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Chapter 26

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 26: Reasonable

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    Hearing that Qianmo was going to take the lid off the matter, the wealthy lady panicked. She stood up, pointed at Qianmo, and kept shouting, “That is such bullshit! You are a nonsense-talking foxy lady!”

    The two senior brothers instantly pressed down that wealthy lady who had already gotten emotional and started to wail.

    “None of you good-looking women is decent! You are intentionally trying to ruin him, aren’t you?”

    Qianmo stared at her coldly. “Too bad that you are so blind as to rub me the wrong way.”

    She might not have been so irritable had she been the victim. However, she couldn’t possibly tolerate that if Yu Changmo was the target.

    “So you still don’t want to come clean? Alright, Senior Brother, get the equipment for fingerprint recognition and then inform the media. I reckon they will be interested in hearing what Mrs. Boss here is doing with the obscene objects.”

    “No!” The wealthy lady, who had tried to scratch Qianmo, kneeled all of a sudden, wailing with hands over her face.

    “Please, don’t. I was the one who tossed the bag, and I’m ready to pay the compensation however much it costs! The guy is fine, isn’t he? I can pay; I am more than willing to pay! Please, just don’t leak the matter, don’t!”

    Qianmo had been listening calmly, but she instantly turned cold at the phrase “the guy is fine”. Subsequently, she glared at her so piercingly that the wealthy lady started to sweat heavily. The two senior brothers had been admiring Qianmo’s ability of mind reading from the side. However, they hurriedly tried to stop her, seeing that she almost burst out in anger.

    “Let go of me!” Qianmo gave the order like a queen, driving the two senior brothers to release their hands instantly.

    The wealthy lady was still sobbing on her knees on the ground. Not minding her miserable state, Qianmo grabbed a bill of 100 yuan from the pocket and flung it upon her face.

    “You think that you are the greatest because you have money, and you can do anything you want? If so, here is your beloved money. Now, I can punch you, right? Senior Brother!”

    The two senior brothers who had been impressed by her stood at attention. This woman in front of them was just a student, yet she was already so intimidating. She was definitely going to become someone with great accomplishments in the future. Qianmo had surely left her mark on them.


    “I am going to slap her. How much does it cost for the compensation? What about 100 yuan for one slap? Come, let me kill you with money!”

    Qianmo scooped out a deck of money from the bag and dangled it in front of the wealthy lady. Want a contest of wealth? She had never been fearful of competing with others in her life.

    “You want to hit me with money? I have money too! How much do you think you can pay for his promising future? Do you want me to slap you until the payment reaches 10,000?”

    The wealthy lady loudly wept, making the senior brothers shiver in fright.

    Oh god, 10,000 yuan?

    That was simply too… powerful!

    Qianmo didn’t do the real slapping. After the truth was found, she brought the woman back to the police station with the two senior brothers before the interrogation was carried out. The wealthy lady got so frightened by Qianmo that she kept crying, snot running down her nose.

    Qianmo didn’t have the qualification to participate in the interrogation. But she already had some guesses about the incident. When she was about to leave and reached the staircase, the senior brother who had searched the building with her ran out after her.

    “Junior Sister!”

    Qianmo stopped in her footsteps and turned around in his direction.

    “Junior Sister, you were just… incredible today! How did you figure out that it was her? Frankly, in my opinion, I just can’t imagine that someone with so much money would do something like that…”

    When he had met this girl yesterday, he found her pretty, nothing more. However, after solving a case with her, he looked at her with heartfelt admiration. He had never met anyone who was able to unearth the suspect with just a few words. It was such a fantastic way of investigation.

    “I study psychology, and I will study microexpressions in the future. Besides, I had been doing elimination starting from the top floor, and when we came to the annoying woman on the 8th floor, I noticed that she was panicking. Later, then she kept doing similar things, and the microexpressions on her face when she talked made me half-certain. What made me truly realize that she was the one was the statement about playing cards in the end.”

    “Microexpression… statement?” Those were concepts that only appeared in American TV-series but never in real life. What Senior Brother had heard was that microexpression was misleading and unreliable. If scratching head meant that someone was suspicious, then what about scratching it when the head itched?

    “Yes, one or two expressions might not mean anything, but a series of them explains why she was mumbling subconsciously, revealing much more than she intended. Everyone has his own standard line of microexpression, which can be used to analyze his current state of mind.”

    Still, microexpression didn’t work all the way. For example, she just couldn’t read through Yu Changmo, who was utterly expressionless, no matter how hard she tried. She had no idea why this man had regular expressions to everyone except herself, not a single expression! Some experienced ones would have good control of their bearing and guise, barely divulging anything.

    Nonetheless, the wealthy lady of today was apparently totally inexperienced, just like a newbie trying to beat a boss. She was not even adequate enough as a practicing target for Qianmo.

    “I don’t think there was any problem with the statement of her card-playing? It was so smooth.”

    Qianmo didn’t answer but asked instead. “Senior Brother, can you tell me what you did two hours after work yesterday?”

    “After work… well, I went to the market first. My mom asked me to buy eggs, and then I rode my bike home. No, scratch that; I didn’t ride it since the tires were broken. Rather, I pushed the bike home.” As the Senior Brother was trying to pick up the memory, Qianmo opened her hands and spread them apart.

    “See, usually, when someone is trying to think about something from the past, he would speak while thinking, making and repairing some mistakes, just like what you did. Even if you ask him the same question again, he might have a different answer, and that is quite normal too. Yet that woman talked in such a fluent way, implying that she had been practicing the statement ahead of time. Therefore, she was lying.”

    “…You are way too excellent.” The Senior Brother was dumbfounded, feeling that he was way below her in skills; she was just on a whole different level. Qianmo was about to leave when he let out a long sigh, seeing this pretty yet intimidating, capable girl in front of him.

    “Junior Sister, you are way too outstanding! But I still have to say something. I mean, if you are going to be with us in the future, we…”

    Qianmo turned around and looked at him. “Thanks, Senior Brother. Nothing you’re worrying about will happen.”

    The Senior Brother’s eyes widened. He had not even uttered a single word, so how did she know about that?

    “I rarely lose self-control, and I will absolutely not let my emotions get to my head at work. It is already quite rare for me to lose my temper as I did today. Thanks.”

    The Senior Brother swallowed hard. He had not said anything, but this remarkable lady was able to read what he was thinking?

    “Then… do you mind me asking why you got so angry today?”

    Qianmo smiled and threw a beautiful, cold, yet warm look at him. The Senior Brother got so fascinated by her expression that he forgot to ask her any further. Instead, he watched her leave in the car. Qianmo told the taxi driver about the destination and closed her eyes.

    She lost her self-control, only because she was Yu Changmo’s “family”.

    But he had not sent her any messages up to this moment, and it was unknown how his arm was. Besides, there was nothing wrong with her seeking revenge for her man (savior)!