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Chapter 27

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 27: Impossible not to be Moved

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    Qianmo’s plan of spending the entire morning solving the case was completed ahead of time—she finished it before 11. She also had a sketch in mind for the culprit who tossed the bag that hit Yu Changmo.

    Since Yu Changmo’s cell phone was off, she suspected that he was out on a mission. If she managed to get in touch with him and confirmed that he was fine, then the wealthy lady only needed to pay the compensation.

    However, if anything bad did happen to him…

    Qianmo suddenly thought of more than a dozen ways to torment people. If Yu Changmo’s promising future was really ruined because of this incident, she was all in for unleashing hell on the wealthy couple, destroying the properties of this chubby lady’s husband.

    She was not powerful enough to bring down such a towering figure at the moment, but what Qianmo didn’t lack was time. She could spend one year, two years, or even five years in seeking revenge. She could do anything to make her pay, even in the ways beyond laws and morality.

    The taxi had just pulled over to the appointed destination, breaking her trance. It was still the café where she had met Mu Feifei before. Getting off the car, Qianmo entered the coffee shop, ordered lunch, and texted her mother. Just as she was about to finish her food, Mu Feifei rushed in.

    “Mo, why did you leave yesterday without me? Are you… alright? Oh, mom has also prophesied that you are going to have a catastrophe of blood.”

    As soon as she set foot in through the door, Mu Feifei got confused when she saw Qianmo. What was going on?

    Didn’t she hire someone to beat her and break one of her legs? Then, how had she turned out to be completely fine and also wanted to see her? What useless men did Lin Xiang find so that they couldn’t even deal with a little girl? Worse still, was it be possible that Qianmo had caught onto something?

    With her thoughts whirling, Mu Feifei was quite anxious inside her heart. Without daring to say much, she observed Qianmo’s expression discreetly.

    “I am not feeling well…” Qianmo wiped off her lip corners and lowered her head.

    Mu Feifei had no idea what she was up to. She had expected her child to act like yesterday, unfathomable and confusing. But today, she seemed to be back to how she used to be, naive and mindless.

    “What’s going on?” Mu Feifei showed a face of concern, befitting a kind mother.

    “I would like you to help me figure out if there is still hope for Lin Xiang and me? I regret so much for what I did, you know. Although I am going to have a great deal of money very soon, I don’t… want to… lose him…”

    Qianmo was imagining Yu Changmo’s face when she was saying these words. Otherwise, it would have been too hard for her to behave emotionally with a disgusting Lin Xiang in her mind.

    “What is it with you and Lin Xiang?” A noticeable flash of excitement crossed Mu Feifei’s eyes. Obviously, she was quite glad, even though she had no idea how Qianmo got rid of the hitmen.

    “He lied to me about him being sick, and my aunt wanted me to break up with him. So out of impulse, I decided not to marry him. But when I was lying in bed the night before, what played my mind was every minute of happiness with him…”

    Qianmo looked up, tears filling her eyes. At this moment, she was just a helpless little girl, someone who had lost the love of her life.

    “I think of the time when I ate breakfast with him, his long fingers that held the chopsticks and the look he gave me as he turned his head. I think of the unconditional compromises he made every time I threw my temper. I think of the stone plank road we skipped one after the other in the park and the way he removed the fallen leaves upon my hair. Although I am making a fortune, I will still be lonely. What use is money when there’s no love?”

    Mu Feifei had her eyes fixed upon her the whole time. As a professional fortune-teller, she was also a pretty excellent observer of microexpressions. But what she saw was Qianmo with her cheeks tear-stained, talking in a profound tone. She had not said a single word about feeling remorseful for canceling the wedding, yet her each sentence reflected how regretful she was. She had hit the emotional point, no doubt.

    “You silly girl, how could you trust someone so easily? Come, let me predict something for you…” Mu Feifei pondered her recent actions. The reason she behaved so abnormally yesterday was that she got hurt to the point of madness? However, she was also slightly confused. Since when did Lin Xiang’s sausage fingers get long and slender?

