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Chapter 33

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 33: Here She Was

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    In the parking lot of the hospital, Qianmo found herself getting quite tongue-tied when she thought of how those men reacted. Why were they calling her Sister-in-law? Why were they asking her if she was called Chen Qianmo when she was rejecting the title?

    When she continued to fire questions on them, those people suddenly stopped answering. Instead, they kept throwing suggestive glances that she should ask their boss when he woke up.

    Did he have a girlfriend with the same name? But that was not quite likely. Qianmo thought through all the reactions, and then an idea flashed across her mind all of a sudden. Had he fallen in love with her at first sight? But soon, she abandoned that notion.

    They had just met the day before, and now he was already so crazily fascinated by her? Qianmo, who had been used to her appearance, didn’t realize if she looked any different from others. However, in her previous life, he seemed to be clinging to her after he gave her some of his blood…

    Could this be their destiny to meet each other by donating blood? Why not just make a bowl of pig-blood bun, so they could both remember this unique relationship…?

    Chen Baichuan didn’t go and fetch his car when he came to the parking lot. Rather, he tilted his head and squinted at his daughter, who had just donated the blood and was flushing suspiciously.

    “Dad, what are you staring at?” Qianmo got a bit dizzy. Currently, she wanted nothing more than to get into the car as soon as possible.

    “So that boy is actually a businessman? Why does he have so many followers?”

    “Because he is popular.”

    Yu Changmo seemed very interested in hiring retired soldiers. Qianmo felt somehow wonderful when she thought of those hot-blooded boys. They were young, spirited, pure, and ambitious. The army had truly managed to bring up many talents. Also, judging from their attitudes, it seemed that Yu Changmo was especially well-liked. He was indeed extraordinary…

    It was that expression again!!!

    Chen Baichuan burst out into anger when he saw his daughter’s gratified face.

    “Where does that bad boy live? How big is his family? What are his parents doing for a living? Where is his house? What car is he driving? What is his monthly income? Does he have siblings? What are their professions? Will he be economically burdened? Must you live with mother-in-law after you marry him? Does he have any sisters who are pretty annoying?”

    Spill out everything!

    He had been too careless about Lin Xiang, almost tricked by him. He must not allow his daughter to pick up a random guy again!

    Qianmo already had been quite light-headed and now even more so after being bellowed at by her father. She did not have any intention of talking to her father. Still, she couldn’t stand it anymore when he kept talking all the time about him being a security guard.

    “Stop calling him a bad boy any more! What bad boys have charisma like him? His men said that he got injured because he was trying to save people! Besides, we are not dating. He was my senior brother in high school, and we just met a few times on campus. I can’t just ignore him if something happens to him.” These were all real facts, without any blemish.

    Except that many details were ignored or left out.

    Chen Baichuan sneered. “Oh, so he is just a senior brother from school who got you to talk so much in one breath? Why are you defending him then?!”

    His daughter was a girl who never bothered to explain anything. When she brought Lin Xiang home last time, Qianmo made no clarifications, no matter how much he asked. But this time, she kept praising that bad boy for being charismatic in such an irritable way?

    Yes, he was indeed good-looking. But did that help? Did that mean that he was allowed to seduce the only daughter someone else had made so much effort to nurture? What was the point of bringing up a daughter who was already defending that bad boy before they were even married? Damn!

    Also, pretty girls were such a piece of work! They always got stalked by vile guys, for example, Lin Xiang and this man, who even held her in his arms! Had all the good girls been taken advantage of by horrid men?

    Chen Baichuan grew increasingly furious inside his heart. But seeing that his daughter was massaging her temples, he assumed that she was feeling well after the blood transfusion. This seemingly strict father now became quite concerned. He stopped interrogating her about the relationship between that wretched guy and his little princess.

    “Stay here; I’ll get the car.”

    Qianmo put down her hands after seeing him running towards the car. Her father was more lively than him of the previous life, and he was even more nagging too…

    Qianmo turned her head and saw the dazzling light reflected from the ward windows. She knew that she was too late for school, for there were no more high-speed trains at this hour. She could stay at home one more night and leave the following day. What’s more, when her father went to bed, she could sneak out and revisit him. She might even bring him… a scallion-pancake?

    Sir, one scallion-pancake, please.

    Qianmo couldn’t help but smile when she felt that she had heard his voice again. She had saved him with blood transfusion, so it was totally reasonable for her to visit him. Or maybe she could ask him what “Sister-in-law” was all about.

    Her father was already driving his car out of the parking when a new car pulled in and waited aside for him to spare the spot. Hang on, who was that…

    Qianmo’s eyes were fixed upon somewhere in the parking lot, and she felt her heart skipping a beat and body stiffening. It was a Benz G65 that was waiting for Chen Baichuan’s spot, the finest all-terrain vehicle in the world. It had the best features and quality, totally incomparable.

    That magnificently fabulous car made Qianmo’s eyes linger for a few more seconds. She remembered that in her previous life, this large-size vehicle was his beloved, and it was also his favorite brand, changing to a newer model whenever it was out. He only needed to press the accelerator to go over a river that no one else dared to cross.

    He liked that type of car, and he bought her one too. Nevertheless, Qianmo had no interest in driving a car as if she were driving a boat, but he had no idea about that at all. She believed that this overly tough car didn’t suit ladies. One second later, however, Qianmo discarded that idea when she saw a woman coming out of the driving seat. She looked valiant, that luxurious car fitting her perfectly.

    She had a slender and tall body with the sunglasses shading half of her face. It was not easy to tell her age from her beautiful appearance, but Qianmo almost lost her breath when she caught sight of her. Although half of her face was covered, Qianmo still recognized her at one glance.

    This seemingly young woman was at least in her 40s at this moment, because she was none other than her beloved teacher from her previous life—Chen Meng.

    Her teacher was more than friendly to her. She gave Qianmo a new lease on life but left and vanished after Qianmo was released from prison, refusing to reveal her name and her accomplishments.

    All Qianmo had been able to do was to send her teacher a letter, asking her why she was so nice to her. She had replied and told her that if Qianmo had not axed that scumbag man and ended up being in prison out of impulse, she would have been the most brilliant student from the Department of Psychology of police school.

    Her teacher worked at the psychology institute and was a visiting professor for the police school. She felt pity for her after reading her documents.

    She should have been an excellent policewoman but ended up behind bars because of an action done in the heat of the moment. Chen Meng didn’t want to see such a tragedy happening, so she visited the prison and steered Qianmo back to the right course. That was what her teacher wrote in the letter.

    That was an awkward explanation, to say the least, very unreasonable in many points.

    Qianmo knew that there were many other people who were more remarkable than her. Plus, why would such an outstandingly authoritative expert come to her by defiling her own self-esteem?

    What got her thinking was the last sentence at the end of her teacher’s letter: all riddles would be solved when destiny called.

    Even the teacher herself admitted that “an excellent student” was just a lousy excuse and that there was some other reason behind the whole thing.