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Chapter 20

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 20: Excellent

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    The woman got so irritated by the audacious voice of this neighbor.

    What a difficult life it had been for a single mother: she had no money to rent a better apartment alone, so she had to share one with a weird roommate that made such indescribable noise!

    That moaning man next door didn’t often visit here, just once a week. When this single mother was checking out the apartment back then, she decided to take this one because that roommate looked honest.

    Unexpectedly, however…

    That man would bring one lady home every now and then, and when the door was shut, they would start to cry, moan, and shout!

    That woman he brought home this time was apparently much older than he was. What was going on in this world?

    That single mother shed tears and then decided to search for a new apartment the following day. She cursed at the moaning man next door and found the society entirely immoral!

    The noise next door eventually stopped. The single mother released the hands over her son’s ears and heard the door open. The man had come out for a phone call.

    “Mom, this is Xiang. Oh yes, I am meeting a colleague tonight for some business. I will go to Chen Qianmo later. Don’t worry, I will make sure she stays.”

    It was none other than Lin Xiang in the opposite room!

    With the cell phone he bought from the money Father Chen gave to him, he sat on the sofa of the rented room in his underpants and lit a cigarette.

    Mu Feifei was sitting in a fascinating way next to him.

    Lin Xiang was on the phone with his mother when Mu Feifei tossed an object over to him. He hung up the call and started to fawn over her.

    “Sister Mu, I really can’t bear to leave you at the moment.” Lin Xiang licked the corner of his lips, showing a very perverted smile.

    Usually, that was a thing for women, and sometimes for men too. However, someone like Lin Xiang…

    Mu Feifei behaved like an enchanting lady, yet she also looked somewhat disdainful.

    This useless bastard couldn’t do a thing. She would not have spared a look at him had Lin Xiang not been useful.

    “You must get the little girl Chen Qianmo back.”

    Mu Feifei leaned forward and lit a cigarette. Lin Xiang went out to the toilet in loose clothes, and the single mother, who came for the same purpose, ran into him at the only public bathroom in the rented apartment. When she caught sight of the immoral Lin Xiang, her eyes widened as she blushed.

    Then she noticed Mu Feifei, who was smoking on the sofa, and found that she was also in loose clothes.

    Mu Feifei was nothing like the pretentious, kind mother when she met Qianmo. She looked so captivating as if she were a foxy lady. She was fascinated by controlling others’ emotions, so when she saw the neighbor being dumbfounded, Mu Feifei stood up with a smile, cuddled Lin Xiang with arms over his neck, and then exhaled the puff into his mouth. He took it in and then blew it out again.

    That decadent scene scared the single mother who was an average and upright woman. She rushed back to her room and gave up on the toilet visit. The moment she shut the door, she also heard that disgusting couple laughing loudly.

    After the brief episode, Mu Feifei asked Lin Xiang, “What did your mother say to you?”

    “She asked me not to let go of your daughter. What do you think about me begging her for forgiveness and getting back together? Will she agree?” Lin Xiang had been totally humiliated in front of the villagers today, so he hated Qianmo to the bones. However, for the sake of money, he had to tolerate it all. He planned to visit Qianmo tomorrow.

    “Of course, she won’t. Qianmo seems a bit different.” Mu Feifei’s smiling face sunk. She was reminded of the Tarot Qianmo shuffled in front of her today.

    “What if she doesn’t comply? I need money, so do you!”

    “Don’t worry, I have a better idea. I want to ruin her reputation, creating an opportunity you can take advantage of…”

    “Ruining her reputation?” Lin Xiang was confounded.

    Mu Feifei threw a look at the room where the single mother lived next door. “Who is your neighbor? Is it safe to talk here?”

    “No worries; she is a migrant worker, a divorced single mother. Let’s go back to my place. It is too moist here.” Lin Xiang and Mu Feifei entered the room. They weren’t talking in a loud voice, but it was still quite clear. Still, they were both confident that the lady next door was nothing more than a migrant worker, so they decided to close the door and talk about the plan.

    “Sister Mu, why do you want to ruin your daughter’s reputation?”

    Mu Feifei threw a look at him. “Are you so stupid to realize that you two do not belong to the same class? She is the only daughter of a factory owner, a local resident of Q City. Her father has many houses, and she will be the owner of an entire plant in the future. Also, she is pretty and the top student of police school. What about you?”

    Lin Xiang felt his self-esteem taking a hit. He said, “I also have a university degree, and I…”

    “You only have one ball! You have no money, no balls, and no morality. Even in the bed, you are the one beneath someone else. Do you think that she will be so stupid as to choose you after she realizes the truth?”

    Lin Xiang had no words to talk back after being humiliated. With two fists clenched, he glared at this fortune-teller in front of him, one that he had to bend down to at the moment.

    Mu Feifei was a fortune-teller that was not only able to make Lin Xiang feel useful in the area where he was handicapped but also someone that had a clever brain that was full of schemes.

    “Then, Sister Mu, what do you think I should do?”

    “That is easy. Since you do not belong to the same class, then try to think of a way to make you two belong to one. As she has laid you bare in front of so many people, making everyone aware of your disability, you can also go to her school, report her, and then expose her. These are all the pictures I have taken; bring them to her director.”

    Mu Feifei scooped out a deck of pictures from her leather bag and flung them to the table; they were the snapshots of Lin Xiang and Qianmo’s wedding. Even though they were taken from a distance, it could still be clearly seen that Qianmo was standing on the stage in a white wedding gown.

    “When she asked for leave from school, she claimed that her father was sick, and she needed to take care of him. But she came to marry you instead. If the school leaders were to know what she has done, what do you think they will do?”

    Mu Feifei phrased every word in a sinister way with a charming expression. She was such an excellent fortune-teller who could help him with everything.