    Qianmo wiped off the tears, trying to cover up the fierceness in her eyes. It was Yu Changmo’s fingers that were long, strong, and warm. If she hadn’t pictured him in her mind, she would not have managed to bluff the fortune-teller in front of her.

    Not doubting her words, Mu Feifei scooped out the tortoise-shells and dangled them in front of Qianmo’s face in a pretentiously professional way.

    “You are not doing well lately, but you indeed have a large fortune coming your way. Qianmo, where does this wealth come from?”

    Mu Feifei had gotten her mind focused upon the information that Qianmo was about to strike it rich. Therefore, that was the first thing she asked.

    Seeing that she was hooked, Qianmo said in a confusing way, “I will have a great deal of money. My father… well, forget it; it’s not important. Just find out what is going to happen between Lin Xiang and me.”

    This was a battle between a professional psychologist and a fortune-teller. Although Mu Feifei had been lingering in the society for so long and had bluffed masses with fortune-telling, she was still put in the shade when confronting Chen Qianmo, who had been a disciple of Chen Meng, the most powerful psychologist in criminology in the country. Gradually, Mu Feifei was led on by Qianmo involuntarily.

    “The diagram reflects that you and Lin Xiang are still connected and that as long as you are willing to take the initiative, there will be a chance for you guys to get back together. However, that might get money involved, Qianmo. The Deity you are running into now is the Deity of Fortune, and it can work well with other deities too. You are definitely making a fortune this year!”

    Qianmo nodded, pretending as if she was making sense.

    “But you’re staying too close to the Deity, so the fortune may not come so easily. What about telling me its origins, so I can help you with the following steps?”

    Qianmo glanced about and leaned forward, saying in a low voice. Mu Feifei also tilted her body.

    “You must never tell this to anyone else. My father has a contact with an exclusive supply of ginseng aging hundreds of years.”

    Mu Feifei’s eyes widened in shock. That was a scarce commodity—high in demand and totally priceless!

    “Where did he get those?”

    “From a businessman at Changbai Mountain, who has run into a problem these days and. Therefore, he has put the oldest ginseng of the family for sale. There are 14 of them, and 200,000 yuan will be the final offer.”

    “Oh my god! That really is a large amount of money! But what if it’s a fraud? I mean, to be honest, a single piece of them is worth a mountain of cash, so why must he sell them to your father? Why not do it himself?”

    Wild ginseng was of immense value, and they rarely existed in the market. What’s more, those aging hundreds of years were even less common!

    Someone might even pay 600,000 yuan rather than 200,000 for the goods. Although average people only got paid 1,000 yuan a month, they would very likely spend much money upon rare stuff. That was the consumption perspective brought about by the gap between the rich and the poor.

    “That businessman needs money, and he demands cash. Therefore, when he posted the thread on the internet, he was taken as a swindler! You know that no wealthy people would want to collect precious ingredients online. Sensing an opportunity, my dad got someone to check it out, and it turned out to be authentic… so, don’t tell anyone else. I am depending on this deal!”

    Qianmo let out a sigh after finishing the words. “But my father has invested all of his money in sea cucumbers. Besides, he also spent a great deal upon my wedding. He only has 100,000 yuan in cash now. So I am thinking that if I can get back together with Lin Xiang, he can give me 100,000 and share half of what we will earn. In this way, he will be rich too, and no one will point fingers and say that we don’t match each other. Plus, with money, he is definitely going to be cured in that area too.”

    Mu Feifei’s mouth got dried after she heard the whole story. She was definitely moved by the potential upcoming profits.

    “What about me… getting the money for you, and you can…”

    “My father doesn’t know that we are in contact with each other. If I can’t tell father where I get the money from, he will obviously get angry. Thus, we must find Lin Xiang. Will you help me?”