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Chapter 24

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 24: Not Disappointing Her

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    After Qianmo successfully saw through Lin Xiang’s preliminary conspiracy, the first thing on her agenda when she arrived at the police station was to identify the hooligans who were targeting her on the way. The policemen showed pictures of some ex-convicts for Qianmo to go through and see if she could recognize any.

    Qianmo didn’t find any match, so her senior brothers said that they would pay attention to the guys she described. At the same time, they also informed her that since those two men failed to conduct any crime or cause any serious consequences, they would only stay in jail for a couple of days at max. Qianmo was not bothered about the trouble. It didn’t matter how many days they would sit in prison; as long as they were behind bars, she would be the winner.

    Her senior brothers were all astonished by the way she acted. It was so outstanding of her to get rid of her stalkers calmly and to strike back while not losing her composure.

    Soon, Qianmo showcased another exceptional side of hers as she started the investigation with the policemen for the case of objects falling from the sky.

    The group started the work from the top floor and continued downstairs, going through each room with a fine-tooth comb. They still gained no results when they reached the 10th floor, however. The two policemen following Qianmo were slightly disappointed by now.

    “Sister, are you positive that none of those people we checked just now are clear?”

    “Are you really sure? The furious man on the 13th floor seems very suspicious, in my opinion. He started to mumble after just a few words. Besides, he doesn’t look so decent, maybe too many AV? Oh well, you know, he looks shady and someone with bad habits.”

    Qianmo turned around, cool as a cucumber. She had changed into the school uniform again. Still, she obviously looked more like a real employee than those two guys before her.

    “He is the least suspicious among all the people we investigated. He talks dirty because he is depressed. But if we judge him from this perspective, it could be possible that a disheartened man has a bag of adult toys.”

    Hearing her, one of the senior brothers was about to walk upstairs—that man did look very suspicious!

    However, Qianmo grabbed him back. “But he is not! He has coprolalia—someone who has more fun with languages and literal words than with those toys. So, it can’t be him.”


    Someone could have a disease of talking filth?! That was a completely new term for these two who had never heard of it before.

    “The main symptoms of coprolalia include people twitching and having cramps without being able to control their actions. The twitch can happen physically or verbally, just like those sounds Senior Brother imitated a moment ago…”

    This Senior Brother might have had a side job of being a “Pornographic Cleaner”? He was indeed good at imitating those voices.

    “Can the disease be cured?”

    Qianmo stayed silent. “Maybe in the future, there will be some breakthroughs, but now… well, we better not treat those people as weirdos. And that might be the biggest help we can possibly offer to them.”

    The two senior brothers found this junior sister increasingly impressive. She was just a student, yet she was already so good at her profession. Some more help, and she would indeed be promising in the future.

    “Junior Sister, can you come and join us after graduation? I am definitely going to be very happy if I can have a colleague like you.” She was pretty and capable, so what more could he wish for?

    The other gave him a pat. “Wake up, mate! Junior Sister must have a better offer since she’s such a marvelous student. How could she end up a policewoman like us?”

    Qianmo smiled in silence, not joining their conversation. However, she believed that these bottom-class policemen were the ones that kept the district steady and safe. They were to be respected, too, the same as the others.

    But she did have a higher goal for her future: she was going to try her best to enter the institute of criminal psychology, meet her teacher, and complete the meeting with her in this life. And in order to achieve this desire, she had to be a top professional in the field.

    As her thoughts wandered, she mused how much longer would it take for her to meet her teacher again…

    Her teacher had treated her nicely, bringing her up just like a kind mother would. Qianmo got fully motivated to solve the cases whenever she thought of her master.

    On the other side, her master Chen Meng, whom Qianmo had been dying to meet, was now reading her documents carefully. After she received a call from the school, Chen Meng had someone check up on her son’s crush. She wanted to sort the situation in the most appropriate way.

    So apparently, this girl had been standing on the wedding stage with some other man. Although it was canceled in the end, the pictures that showed her in the wedding gown were here at her hands right now. She was indeed beautiful and charismatic, but any charming girl that couldn’t be her daughter-in-law would make her very upset.

    “We found that after the wedding, she met her mother at the café and then…”

    Chen Meng’s subordinate didn’t dare to conceal any truth from her, so he continued his report.

    “The CCTV around the café showed that she was robbed of her handbag, and Young Master chased the thieves with her. Then they disappeared altogether. We are still trying to find out the pictures from the security cameras… Oh yes, we also got the CCTV pictures outside her home. This morning, she was stalked by two men, but she changed her outfit and got rid of them. We will continue to monitor where she is going next.”

    “Some men running after her?” Although it was not certain how Qianmo ended up with her son, Chen Meng was annoyed to hear that someone was causing trouble for her son’s crush.

    The woman that her son had eyes upon should not have gotten in any problems at all. Even if she did, that was their own business, not any outsiders’.

    “Dig these two people out. Never leave any criminals, no matter where they are from.”


    After the subordinate went out, Chen Meng frowned as she stared at Qianmo’s documents.

    Judging from the documents in her hands, this girl decided to get married out of impulse and then canceled the wedding later. It was a puzzling thing as to how she could call off the wedding in the morning and run into her son in the same afternoon.

    But as a mother, Chen Meng trusted her son’s judgment. Unlike her dandiacal youngest son, her elder son was calm, steady, and cared about his home a lot. He couldn’t have made a mistake when choosing his future wife.

    Seemingly arriving at a conclusion, Chen Meng grabbed the phone and called the school.

    “If Chen Qianmo can keep her promise to return to the school before 5 this afternoon, don’t give her trouble.”

    That was what a mother did for her son’s crush. If Chen Meng had not done anything, Qianmo might have already been expelled or had a record of a serious offense by this moment.

    Qianmo had promised the authorities that she was definitely going to return to school before evening. Hence, Chen Meng was willing to help her deal with the administration, as long as this girl could keep her word and not disappoint her.

    Actually, rather than herself, Chen Meng didn’t want her son to be let down.


    When Qianmo and her two senior brothers reached the 8th floor, it had already been 10:30 in the morning. Her plan was to find the culprit before lunch and set up the scumbag in the afternoon. Therefore, she only had less than two hours remaining to fix the case.

    One of the senior brothers who followed her was already quite annoyed by this search operation, so he complained.

    “We have checked it for so long, but none of them fits the bill… Junior Sister, are you absolutely certain that not one of these people is the suspect?”

    Qianmo was confident in her skills. “Yes, none of them is.”

    The microexpressions shown on their faces didn’t escape Qianmo’s eyes. Thus, she couldn’t have had a lapse in judgment.

    “There are only a few left, so hurry up. I am already feeling hungry.”

    One of the senior brothers knocked at the door as he talked. After a long while, a neatly-dressed middle-aged woman came to open the door. She looked a bit nervous at the sight of the police, and that moment of nervousness within one-quarter of a second didn’t slip past Qianmo’s hawk-like eyes.