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Chapter 29

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 29: So It Was You

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    A savior she met in despair.

    That was the only feeling Wang Ziying felt at the moment. She had thought that she had no way out, but unexpectedly, this kind-hearted pretty girl suddenly showed up, making her burst out in tears out of excitement.

    “What about… moving in first and giving me the money when you can make ends meet. You don’t need to worry about me being anyone evil. It’s just that I don’t want to rent the house to anyone unreliable who would make the newly-decorated house dirty. I noticed you looked quite clean, and besides, your boy is so lovely…”

    “You don’t need to say anything more; I know you are not a bad person at all. In fact, you are such a good girl…” Wang Ziying said while sobbing.

    Qianmo threw a look at her own school uniform and added one last sentence to gain her trust. “I am a police-school student, a trainee.”

    A student or not, her uniform brought faith and trust to general folk, making Wang Ziying unusually assured. What’s more, this girl was not only good-looking but also made people feel indescribably comfortable.

    “Just take it as a… favor, okay?”

    Wang Ziying got even more surprised—this girl was treating her as an honored guest. Since she was in despair, she couldn’t hesitate to agree, promptly nodding.

    Qianmo hand-wrote a contract and took some deposition. Wang Ziying believed that she had run into a Goddess of Mercy on her way, and she answered everything Qianmo asked her. Seeing that Wang Ziying enquired twice if she could move in the very afternoon, Qianmo was worried that she was anxious because of her pestering ex-husband. Therefore, she queried.

    “Why in such a hurry?”

    Wang Ziying got both annoyed and bashful when she heard this question, flushing in response.

    “Honestly, my roommate is just too annoying…”

    She threw a look at her boy who had been fascinated by the beautiful house and was running from one room to another; he had never seen such a wonderful residence since he was born. Seeing that her son was away, Wang Ziying spilled out her miserable experience.

    “I am co-renting with a man who is never at home. However, every time he does so, he would bring a woman and make loud moans. My son is only 5 years old, and if he hears such a sound all the time…”

    Qianmo laughed in return. So that was the reason? Then she should definitely move.

    These people had watched too many adult movies to moan loudly when they were doing that, although they were not that close. In her previous life, she and Master Mo were very close, and they… oh well.

    “The point is, it is the guy that moans, not the woman! That is honestly too weird…”

    The man was moaning?! Qianmo’s lips twitched; that was indeed new.

    “And the woman who is with him is also quite odd. She always comes with a bag of disgusting objects, you know, those things…” Wang Ziying whispered to Qianmo with a lower voice, making her raise eyebrows in response.

    “How do you know those private things are from the woman?” No one would come with a transparent plastic bag, would they?

    “You don’t know how rampant that disgusting man is! He washes those things in the water basin! And each one of them is more ridiculous than the other… I almost got mental when I saw them in the toilet! I had even washed my son’s sneakers in that basin before!!”

    Wang Ziying almost collapsed when she recounted that scene. She just couldn’t help but keep complaining about that shameless couple. Qianmo had just been thinking how wonderful yet depraved the world could get when she suddenly connected the incident Wang Ziying complained to the case she had solved in the morning.

    The woman who tossed the bag that hit Yu Changmo was indeed found, but the wealthy lady didn’t confess whom her husband was having affairs with. Suddenly, something hit Qianmo: could these two be somehow related?

    Wang Ziying talked about “a bag of indescribable things”, which was a key phrase. After all, few people would use this kind of strange stuff in that period.

    “Do you still remember what that woman looks like?”

    “Oval face, long curly hair, and beautiful, upward eyes, very rare among people. However, her eyes are not only upward, but they are also big and double-lid, quite difficult to describe, just like…” Wang Ziying kept thinking back about the shameless woman in seen-through PJ and then glanced at Qianmo’s face involuntarily.

    As she looked at Qianmo, she burst out in surprise, hands covering her mouth. Seeing her pupil enlarging as if being stimulated, Qianmo felt her face and asked, “Anything on my face?”

    Wang Ziying shook her head and pointed at Qianmo, gasping. “You, you, you look so much like her! No, I mean, you are much better looking and younger than she is, and more attractive than her…”

    Why hadn’t she noticed that her new landlady appeared so familiar? This beautiful proprietress had an uncanny resemblance to that shameless woman. Thinking back, she had not recognized her because they had totally different charisma, despite their similarities.

    Qianmo looked exquisite and stunning, charismatically steady like a mature lady. Her eyes were calm yet not distant. She was just like the first morning sunshine of the early winter, cold and fresh but full of warmth. She breathed in such a consoling way that it made people want to approach her yet get shocked by her unique air.

    She was like a clean goddess, one that was never over the top, but right on the spot.

    That woman in see-through PJ did have some resembling features with Qianmo, but she was smoking, drinking, and had curly hair, looking so foxy. If put side by side, Qianmo was for sure the queen in a TV-series, while that woman was definitely a standardized mistress—a wicked concubine.

    Wang Ziying was just imagining when Qianmo caught hold of the key point.

    “You said that she looks like me?” A woman who shared her features and was older than her, could she be…

    Wang Ziying’s son had just finished his tour in the room and rushed to his mother’s arms. Then he looked at the contract on the table curiously and pointed at Qianmo’s signature.


    He had a character of Ran in his name, one that his mother taught him to write.

    Qianmo said to the child in a friendly manner, “Sorry, I didn’t write very clearly. That is not Ran but my name, Chen Qianmo. You can call me Aunt Qianmo.”

    “You are a pretty sister!” The little boy was so sweet, as nice as pie. He really amused Qianmo, who checked her pocket to grab a candy for him. However, it was empty. She had forgotten that without Yu Changmo by her side, no one would remember that she had low blood sugar, and no one would care to put candies into her bag and in her clothes’ pockets.

    “I am Aunt Mo.” Qianmo poked that child’s little face and suddenly felt quite sad.

    If she could have given birth to his baby safe and sound, the boy would have grown up to be as lovely as this one. But that child remained in her body for only two months before the miscarriage happened. She did not even have a chance to tell him about it.

    She was not a qualified girlfriend, nor was she a good mom. He deserved someone better than her, and she had no other way to make it up to him. The only thing Qianmo could do was to get everyone that hurt him caught.

    When she thought of this problem, Qianmo was about to ask her the characteristics of the woman that looked like her, but Wang Ziying burst out in surprise.

    “Qianmo, Chen Qianmo! Oh god, you are the Chen Qianmo, whom Lin Xiang and that woman are conspiring to ruin!”