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Chapter 30

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 30: Go and Have Infights

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    When Qianmo ran into her cellmate Wang Ziying from the previous life, she had been thinking that she was given chicken legs by her all the time. Still, her kind-heartedness in this life led to a good repayment, seeing such a breaking piece of news had been brought out.

    “What did you just say?” Qianmo asked, shocked by the sudden reveal.

    Seeing her piqued interest, Wang Ziying recounted exactly what she had heard yesterday to Qianmo with no words missing.

    When Mu Feifei and Lin Xiang were doing their dirty business, they made so much noise that she couldn’t fall asleep. Besides, the house was not so sound-proof, and hence, the couple’s conspiracy against Qianmo was somehow overheard by Wang Ziying.

    She had been wondering who this unfortunate Chen Qianmo was so that she had to be a victim of that shameless couple’s conspiracy. Unexpectedly, however, she ran into her today. What’s more, Qianmo became her savior, her knight in shining armor, who had rented out her magnificent house at such a low price. Already fed up by Lin Xiang, Wang Ziying recounted every single detail she had heard from their conversation, omitting nothing at all.

    After she finished the story, she looked at Qianmo worriedly. “You must be very careful so as not to be tricked by them! I heard that they plan to do something on your plantation or something.”

    Qianmo smiled after her account instead of being angry. She had a hunch that something was going on between Lin Xiang and Mu Feifei, but she never expected… this.

    Qianmo stretched out her hands and took Wang Ziying’s as she said in a sincere tone, “Thank you so much for giving me such timely help. Just call me if you need anything in the future, and believe me when I say, everything.”

    She was indicating to Wang Ziying that if her bastard ex-husband came to her door, she could turn to her for aid.

    Wang Ziying had not been quite assured of living in Qianmo’s house at such a low price. However, upon hearing Qianmo thanking her all the way for the little thing she did for her in passing, she felt like being a woman who was respected—maybe for the first time in her life. And quite understandably, she was happy inside her heart.

    “Please, you’re the one who helped us, not me!” Without Qianmo, she might not have an inkling of where to move with the little money she had on her.

    “No, it’s the opposite. You may not be aware, but it is you who came to my aid.”

    Qianmo kept suggesting to Wang Ziying that it was more than just a favor.

    According to the psychological reports, when people ran into trouble, they tended to turn to someone who had once done them a favor instead of someone who was helped by them before. After all, the rate of success would be much higher in that case.

    An interesting phenomenon was also observed, namely those who received assistance didn’t often think about repaying the favor while those who once helped would always extend helping hands. Therefore, in order to keep the relationship with someone, you would need to accept their aid and reciprocate in kind when they needed it. Only something like that would work, with no parties feeling left out.

    Wang Ziying had always been a self-abased woman. Her first marriage didn’t give her the happiness she had always dreamed of since her husband never respected her but kept hitting or scolding her. She barely had any friends, and few would regard her as much as Qianmo did. As a result, her kindness made her burst into tears.

    “I would definitely have fallen for the conspiracy of the awful couple if you had not told me about it. So you’re my lucky star. Also, I’m a student, but my father is running a plantation, well, the mafia of the sea, you know.”

    Actually, Qianmo was trying to blacken her father’s name on purpose. Even though his plantation was legal business, many people would associate a sea cucumber plantation with the illegal groups. After all, it gave people a feeling that no one was supposed to invade the area of the sea whatsoever.

    Wang Ziying’s eyes widened with surprise. Ironically, the daughter of the mafia boss of the sea was a future policewoman!

    “Well, that was all in the past. My father is running an absolutely legal business now, all for the sake of the city’s GDP. He has many employees, and he’s famous in this area. That’s to say, if anyone dares to bully you, you can just come to me.”

    She made her father sound like the mafia of the sea first because she was suggesting to Wang Ziying that she had a strong backing. Hence, Ziying could seek help from her from that moment on.

    Sure enough, when she heard the words, Ziying’s face glowed with happiness. In this strange city, she had been hoping so much for someone to offer shelter for her and her son. And then, she wouldn’t have to suffer under the torment of someone else…

    Qianmo checked the time; it was almost one o’clock.

    Her original plan was to go to Family Lin and make some indications to Mother Lin, laying the groundwork for her next move. But this unexpected interclude from Wang Ziying gave Qianmo a better alternative.

    After verifying that Lin Xing was definitely going to be there, Qianmo followed Wang Ziying to the love nest, or the lust nest, of Lin Xiang and Mu Feifei, with an excuse that she was helping her move.

    According to Wang Ziying, Lin Xiang and Mu Feifei only visited the place once a week, so at this moment, nobody was in the room. Qianmo removed her hairpin and easily pried open the room’s lock when Wang Ziying was tidying up her stuff.

    That was a trick Changmo taught her when he wanted to give her a surprise for fun. Qianmo was eager to know why a man like him would be so good at prying doors. At that time, he had answered in a solemn manner, telling her that it was a family trick passed down from generation to generation.

    And thus, Qianmo felt that his family’s business might be about locks.

    After the door was unlocked, she noticed that the room was a chaotic mess. The blankets were not folded, and there was a patch of dried liquid on the bed. On the floor was a pile of dirty laundry on top of which, the underpants of men and women were tangled together.

    Qianmo took out the camera she brought from the wedding house, put the dresses neatly, and snapped some pictures, especially the ones with the filthy underwear.

    After they finished the business, Qianmo said goodbye to Wang Ziying and developed the pictures at a photo store. Next, she came to Family Lin’s door at 2:30 p.m.

    Lin Xiang was at work, and Mother Lin couldn’t have been at home. Since such a huge incident had happened the day before, Qianmo guessed that she must have gone to somebody to discuss a solution. Qianmo purposefully picked this time as she could avoid meeting Family Lin.

    Once there, she wrote the address of Lin Xiang and Mu Feifei’s lust nest on the rear of the envelope with the left hand. Then, she stuffed the pictures through the door crack. She knew that Mother Lin would come home earlier than Lin Xiang because she was going to cook for her son. Therefore, Mother Lin would definitely be the first one that saw the photos.

    At the wedding, Mother Lin’s microexpression told Qianmo that there was an immoral thing going on between Lin Xiang and his mother and that Mother Lin’s abnormal dependence and desire of possession upon her son also proved that her guess was right. Thus, Qianmo told Mother Lin about Mu Feifei and Lin Xiang’s affair, as well as their dating address.

    Mother Lin would certainly—as far as Qianmo was concerned—storm over to their love abode and confront Mu Feifei.

    Sadly, by that time, she would already be in school and miss this fantastic show; otherwise, it would have been an unforgettable experience to watch these two weirdos fighting against each other.

    At this moment, Qianmo’s phone rang, snapping her back to reality. It was Chen Baichuan, asking where his daughter was. He was going to drive her to the train station.

    The school was not located in the same city, and even a high-speed train would take 40 minutes. If the taxi ride from the train station to the school was counted, then she would make it there at 4. She had promised to return at 5, and Chen Baichuan obviously didn’t want his daughter to miss it.

    Qianmo told him her address. While waiting for her father, she hesitated for a moment, holding the cell phone. Her cell phone was going to be confiscated after she returned to school since the military training was going to start, and it would be tough to contact him by then. She must give Yu Changmo a call before she went back to school when she thought of how he rescued her the day before and got injured in return.