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Chapter 25

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 25: No One Should Bully Him

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    The woman who came to open the door was wearing a branded dress. Her hair was neatly arranged, and she smelled of Chanel, looking precisely what people called “being wealthy”. She appeared to be in around 40s, looking like what every wealthy lady should look like.

    “What do you want?” The woman’s pupils widened the moment she saw them, and her well-trimmed eyebrows were raised.

    Few people would be able to grasp the happenings within a second. But Qianmo, who had become a well-trained person after those years in prison, noticed the subtle change. When one person was in an extreme environment, he tended to do whatever it took for him to survive.

    “We are the police from Yingchun Street, and we are doing an investigation. Can we come in?”

    That woman invited them in coldly, and as Qianmo passed by her, she could feel her nervousness as well as her taut muscles.

    This was a large home with a decoration of European style. However, Qianmo didn’t like this kind of decor that was just a pile of expensive things—it was simply not beautiful at all. But she had to admit that…

    Although the decoration had no taste, it showcased a scene of wealth and riches. When the house was furnished with glittering gold, the owner must have lacked everything but money.

    “Yesterday, there was an incident of objects falling from the sky in our compound, and this…” Her senior brother zipped open the briefcase and was about to show the photographs when Qianmo pressed down his hand. Instead, she brought out another picture from her pocket and gave it to the affluent lady.

    “The objects smashed the man to this degree.”

    “Oh my god!” The wealthy lady had her hands over her eyes, tipping herself to one side. The picture Qianmo brought out was taken from the internet: one that showed the blood and brain and one that was not displayed when the interrogation was conducted in other households in the building.

    “No, that is absolutely impossible. We have nothing to do with it.”

    The wealthy lady didn’t dare to take one more glance at the gruesome photograph. The series of her reactions had already hinted a certain answer to Qianmo.

    “I’m so sorry this is the wrong picture. My Senior Brother has got the right one.”

    Qianmo put away her tools and indicated to the bewildered Senior Brother to show the real photo. “A bag of adult toys fell from the sky and hit Mr. Yu. We would just like to know where you were yesterday, and if there was anybody at home?”

    “How is he?” Hearing that no one was killed, the wealthy lady apparently eased a bit. Suddenly realizing that she was not asking a proper question, she said with hands over her mouth. “I was just curious, but we definitely have nothing to do with it.”

    “Not dead. But he needs money for the treatment of injured arms. His family also called us, so we have the obligation of carrying out an investigation.” Exactly, she was the “family” in this very case.

    “We can share the treatment bill. There are so many people in the building, so it is impossible to find the culprit. Just give me the receipt, and we can split the cost. I am very busy; do you need anything else? I have an appointment with my beautician.”

    The two senior brothers kept snorting inside their hearts. She did give every indication of being a nouveau-riche who didn’t lack money. The woman sounded and behaved like a wealthy person from her head to feet.

    “I am sorry, ma’am, but I think that I need some of your time. Is your family engaged in business?” Qianmo had caught sight of every tiny reaction of this well-dressed lady before glancing at the watch. Very well, 10:35. It seemed that she would be able to finish the morning work before 10:50.

    “Yea, the Construction Material Town is my husband’s. Here are two business cards for you. Mention my name, and you can get 20% off.”

    They all got a bit astonished when they saw the business cards. After all, that was the most prominent construction material town in the entire city. It was rumored that the owner had properties of hundreds of millions. Besides, he had not only a construction material town but also cement mills and other factories. All in all, it was a massive family with deep pockets.

    “How envious we are to see you own such a huge business. But ma’am, I heard that many businessmen tend to have bad hobbies when they are under immense stress. Are you in a good relationship with your husband?”

    The wealthy lady looked obviously displeased. With arms over her chest, she said, “Why, is it related to your investigation?”

    Well, that was a bad reaction, so Qianmo continued her probing.

    “Sorry for being rude. Well, I can ask in a more professional way. Can you tell me what you were doing between 1 to 2 p.m yesterday afternoon?”

    The two senior brothers exchanged a glance, opened the notebook, and got ready to write.

    All this time, their junior sister didn’t ask much in other interrogations. There were even some with only a few questions before she eliminated them. Although they didn’t understand what was going on, they still felt that this wealthy lady must be up to something.

    “How annoying, isn’t this just a matter of money? What are you babbling about?” The wealthy lady kept twisting the large golden bracelet around her wrist, indicating that she was quite anxious at the moment.

    Qianmo’s friendly smile disappeared when she heard her flaunting about money. She had a cold look now.

    Money? Really?

    The future of an outstanding man might have been ruined by this small injury while this chubby and greasy woman was thinking about solving the issue with money?

    Spit on you!

    “Please answer my questions.”

    Seeing her look, the wealthy lady adjusted the way she sat as she spoke fluently.

    “I was playing cards with some of my sisters, right at my friend’s home. You can ask her! I was so lucky that I won several rounds, though. When I got home, it was 2:30. Tell me, am I a suspect now?”

    She spoke in such a proficient manner that the two senior brothers couldn’t detect any flaws in her speech. Qianmo, however, smiled. She was more or less sure about the situation.

    “Oh, do you still remember the cards you won?”

    “First a connected sequence, then a row of pure pattern. Later, a friend gave me a bomb until, at last, I got all the winning chips. I won 610 yuan in total. Any more questions? If not, I am off now.”

    Qianmo took hold of her arm and threw her back to the sofa. She stood up, ignoring the rich lady who was panicking.

    “Ma’am, lying is not a good habit, you know? Why did you want to toss that bag!?”

    The brand-dressed lady got so anxious when she was pushed back by her that she bellowed at Qianmo.

    “What proof do you have? I will sue you for fraud! Watch your step, you policemen, I have someone backing me! Even your leader has to behave properly in front of me! Who on earth are you?”

    Qianmo raised her chin and looked fierce. “Speaking loudly doesn’t make you reasonable! So you won’t talk? Well, let me do the talking! Your husband is indeed successful, but he has a weird habit. You play cards and visit beauty salons every day, so you have no other things to do. When you returned home yesterday, you found him tangled with another woman. Angry, you tossed the sealed things outside the window. Am I right so far?”

    “Nonsense! My husband is so rich, how could he, he…”

    “We can get your fingerprints to check the authenticity of my words. It would be much easier had you admitted it to us. If you insist on being so stubborn, I will reveal everything about your husband to the newspaper agency!”

    Qianmo looked cold-blooded and menacing. She would kill anyone who dared to touch Yu Changmo.