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Chapter 23

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 23: Something Different

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    Having seen Yu Changmo off, Chen Meng scooped out her own jewelry box in a happy mood.

    “Honey, what should we give to her as the greeting present? This, or that?”

    “Mom, your call? From G University!”

    Chen Meng put down the box and answered the call.

    “This is Chen Meng.”

    “Hello, Professor Chen. Chen Qianmo, whom you asked me to pay attention to, has run into some problems…”

    Chen Meng had been quite glad to hear the name of her future daughter-in-law but froze when she listened to the next words.

    “…You received an anonymous report that she didn’t return to school after the holidays and concealed the fact that she is married?!”

    “Yes, she called her mentor yesterday and requested an extension, saying that she needs to deal with something at home. But we received the pictures today, and apparently, she was hiding the truth. It is a serious case, and the rules say that we need to deal with it strictly. But you, Director Chen, have told us…”

    “Follow the rules, and no need to ask me.” Chen Meng had wanted to hang up the phone when she squinted at the jewelry box.

    That didn’t feel right.

    Her son couldn’t have possibly made such a rudimentary mistake in judgment.

    “Then we will expel her if she doesn’t return in time.”

    “Hang on. Let me do some research about it before you make a decision.”

    After ending the conversation, Chen Meng fell into contemplation. She was quite confident about her son’s prudence about girls. A girl that would make her son so fascinated might not have been outstanding, but she couldn’t have possibly been a scumbag that hid her marital history and lied about her past relationship. That was why she asked the school to wait before passing the verdict of punishment.

    No investigations and no right of speech. If something else was going on, she could understand her behavior. But if she dared to lie to her son… Chen Meng looked cold, a murderous aura rising from her.

    Her boy got his mental illness because of her unique profession, and his life had not been easy. Therefore, he could not stand one more encounter with a scumbag woman.

    She would check this Chen Qianmo up to see through her thoroughly.


    Qianmo ate breakfast and got herself dressed in school uniform. She looked just like an ordinary policewoman without the badges.

    It would be better to put on a bit more formal clothes for the investigation. Qianmo had only asked for one day’s leave from her mentor, and she would head back to the school directly after handling the case.

    Qianmo walked out of her home after saying goodbye to her family.

    However, she sensed something strange going on the moment she walked out of the door.

    Qianmo scooped out a small-sized mirror from the pocket, placed it in front of her face, and tried to get a reflection of the scene behind her back. Sure enough, two men with tattooed arms were following her.

    One of them was covering his arms with a piece of cloth. Judging from its shape, there must be a weapon hidden below.

    Qianmo did not panic, though.

    There were many men on the road from her home to the intersection. Therefore, those people couldn’t have possibly chosen this place to attack her. If she was right, the duo might be aiming at her on someone else’s order…

    Who else would that man behind this conspiracy be apart from the trash, Lin Xiang?

    Qianmo sped up. She used the mirror to monitor the two men carefully while trying to make a quick judgment.

    When the scumbag Lin Xiang got someone to hit her at this hour, he couldn’t have set his sights on taking revenge for what she did to him the day before. So, what else could be his purpose?

    The two men also hastened their footsteps when seeing her rushing.

    Qianmo dashed into a small clothing store on the street at the intersection. When the duo came to the store, she was already hiding below the counter and gestured to the dumbfounded salesgirl in the direction of the wall.

    The salesgirl had no idea what was going on. But when she saw Qianmo in the police uniform and two arm-tattooed men standing outside the store, she wondered if it was a pursuit between a policewoman and two criminals.

    “Do you… want clothes?” The salesgirl asked Qianmo below the counter, who nodded back.

    “I will pay, just hurry up.”

    It was not an easy thing to get changed when she was squatting. Still, that didn’t trouble Qianmo. She soon put on new clothes and loosened her hair to shoulder-length, turning herself into a beautiful girl.

    Qianmo, who just had a new outfit, instantly grabbed a plastic bag and tucked her uniform inside. Next, she stood up.

    Standing in front of the counter, Qianmo noticed the door of the store opening.

    The two men had just entered.

    The salesgirl was also transfixed in fright; she was shivering.

    The man with a piece of cloth had already shown his weapon—it was a spiked club!

    It was an ordinary wooden club that was covered with spikes, and a single strike would rip the skin open. How frightening it would be!

    “How much is this one?” Qianmo was totally calm, her back facing these two guys.

    “Thirty… thirty…” The salesgirl spilled out the original cost in fright. Typically, she would have doubled the price and charged for 100 before a fierce bargain started and ended up getting 50.

    “Here you are.” Qianmo scooped out a 50-yuan bill and didn’t ask for change. That poor little salesgirl had become so nervous by the scene.

    “You!” That man with the club pointed at the salesgirl and asked fiercely. “Did you see a person in a police uniform enter?”

    The salesgirl threw a look at Qianmo and looked down at the 50-yuan bill in her palm.

    Qianmo dangled the bag in her hands. “Your clothes are very nice.”

    The salesgirl swallowed hard and pointed outside with a shivering hand. “I… I saw her going in that direction.”

    The duo was about to go out when Qianmo went past them. Pretty girls often drew attention, so one of them stretched out his hands and grabbed hold of her arm!

    At that moment, the salesgirl almost passed out because of the excitement! It was way too thrilling!

    “Leave me alone.” Qianmo calmly pushed off his rough hands and strode towards the door.

    That man licked his lips. “That is such a stunning girl…”

    The other gave him a push. “We have got business to do. Get that girl first. Besides, we promised to break one of her legs.”

    Qianmo caught their every single word and smiled.

    She was now certain.

    These two men were sent by Lin Xiang to break one of her legs.

    Lin Xiang must have thought that she would return to school today when the holiday ended. In order to stop her from doing so, he sent some hitmen to maim her. In this way, she would be expelled by the school because of not returning in time. When that moment came, she would be a “handicapped” woman who might want to get together if he showed his consolation.

    What a childish idea.

    While Qianmo committed the duo’s appearance to memory, they didn’t remember what Qianmo looked like.

    The girl appeared totally different after she changed her clothes and hairstyle. What’s more, these two would not have thought Qianmo as someone so outstanding as to get rid of them and transform her guise within such a short time.

    Qianmo went out and got into a taxi that took her straight to the police station, while the two men were still walking forward to find their “goal”.

    The salesgirl didn’t get back to herself even after being dumbfounded for a long time. She patted her chest and mumbled as she looked at the 50-yuan bill Qianmo left to her.

    “Ha, those bad guys are so stupid that they are not a match against police, especially this policewoman! They can’t even recognize her when she is standing right in front of them! Serves them right for being a hooligan in society. Well, she is so nice that she never takes advantage of the ordinary people on her mission. She gave me 20 yuan more than I asked for. What a nice girl she is…”