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Chapter 19

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 19: Intolerant

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    She was not in a hurry to send Lin Xiang behind bars. Qianmo planned to get the money back and then follow the clues to find the man behind the scenes. So she came up with an idea about how to make him spit it out.

    After Chen Baichuan heard what Qianmo said, he stared at her with a weird look. Was she really his daughter? That was just a… brilliant plan!

    “Dad, what are you staring at!”

    Chen Baichuan swallowed his saliva. “What about… not attending the police station but getting a business management degree to help me with business? I find that you take after me for being good at dealing.”

    Why hadn’t he noticed that she was such an outstanding girl before? She had become a woman who had a new idea every second. The trap she set up was way too excellent.

    That was definitely much more effective than his idea of breaking that man’s legs!

    “Making money is not so much fun. When you have enough riches, it would just be a sense of achievement with overlapping figures.” She had made so much wealth in her previous life; however, she had not been happy.

    Qianmo was speaking out of her heart, but her father assumed that she was kidding. Thinking about it, he was amused.

    “What an arrogant little girl.”

    Mu Mianmian laughed too. “That is where she takes after you too.”

    Chen Baichuan was not convinced—was he an arrogant man?

    “Dad, were you thinking about punishing that bastard just now?” Qianmo exposed her father, ruthlessly.

    They were indeed father and daughter. She had behaved like her father in the previous life, who dealt with everything with violence. Actually, making someone suffer physically was not as good as making him suffer mentally. It had been her teacher who had taught her how to use these advanced skills.

    She was no longer the old Qianmo any more.

    Chen Baichuan couldn’t laugh when his little secret was revealed. His daughter had really become… so mature!


    In a starry night of summer, Qianmo was meditating on her small bed.

    That was a habit she formed when she was in prison. It looked very much like meditation in yoga, yet it was slightly different. She was practicing qigong.

    That was also taught by her teacher. It was a way for her to repress the complicated mind and help the brain to produce gamma waves, reaching a state of quietness.

    Therefore, it was quite similar to meditation in Buddhism. When a person was in this state, he could enter the subconsciousness quickly. Qigong helped a great deal in psychology.

    After Qianmo of previous life entered prison, she had no hope of living on. She had lost her family, her father, had been set up by her vicious mother, and driven to the corner by the scumbag man. Hence, it was not meaningful for her to continue that miserable life. Qianmo was overly dispirited in prison and lost the confidence of surviving because of depression. She refused to eat or drink, just waiting to drop dead at any moment.

    That was when her teacher, Chen Meng, appeared. She carried out a dredging treatment for Qianmo as a specially-hired psychologist and brought her back from the edge of despair.

    Apart from helping Qianmo with treatment, Chen Meng also took her in as a disciple. She taught her psychology and diplomacy, as well as the philosophy of being a woman.

    Qianmo not only finished her courses but even acquired the certificate of a counselor. She gradually became a mature woman with her own beliefs from a girl that was as impulsive as her father.

    Her teacher was not one of the employees, thus not being able to work continuously in prison. She called and wrote letters to Qianmo regularly, helping her with her studies. Meditation was one of the things she taught her to calm herself down.

    What she said was: “Every year, there are some psychology students who would kill themselves by jumping off the building. Be sure to solve your own problems before trying to solve others’. And meditation is the most suitable way to achieve that.”

    Her teacher was one of the significant reasons that Qianmo walked out of her dark times. She was just like her parents that saved her life. Therefore, one of the reasons why she decided to resume her studies at school after she was reborn was because she wanted to find her teacher and fulfill the promise made between a teacher and a disciple in the previous life.

    The first thing Qianmo of previous life did after she came out of prison was to find her teacher. However, she completely vanished like a puff of smoke and didn’t even reply to her messages.

    Not until the day when she saw her on TV did she realize that this teacher, who looked like 20 and was actually at the age of 40, was a prestigious, influential psychologist.

    Her teacher Chen Meng was the highest authority in criminology in the country. Qianmo was very confused about why such a respected personality would hide her identity and come to help her, who was nothing more than a prisoner.

    She sent an email to her teacher, asking her why she had been so nice to her back then.

    However, her teacher of previous life had never given her an answer to the question.

    Qianmo opened her eyes after finishing her meditation. She looked determined when she saw the school uniform next to her.

    She had sorted out several clues.

    Qianmo was going to carry out her plan of getting her father’s money back from Lin Xiang, setting a trap for her mother Mu Feifei, and trying to lead Lin Xiang on so that he could bring out the man behind the conspiracy. Most importantly, she must find out the person who had hurt Yu Changmo by tossing things from the building.

    She had asked for one day off from her mentor. Judging from her efficiency, she would have enough time.

    Qianmo could solve the case in the morning, lay a trap for the scumbag in the afternoon, and return to school before evening.

    She was definitely going to study hard when she went back so as to become an excellent professional in the industry and to meet her teacher.

    There was too much revenge she had to take, and there were also many good deeds she had to pay back. However, she was capable enough to get everything done without a hitch.

    What Qianmo didn’t know was that destiny had brought all of these seemingly discrete clues together. Every character who seemed so unrelated to each other was actually well connected.

    Family Chen’s two-floor house was located in the busiest zone of the city—the city center—and was bought a few years ago at a relatively low price. It was a symbol of identity and value. Anyone who was able to live in the compound was someone with relatively great wealth.

    If this compound represented the middle-class families of the city, then another compound, which was five minutes away from Family Chen, embodied the lower class.

    That was a building constructed in the 90s, old and barely decorated with broken red bricks. The compound was dirty, chaotic, and terrible-conditioned. Although it was slightly better than the middle village, few locals lived here. Most of them were migrants from other places.

    Somewhere in the building, a two-bedroom apartment housed two families, one of which was covering her five-year-old son’s ears up in a fury.


    The sealed door plank let the exaggerated moans of the tenants leak through. Obviously, the old houses were not sound-proof at all.

    The woman glared at the door, desiring to kill the noisy neighbor.

    The little boy whose ears were covered looked innocent. He could still hear the noise even with his mother’s hands over his ears.

    “Mom, why is the uncle next door crying ‘ahh, no, please’?”

    The innocent child just couldn’t mimic the horny sound of that tenant, but when the mother heard her son imitating the noise next door, she turned crimson instantly.

    She patted the son’s head. “Why are you copying that bitchy fellow for? Go to sleep now!”

    That guy next door was simply shameless. He continued to moan loudly, making this blushing woman annoyed.

    Yes, a man was moaning!!!

    It was utterly intolerant that a man was making such moaning sounds. The woman had her child’s ears covered as large drops of tears fell upon the pillow.