad, I do think that you are definitely shameless to have given your rival a kick.”

    Chen Baichuan blushed. He had perceived that his daughter had turned bad and always talked in a piercing way. Whatever she said would hit right on the spot.

    “You better continue with your studies and leave us alone. Oh, by the way, when will you return to school?” Chen Baichuan asked.

    Qianmo had wanted to finish school after she was reborn. If the afternoon-incident had not happened so that Yu Changmo got injured, she would have returned to the school tomorrow.

    At present, military training was happening in school. If she could return the following day, she would have gone back before the holiday ended, totally out of the risk of being expelled. But she couldn’t do that now.

    Qianmo threw a look at the silent phone. He still had not messaged her.

    If he really had a fracture, then…

    Qianmo looked cold. “I will ask for one more day off from school tomorrow.”

    She was not going to return to the school without finding out the bitch that tossed the bag.

    “Do you think that everything will be fine? You’ve been on holiday for so long, and don’t you get expelled!” Chen Baichuan believed the school to be strict. After all, they even refused to accept the expensive wine…

    “I will call the mentor.” Qianmo stood up to make a call.

    Mu Mianmian sneaked to Chen Baichuan and jabbed him as she whispered.

    “Do you think that Mo is very friendly to that stranger?”

    “Mo is responsible, not abandoning anyone who saves her life. Just like me, an excellent individual, indeed.”

    Chen Baichuan found his daughter more and more pleasing to the eye.

    Mu Mianmian was confused. “But she has just started school, and she is no more than a student. What can she do to help him?”

    That was true. Chen Baichuan stopped smiling. It was good for the child to help others, but if she failed to solve the case, he must not leave that “bad guy” with an injured arm alone.

    “Mianmian, how much do we have on the plant account?”

    Chen Baichuan was in the sea cucumber business, and it was a small factory with only a dozen employees.

    “We have less than 20,000 yuan left in the flowing capital after Mo’s wedding.” Mu Mianmian was in charge of the finance.

    Chen Baichuan was startled. “So little?!”

    Mu Mianmian was in charge of money while he was responsible for the plant.

    “We bought the wedding house, the decoration, and gave 100,000 yuan to Lin Xiang and his family.”

    The price of houses had increased. Having spent hundreds of thousands of yuan for his daughter’s wedding, he had obviously very little left now.

    At the beginning of the year, the expansion was conducted to the plant, so the scale was enlarged. A few months later, large amounts of money would arrive when the sea cucumbers grew big and were transported to the market. However, they had very little flowing capital before they got mature.

    “I’m not sure how severe that man is injured and whether the money is enough to treat him. I can move some from relatives.” Chen Baichuan was worried that Mo would fail to find the killer. Besides, he didn’t want to leave that “bad guy” when he got injured to save his daughter.

    Qianmo, who had just asked for one day off, came to them after hanging up the phone. “No loans unless it is absolutely necessary.”

    “So, you don’t want to pay for the medical bill?”

    Qianmo looked up and then outside the window, appearing contemplative.

    “Get the 100,000 yuan from Lin Xiang back.”

    It didn’t matter how much she spent on Yu Changmo, but that scumbag had to spit back whatever he took from her family.

    Chen Baichuan had not expected that she would mention that, so he frowned slightly.

    “That money… sigh!”

    Chen Baichuan was also very troubled by it since he simply had no idea how to force him to give the money back.

    Qianmo was indeed determined.

    “Every penny of it.”