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Chapter 31

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 31: Something Was Going On

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    Qianmo had been concerned about Yu Changmo’s arm, but she couldn’t get through to him on the phone at all. She was thinking that maybe he was busy with work, and that was why his phone was off.

    Although she had not a clue of what their future entailed, yet she admitted that this man had an irreplaceable position in her heart and that his well-being was connected with Qianmo’s heart tightly.

    Even though calling him might be out of the blue, she had already thought about how to put forward her words. After all, Yu Changmo got injured yesterday because he was trying to rescue her. So, it was totally reasonable for her to care about her savior, wasn’t it?

    The call went through, but no one answered. Despite that, Qianmo kept trying again and again, and someone finally picked up the fourth time. However, it turned out to be a stranger on the other side.

    “Where is Yu Changmo?” Qianmo asked directly.

    “Greetings, Sister-in-law!” How the man addressed her startled Qianmo.

    “You got the wrong woman, didn’t you?”

    For some reason, she suddenly got very furious and irritated.


    So Yu Changmo had a girlfriend behind her back?! Hang on, they were “strangers”, and she should not care about him having a girlfriend, let alone “behind her back”…

    But why did she feel so enraged?

    Pressing down the fury inside her heart, Qianmo was about to ask where Yu Changmo was again when she heard several people whispering over the phone.

    “We mustn’t tell Sister-in-law…”

    “But Boss is already in such a state; it doesn’t feel right if we don’t inform her…”

    Qianmo was confused. “Excuse me, is this Yu Changmo’s number?”

    Did she dial the wrong number?

    “Sister-in-law, this is indeed our Boss’s number, but he is not in shape to answer the call…”

    “Then, I am sorry to have bothered you; goodbye.” Qianmo got increasingly mad when he kept calling her sister-in-law. It was a waste of time for her to call and inquire about his condition since he had so many women caring for him. Besides, they must have been his subordinates who kept calling her Sister-in-law. Bah!

    As he already had a girlfriend, she should not have made this call.

    “Don’t hang up, Sister-in-law! Boss is in trouble, and he keeps calling out for you. Can you come to the hospital now?”

    “Have you lost your mind to tell Sister-in-law about that!” Someone was bellowing next to the man, and then the situation became chaotic.

    “Emergency?!” Qianmo’s heart skipped a beat as she hurriedly followed up. “What’s wrong with him? What hospital is he in?”

    It sounded as if people were in a fight on the other side of the phone, and the argument was whether or not Qianmo should have been told about this matter. They were so frenzied that no one paid attention to what she said. Just as she was getting anxious, Qianmo heard someone talking.

    “Contact the blood bank, Yu Changmo is in urgent need of RH Negative AB blood type!”

    Qianmo was a bundle of nerves at this moment, but her phone was hung up for some reason. Apparently, it became messy over the other side of the line again. Chen Baichuan had just driven in and saw his daughter frowning heavily.

    “What is it? Who stepped on your toes?”

    Qianmo pulled open the door and got in, thought for a second, and said, “Dad, go to the First Hospital, no, to the nearest hospital.”

    Although she was not told about the exact spot, she could still speculate that he should be there.

    Chen Baichuan got startled. “What are you going there for?”

    “Saving someone.”

    She had heard the message through the phone: he was in urgent need of blood.

    RH Negative AB blood type was so precious that it was barely kept in storage in the blood bank. Instead, the donors’ phone numbers were saved there usually. She was near the hospital and could arrive within a couple of minutes. Therefore, she would definitely get there faster than anyone else.

    “Saving someone? But you’ll miss your school hour.”

    “Forget about it now, just hurry up!”

    Qianmo understood what was going on. Lin Xiang and Mu Feifei hired hitmen to stop her, preventing her from returning to school in time. Subsequently, they would definitely leak the information to the authorities, and a smart girl like her had every idea of what she had to answer for if she didn’t return to school in time.

    “Who are you saving? Don’t get delayed for the school. The administration is too strict; they didn’t even take my wine! I am worried that their leader will give you trouble.” Chen Baichuan was more than worried.

    “I would rather give up on school than give up saving him! Step on it now.”

    Although Qianmo really wanted to study hard so as to meet her teacher as early as possible, yet compared to Yu Changmo’s life, nothing else mattered. What she wanted to do right now was to see him this very instant.

    Chen Baichuan drove so fast that just after a few minutes, Qianmo successfully made it to the hospital. He had never seen his daughter so irritable before. After all, she had always been calm and peaceful since she was little, but now, she had gone mental.

    “Hey, don’t you want to know where that person is?” Chen Baichuan followed his daughter, panting heavily.

    Qianmo had no time to answer such a stupid question from her father. If he required blood, he would definitely be in the emergency ward. Sure enough, a crowd was gathered at the door of the emergency room.

    Chen Baichuan was startled. “What are those people doing here…”

    The whole group was standing with a straight back and looked to be on pins and needles while facing the sealed door of the emergency room.

    When they heard Qianmo’s footsteps, they all turned around and caught sight of an indescribably beautiful woman hastening towards them, dressed in a police uniform. One of the guys with a well-trimmed face widened his eyes as if he had thought of something.


    That was the voice of the man who had talked with Qianmo on the phone. He was Yu Changmo’s assistant, who once sneaked a peek at the picture in the drawer of his boss’s office, thus recognizing her instantly.

    Qianmo had not yet gotten enough time to change her own title when the door of the emergency room opened. The doctor was urging the nurses.

    “The patient has lost too much blood, and he is now in shock. Ask the blood bank if they are ready.”

    “Here, take mine.” Qianmo said in agitation.

    Everyone turned to her instantly.

    “I am RH negative AB blood type, and I am faster than the blood bank.”

    “What a coincidence!” The doctor was quite surprised.

    RH negative AB was the most precious blood group among all the RH type, and only 0.034% of people had it. That man was truly lucky to run into a match.

    Hearing that Qianmo was going to donate her blood, Chen Baichuan got uneasy.

    “You are afraid of blood, aren’t you? Also, you must get back to school.”

    Chen Baichuan was not a well-educated man. He only knew that giving up blood was bad, not caring about science. The father was apparently concerned about his daughter when he heard she was donating blood.

    “Save your breath if you don’t want me to embarrass you in front of Aunt.”

    Chen Baichuan had his lips sealed in a fury. What kind of a girl did he bring up!

    He knew that the patient must have been the “bad man” from yesterday. That bastard did have something to do with his daughter. After all, he had never seen her being so nervous about anything!

    Everyone got cheerful when they caught that she was willing to donate blood. Their boss was a formidable person, the idol in the heart of everyone. Hearing that their future Sister-in-law was so generous, they were all sincerely happy for their boss. No wonder he was fascinated by her. She was definitely an excellent match.

    The doctor next to them let out a sigh of gratification when he saw the scene. “What a wonderful pair! The couple is not only good-looking and outstanding, but they also share the same rare blood type.”

    How wonderful it was! They could help each other with their blood if either of them ran into something.

    Chen Baichuan’s face turned pale. See? He knew there was something fishy between the two!