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Chapter 18

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 18: Cause of Death in Previous Life

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    Chen Baichuan was also confused when this money issue was mentioned.

    “I didn’t tell you about giving 100,000 to Lin Xiang. Where did you learn about that?”

    He had already gotten astonished when his daughter talked about getting money back at the wedding.

    The main reason why Qianmo was marrying Lin Xiang was that she had wanted to annoy her father. She cried, made a scene, and even threatened to kill herself just to marry and rebel against Chen Baichuan, who failed to prevent her and got extremely furious.

    Logically speaking, if he was against the wedding, he should not have given Lin Xiang the money.

    One day, Chen Baichuan was drinking tea at a place when he heard someone next door crying out for the approval of usury.

    Father Chen’s attention was drawn when he found the voice resembling Lin Xiang’s.

    And he got moved by what he had heard.

    Lin Xiang swore to the loan-shark while kneeling on the ground that he was definitely going to give Qianmo a bright future. The thing was that he had laid eyes upon a project, and he needed investment, which was something he didn’t have. But he was definitely going to fight hard even if it meant that he had to get usury, only because he was so deeply in love with Qianmo.

    The loan-shark said that he could borrow money from his father-in-law since he was so rich!

    Lin Xiang acted like a dignified guy and claimed that he could not borrow money from Father Chen. He wanted to prove to him that he was a real man who was worthy of the excellent Qianmo.

    Sitting next door, Chen Baichuan “accidentally” heard the conversation and was moved.

    “Did he also say that he would make me happy even if it meant that he would need to sell a kidney. And then the loan-shark kept hitting him while he kept shouting that he was in love with Chen Qianmo. Next, you rushed in, brought him back, wrote him a check, and helped him start a business?”

    That was what Father Chen told Qianmo before he passed away in her previous life.

    Chen Baichuan looked extremely surprised as if asking how on earth she got to know all of these.

    “Dad, Lin Xiang set up a trap for us to fall in.”

    He and the loan-shark were in it together, and they purposefully chose to make the scene in the teahouse which Chen Baichuan often visited.

    “That goddamned bastard! I will get someone to kill him!”

    Father Chen got so annoyed that his nose flared. He was almost unable to breathe when Mu Mianmian instantly stuffed some pills into his mouth to make him steady again.

    “This Lin Xiang is simply inhuman! That is 100,000 yuan! How many sea cucumbers do we have to sell to get this much money!?”

    Mu Mianmian also found the loss of this amount of money unbearable, giving her so much pain.

    Family Chen looked wealthy because the breeding of sea cucumbers was a risky business with enormous profits. However, Chen Family was not as glorious as others thought.

    Chen Baichuan gave the check of 100,000 yuan to Lin Xiang since he wanted him to take good care of his daughter. At the same time, though, he was worried that Qianmo would object to the idea, so he kept it from her.

    Unexpectedly, however, he had been so vicious as to set up a trap to trick him!

    “I will get someone to break that bastard’s legs! I am so annoyed, so annoyed…” Chen Baichuan almost couldn’t breathe.

    “Lin Xiang has committed a crime, but you will too if you break his legs. Fighting evil with evil is not called justice.” Qianmo had witnessed too many similar cases when she was in prison.

    Many of those who were tricked found it impossible to defend themselves. Hence, they ended up resorting to violence. They might have vented their anger, but they had to pay the price too. That was not a fair deal at all.

    “Qianmo is going to be a policewoman in the future, so you must not create a bad record for her! Mo, how did you know all of these?” Mu Mianmian asked.

    Qianmo certainly wouldn’t say that she had experienced a rebirth. Still, it was not so difficult to find an excuse on her part.

    “I overheard it from Lin Xiang. I did have feelings for him before, but after hearing those things, I found the family dubious. So I did some snooping around and found that he has physical problems! That led to what happened today. I didn’t discuss these with you guys because Lin Xiang had bad-mouthed you a great deal, and he was pretty convincing too.”

    That was quite a credible speech, making Chen Baichuan believe her.

    He got so furious that his teeth clenched, making jittery sounds. “That bastard is such an asshole. So horrible…”

    He still wanted to break one of his legs. He was the guy that lied to his daughter and swindled him for money!

    “Can we sue him for fraud? That is so irritating! He wants both the girl and the money!” Mu Mianmian was also infuriated.

    “It may not be so easy to sue him if we follow the routine as we need to have many, many pieces of evidence. When dad gave him the money, there were no witnessed, and they didn’t have any “IOU” note. So if he quibbles and says that his father-in-law gave him the money for the wedding, he would probably be asked to return the sum rather than get involved with illegal fraud due to the lack of proof.”

    He came for the sake of money, so of course, he had taken every factor into account. It was tough to get evidence!

    If Lin Xiang took the money and ran away, the suing process would be much simpler. But he didn’t do so after all. Evidence was the most important thing when it came to court, but Chen Family had none, and apparently, they were in an unfavorable position.

    “If he can return the money, it is okay too.” What Mianmian wanted was to get the sum back for her brother-in-law. He had to stand in the water for the sea cucumbers every day, and money didn’t come so easily.

    “The court would make him return it, but his mother would not give in. Instead, she would make a scene in front of the judge by saying that they are in the disadvantageous group and that they only have lives to offer rather than money. According to the old cases, they would be asked to give much less.”

    “The disadvantageous group” worked very well in the economic conflict cases.

    During the past two years, there had been some similar cases in the village of Q City, where the bride got the bridegroom’s wedding money and then ran away with someone else instead. When they eventually came to court, the bride would shed tears and claim that she was in the disadvantageous group when the court sentenced the full-repayment. As a result, only part of the payment would be given back.

    Suing him for fraud was difficult, even though everyone understood that it was a fraud for marriage.

    “If that is the case, let’s just get back as much as we can. It is better than nothing.” Mu Mianmian was distressed, and Chen Baichuan was also silent. He was still thinking about how to punish that bastard, like breaking one of his legs, etc.

    “I will think of a way to have every penny back.” Qianmo had already gotten an idea.

    It was not a fun experience for her to be a queen of business after she went out of prison in her previous life. She had been used to all kinds of lies, ploys, conspiracies, and cunning talks. Lin Xiang was just an insignificant figure who had a tiny trick that was not even worth mentioning.

    She could even find a way to get Lin Xiang into prison, but that was not something she would do at the moment.

    She knew pretty well how much further Lin Xiang could go. If Qianmo and her father had not had fights with each other in her previous life, he would never have been able to touch her. Although he was ambitious, he did not have the ability to back it up. His intelligence was hardly enough to make such a huge scheme, so there must be a mastermind controlling everything.

    Qianmo of previous life had discovered that Mu Feifei and Lin Xiang were in the fraud together. But judging from the battle she had with Lin Xiang after she went out of the prison, she found that the situation was definitely much more complicated.

    By that time, Mu Feifei had already died. Besides, the reason why the scumbag was able to keep on fighting against her for a while until he finally met the tremendous failure in the end due to the combined forces of Yu Changmo and Chen Qianmo was that, as she suspected, he must have someone assisting him. It was also likely that the man behind all of these was the one that killed her in the previous life.

    Therefore, she was not in a hurry to get the scumbag into prison. She was going to follow the clues and find out the man behind him and Mu Feifei.