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Chapter 32

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 32: Go Ahead, Sister-in-law

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    At Qianmo’s request, she was brought into the emergency room after she gave her blood for testing and crossmatching. Seeing the man in a coma on the bed, she felt her heart dropping to the bottom of the abyss.

    She walked up to him and took hold of his hands gently. His hands had never been so icy before. Instead, they were always full of warmth, and she had them in the darkest time of her life, like the moon guiding her on her journey. As the chill went directly into her heart from their crossed fingers, she felt her soul pierced with agony. She squeezed his hands, trying hard to drive away the nightmarish coldness.

    He had to get better. He must get better.

    After the match test, Qianmo laid down on the bed next to his, donating her blood. As the blood flowed out of her body and went into his, it was akin to an intangible line that twined the two of them together in both her lives. In her previous one, she had taken his blood. But after the rebirth, she gave him hers. That was what destiny was like, acting in myriad ways.

    With eyes tightly closed, she kept thinking about the scene when the two of them were reunited in her previous life. At that time, she had just gone out of prison. Although she had a degree thanks to her self-study examination, yet because of her background, not a single company wanted to hire her. Without money or a job, she had to work as a cleaner first to make ends meet.

    However, one day, she was hit by a car while sweeping the floor, almost dying due to the massive blood loss. Because of her blood type, she couldn’t find a match, and that was when he appeared.

    Qianmo had never expected that a man with an extraordinary background would be willing to donate blood to a small cleaner. After they met, he started to pursue her crazily with all his heart. When she wanted to take revenge, he loaned her the money to start a business. When she needed contacts, he gave her his, helping her to reach the peak. It had been he who had assisted her on each step to become the queen of business within two years after she went out of prison.

    He had done too much for her within that short period, ushering her from a cleaner to a famous entrepreneur. Everything Qianmo thought she would forget became clear at this moment. She felt her heart twitching every now and then, and that was a very rare thing for a calm woman like her.

    The nurse came to pull out the needle; he had gotten enough blood.

    “Take some more; I’m fine.” She looked at the bed next to her. He was lying there without any movement. She felt dizzy, finding it hard to breathe. Qianmo couldn’t stand the blood. She would get sick and even pass out at the mere sight of it.

    But compared to how much she cared about him, her revulsion to blood was nothing.

    “It’s enough.” The nurse shifted her eyes between the two beds. “You and your boyfriend look so cute together.”

    When those men outside the room called her Sister-in-law, so would the doctor and the nurse if they had to.

    Qianmo flushed, causing a patch of redness to sprout on her pale face. At the same time, the unconscious man next to her had the same reaction on his ears. However, no one noticed that.

    The nurse had an expression of “I-know-it-all”, leaving Qianmo speechless. The doctor then checked up on Yu Changmo. She hurriedly leaned forward while trying to support herself, who was already at the edge of fainting.

    “How is he?”

    “Out of fatal danger.”

    Qianmo let out a sigh of relief. She had wanted to wait until he woke up, but her legs suddenly gave way, and she fell sideways.

    The doctor standing next to her got startled. He was about to support her, but that seriously-injured patient in the bed next to them sprang up from his position and rushed to take her in his arms despite the tubes attached to him.

    Within a moment, a clattering noise arose in the emergency room, which had become a total mess.

    ‘We know you love each other, but running away with tubes still connected is simply causing trouble to us!’ The doctor finally forced Yu Changmo back and assured him that Qianmo was fine: she had just fainted. That finally made him regain his composure.

    He stared at her, lying in bed, and the look didn’t seem to be from someone who was dying just now. The doctor truly wondered if it was because of his vitality or the power of love.

    When Qianmo woke up, the first thing she saw was the blackened face of her father.

    “How are you?” His daughter had passed out because she tried to save that bastard! Chen Baichuan decided to pick some sea cucumbers for his daughter on his way and separate her from the bastard in the next bed.

    “I’m all right, but what about him?” Qianmo looked at the bed next to her. The doctor had already moved her and Yu Changmo to a double-bed ward when she passed out.

    “He’ll live.” A grown girl couldn’t be kept at home! Damn!

    So she just couldn’t wait to know about that bastard the moment she woke up. Why didn’t she ask her father how worried he had been?! Chen Baichuan pointed at the man in a stupor next to him and said sourly, “That Mr. Someone is fine. We should go now.”

    With eyes closed, Yu Changmo had his chest heaving up and down peacefully. Qianmo looked at him and wondered how he got injured with the gauze over his shoulders.

    Qianmo stood up and had not yet reached his bed or stretched out her hands when her father glared at her. She withdrew her hands and highly suspected that if he ever dared to touch her, her father would get a blade and attack the man in the bed.

    Anyway, as long as he was fine, everything would be all right. Qianmo pulled her hands back and balled them into fists, missing the disappointed look of that bed-ridden guy.

    After she came out of the ward, Qianmo saw a group of people standing with a straight back. They should be his subordinates. Judging from the way they kept an eye on here and the way they stood, she could tell that the man inside must be very well-respected by these people.

    Chen Baichuan glanced at the gang, ignoring them and asking his daughter.

    “Who is that blood-covered bastard?” Chen Baichuan had a tendency of thinking that none of the guys out there were good people, especially the one who almost got his daughter!

    Those people were still on their feet with their backs ramrod straight, yet they all threw a look in his direction.

    “My senior brother in high school.”

    Oh, they remembered: their boss had not yet got his father-in-law done yet!

    “How did you know the blood type of your senior brother?” Chen Baichuan asked further, not letting her go.

    That looked very suspicious! What kind of senior brother would have a junior sister in his arms? What kind of junior sister would rush to the hospital to save a senior brother instead of going to school?

    “We had a blood test in school.”

    “Why didn’t I know about it?”

    “Uncle, please come here.” A couple of men of Yu Changmo’s underlings stepped out and took hold of Chen Baichuan.

    Chen Baichuan got confused. What was this about?

    “We have something important to tell you, so please come here…” They pulled Chen Baichuan away and then winked at Chen Qianmo.

    Go ahead, Sister-in-law, we are covering for you!

    Seeing that Chen Baichuan was whisked away, the man who had talked with Qianmo on the phone came over and said to her politely, “Thank you, Sister-in-law!”

    If Sister-in-law had not arrived in time, the boss would have been in immense danger.

    “You are welcome, and don’t call me Sister-in-law.” Qianmo was a bit embarrassed to hear how she was addressed. He was so sick, but where was his mysterious “girlfriend”?

    “Are you Chen Qianmo?”

    “How did you know?” Was she already that famous?

    “If you are indeed Chen Qianmo, you must be our Sister-in-law!”

    Everyone was so excited! Their boss did have good judgment: she was not only beautiful but also generous. How envious they were!