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Chapter 22

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 22: Forge Ahead, You!

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    “Mom, can you take some time and be a visiting professor at the Department of Criminal Psychology at G University?”

    Yu Changmo believed she was definitely going to return to school after the wedding was off.

    He had checked her major and understood that it was precisely what his mother was good at.

    His mother, Chen Meng, was a powerful woman in the field of criminal psychology. If his mother was willing to teach her, she would definitely learn a great deal more knowledge. She was so smart, after all.

    Chen Meng exchanged a look with her husband, and her lips slightly arched. She was not surprised by what her son required of her. She had expected that this little boy was going to put forward the proposal. However, she pretended as if she were confused.

    “I am a busy woman. Also, you know that I am not very suitable to work as a professor. The principal of the school would have to treat me nicely when he sees me. Therefore, with me being there, it would cause everyone a great deal of trouble!”

    The school staff would definitely get very nervous if such a well-known expert suddenly showed up at the campus.

    “There is an excellent girl in the Department of Criminal Psychology. I hope you can pay more attention to her.” She was so outstanding that she was the little, dazzling sunshine in his heart.

    “Oh? How excellent? I won’t go unless you persuade me otherwise.” Since she gave birth to this boy, she could tease him a little.

    “She has superb grades, and she was also the top student at the entrance examination of Q City…”

    “Top student of Q City? So excellent to be taught by me? Then what will she do if she is the top student of the province? That is a lame excuse!” She liked making fun of her second boy, who was the most down-to-earth and honest one at home. The other children were simply too spoiled to be teased.

    “Teach her if you still want a grandson.” She was the mother of his future child. He was never going to marry anyone else apart from her in his life.

    Chen Meng put down the bowl excitedly.

    “Haha, well done, boy! I will take this girl as a disciple because you said what you are supposed to say! How is your relationship? When will you bring Qianmo home to me?”

    Although this little boy had a tight mouth, everyone in the family understood that Yu Changmo had a goddess in his heart called Chen Qianmo.

    Chen Meng got exceedingly excited when she heard what her son had said.

    Her second son was an intelligent boy. But back in the days when she was dealing with a case, she failed the mission and got him kidnapped. Her son was made to do something that didn’t affect him that much, but whenever he ran into Qianmo, the illness flared up.

    She had been feeling very guilty about this, so she paid a great deal of attention to his love life. Chen Meng had thought that this boy would die alone, yet unexpectedly, he started to take the initiative!

    That made her extra pleased as a mother, and she was more than willing to teach the girl face to face. She would even like to impart to her all she had.

    Everyone was waiting and listening to the love story of the second son. Even the master, who was the coldest man in the family, showed an expression of concern.

    That was the biggest news in the family. The third boy even grabbed his cell phone on the sly just to film this exciting moment and send the video to his eldest sister, who was on business.

    The entire family was witnessing this historical scene—the second boy dared to confess his feelings? That was a chance once in a blue moon! After all, his special psychological issue was not even likely to be solved by the most authoritative psychologist in the world.

    “I talked with her and… we hugged!” Yu Changmo was recalling the scene when he was holding the beautiful girl yesterday. He found that his lifetime dream had been fulfilled.

    The third boy got so astonished that he even dropped his cell phone into the bowl of soup. What was that?

    So his brother, who couldn’t even dare to talk with the girl he had a crush on, got to embrace her?

    What Yu Changmo was suffering from was a world-level psychological problem, one that didn’t emerge until he was facing the girl he liked.

    As long as the girl he fancied appeared, he would not be able to express what was in his mind like a normal man. Even his heartbeat would increase as well as other mental responses. Everyone in the family thought that he was going to live a life in this way forever until suddenly, the surprise appeared!

    The third boy hurriedly scooped out his mobile from the soup and asked as he wiped off the water on the surface.

    “You did?”


    The entire family cheered. What a wonderful thing!

    “Bring her to us as soon as possible? Oh honey, where is the bracelet our mother gave to me? A diamond might not be suitable for the first meeting. Actually, the two pink diamonds from our family are also very pretty. I had wanted to give one to your sister and then one to me…”

    “Mom, Where does it leave me, the fighter of the family?” The third boy protested.

    It was a normal thing that men didn’t have a high position at home, but it was still very hurtful when she showed favor to the sister in such a conspicuous way.

    “I can’t argue that the elder sister has a high position in the family, but this guy’s girlfriend is still far-fetched, and you’re already doting on her? …Jesus, how can you know that I will not be the one that brings a girl home first?”

    Chen Meng struck the chopsticks right on her youngest son’s head. “Do you think that your second brother is as playful as you? The girl he lays eyes upon will definitely marry him! Whose traits do you take after being such a playboy? Second Brother, this boy doesn’t take after us at all!”

    She complained about her youngest son every single day.

    “Maybe picked from the dustbin.” The master always took the side of his own wife. It was such an ordinary and natural thing for him to defend his wife on whichever occasion it was.

    “Mom, the school…” Yu Changmo had not yet forgotten the serious issue.

    Chen Meng waved her hands. “I have kept my eyes out for her! I also told the school that as long as Qianmo has the talent, I will definitely teach her everything.”

    The gratified expression she showed towards the second son turned disdainful when she looked at the youngest son who was wiping off the cell phone.

    “When can you learn to be half as steady as your brother? I heard that you took another girl out yesterday? You are such a womanizer that you will never get happiness! Bah, I look down on you!”

    “…I don’t want to be as dumb as my dad and brother to be stuck with only one woman… ah, mom, you are a psychologist, so you are an expert! You mustn’t pinch people’s ears! Dad, help me! Mrs. Scientist is hitting her children!”

    Chen Meng had her youngest son’s head on the table, causing the cell phone to drop into the bowl of soup again, now dead.

    “You little boy dare to bad mouth me! Are you tired of living?”

    The family was always so bustling and sweet. Yu Changmo watched everything with a smile, hoping that he would have a plain yet happy life with her in the future as well.

    Having dealt with the unruly son, Chen Meng asked Yu Changmo.

    “Did your company just ask you to return to the position? How long will the mission take? Can’t you just stay at home? Besides, you are still injured.”

    “After the examination of the trainees, I will have one week off.” Then he could go find her, or maybe he would be able to overcome the psychological problem and confess to her?

    Imagination was always nice, but the cruel reality was that the couple would meet very soon in a very… unpleasant way.