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Chapter 21

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 21: Excellent and Single

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    Lin Xiang was fascinated. What brain did she have to think of such a cruel and wicked method?

    “But Qianmo has canceled the wedding with me. If she returns to school tomorrow, the authorities won’t expel her even if I deliver the pictures to them, or will they?”

    Mu Feifei looked fierce. She summoned Lin Xiang with her well-polished nails, causing him to lean forward.

    Mu Feifei whispered something in his ears, making him nod constantly. That was indeed a great idea.

    “Sister Mu, you are way too smart. When Chen Qianmo is expelled by the school, I will show up as a loving and caring man. She will definitely be moved by me. After her reputation is ruined, I’ll be the only one with a shoulder for her to cry on. As soon as I get the properties of Family Chen, I will share 30% with you!”

    Mu Feifei showed a disdainful smile. She wanted more than 30%.

    “But Sister Mu, one thing I don’t understand is what makes you want to ruin her when you are her mother?”

    Lin Xiang admired Mu Feifei’s intelligence, but he was also shocked by the ruthlessness of this woman.

    Even tigers didn’t eat their babies, yet Mu Feifei was much more heartless than them.

    Mu Feifei closed her eyes, took in a puff of the cigarette, and enjoyed herself in the surrounding of smoke.

    “Silly boy, you will know when you are at my age: nothing lasts forever except for money, neither romance nor family. None of them is as reliable as hard cash.”

    Someone else had taught her all of these. Mu Feifei’s eyes blinked when she thought of that man. Only a king could rule the world.

    Lin Xiang nodded. He had learned another lesson today.


    The breakfast at Family Chen was extravagant. With Qianmo staying at home, Mu Mianmian got up early to make preparations. She bought soybean milk and deep-fried bread, and then she boiled wonton and made steamed wraps and buns.

    “Qianmo, why are you not eating? You don’t like them?” Seeing Qianmo sitting there still and staring at the soybean milk, Mu Mianmian asked concernedly, worrying that the girl had lost her appetite.

    “No, something is missing. I’ll get it.”

    Qianmo stood up and entered the kitchen with the soybean milk in hands. Soon, she returned with a bowl, and Mianmian craned her neck for a closer look.

    The bowl of soybean milk in Qianmo’s hands had solidified, with dried small shrimps, diced pickles, dried seaweed, and fried bread on the top. It smelled of sesame oil too.

    What was this thing?! What made the soybean milk become like this? What happened?

    Qianmo scooped one spoonful and delivered it to aunt’s lips. “Want a bite?”

    Mu Mianmian, who had been growing up in the north, had never tried this kind of magical soybean milk before. With lips tightly closed, she refused to take in the scoop.

    Chen Baichuan, who had finished washing himself up, came to them. “What bite?”

    Qianmo passed the spoonful to him. “Salted soybean milk, try it.”

    Most of the soybean milk in the north was sweet, and no one had seen this kind of salted soybean milk in a solidified form with vinegar, soy, and other seasonings.

    Chen Baichuan didn’t want to ruin his daughter’s kindness, so he mustered up all of his fatherly love and took a bite with eyes closed. “Aha?”

    Qianmo took back the bowl and started to eat with another spoon.


    Chen Baichuan chewed while relishing the taste. “Really special. Where did you learn that?”

    Qianmo certainly would not tell him that Yu Changmo taught her this. She had also been fascinated at the first bite.

    “Why would soybean milk harden? That is magical!” Mianmian just couldn’t imagine how a bowl of milk would end up tasting like after so many side ingredients and salt.

    “Soybean milk is colloidal. When the colloid is added with electrolyte, the coagulation is produced, namely halogenation.”

    Although she was not with Yu Changmo in her previous life, many of her living habits had been changed because of him.

    Qianmo was drinking the salted soybean milk as she threw a look at the phone on the table. She couldn’t contact him for an entire night, and she was wondering what was going on with his arms.

    “Mo, didn’t you need to visit the police station today?” Mianmian asked.

    Qianmo nodded.

    “I won’t be home for lunch, so don’t wait for me.”

    She was going to work with the police to investigate the case of the falling objects. Qianmo was going to make use of her expertise in microexpression for the investigation.

    A family was gathered at the table for breakfast in the affiliated apartment building of the institute.

    Yu Changmo, who had returned home because of extra work at midnight, had one of his arms hung, and the other adding different ingredients to the soybean milk. Soon, a bowl of salted soybean milk was completed.

    A young man who looked slightly like him was sitting next to him, toying with his bandaged arm.

    “Little black puppy, your arm is indeed well wrapped.”

    The beautiful mother with apron came and struck hard upon her younger son’s head.

    “No nickname for your brother! Little black, how is your arm?”

    She didn’t allow her younger son to give her older son a nickname, but she herself took over the task.

    As the smartest and most honest man in the family, Yu Changmo had the highest working position at home, and he was used to all kinds of nicknames from his family.

    “Great grandma checked me up. No fractures, just some dislocation. She asked me to take a good rest.”

    His great-grandma was an excellent doctor of Chinese medicine. These injuries were just a small piece of cake.

    “Honey, do you think your son really inherited your brain as a scientist? He is so dumb that he can even be hit by something while walking on the street…”

    After complaining about his son, this beautiful mother kissed her husband on the main seat.

    The third son with a sharp tongue sneered. “Don’t you guys get tired with each other being an old couple?”

    The woman sat straight and scolded him for being an unfilial boy.

    “However, none of you guys have found someone to relieve your dad and me! Aunt Ernuan next door has already gotten a grandson! What is the point of giving birth to so many children when all of you are single!”

    Yu Changmo and his brothers were triplets. He was a moment older than his brother, with one resembling the dad and the other resembling the mom.

    The second brother was in charge of his grandpa’s company, and the third was doing business with the grandmother. There was one eldest daughter who exceeded all of the sons somewhere out on business. The handsome scientist father, as well as the mother who was an influential criminal psychologist, made it so that the entire family was good-looking, intelligent, and outstanding. But the mother as a housewife was not happy at all.

    They were exceptional, but all of them were single. Excellent and single!

    “You two sons, when are you bringing a girl home? Do you know how annoying Aunt Ernuan next door is when she tries to show off her grandson in front of me? Our friendship of many years is going to be overturned if it continues! Uncle Hongjie’s daughter has a boyfriend too! They even showed the boyfriend off by running two laps at our door! Bah!” All of her neighbors had gotten their children’s marital problems solved, but her three children…

    That was what hurt her the most. She took off the apron and cursed at her two bachelor sons.

    This lady looked lovely and capable. She was in her 40s, yet she had a face of 20. But for her children, their mother was still a mid-aged nagging housewife like everyone else, no matter how much she tried to take care of herself.

    Urging her sons to marry had nothing to do with her profession, even if it meant that she was the most powerful woman in criminal psychology in the country.

    The third son kept eating like his father. However, Yu Changmo, who had been steady and calm, looked up and told his mother a tremendously shocking piece of news.