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Chapter 34

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 34: Like Me? How Wonderful

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    Qianmo died before she could find out the truth in her previous life. She got excited when she saw her teacher showing up in front of her, almost bursting out her name at that moment. She simply couldn’t press down the excitement in her heart. Qianmo walked straight to Chen Meng, who also caught sight of her. She removed her sunglasses and looked at her.

    Wait, this little girl was…?!

    Chen Meng’s eyes widened; she looked lovelier than the picture showed. No wonder her son loved her; she liked her too. She was so beautiful but not enchanting, looking upright in the police uniform. Qianmo fitted perfectly the standards of her future daughter-in-law.

    Seeing the teacher she had been longing for right in front of her face, Qianmo got bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. However, for some reason, why did she find her teacher looking at her in surprise too?

    It was as if she had seen a plate of delicious food. Speaking of that, Qianmo suddenly thought of a matter: when the teacher came to the prison to visit her, she would always bring food with her. While Qianmo was eating, her teacher would watch her from the side, appearing confused as though she had never eaten this kind of food before. Qianmo even suspected if these were dishes made by Chen Meng.

    If that had been made by her teacher, why was she staring at her in this manner? What’s more, currently, she was gazing at her in precisely the same fashion. Qianmo went up to her and presented herself in a slightly discreet way.

    “T… Professor Chen, nice to meet you.” Qianmo looked at her teacher and noticed that her eyes were glittering even more at such a short distance.

    “You know who I am?” Chen Meng was surprised. She was suddenly reminded of a thing: why was this girl not at school at the moment? What was she doing at the hospital?

    “I am a freshman at police school, and I heard about you.” Actually, she hadn’t. She had no idea whether her teacher was involved with the school at all. But calling her professor would not hurt anyone. She was an authoritative woman, after all.

    Qianmo felt her heart skipping a beat at the sight of her teacher. Did she have some secret of keeping herself young? Why was she not different at all? When they talked about this issue privately, Chen Meng gave Qianmo some sets of skincare products. The recipe was that you must spend money to keep your youth!

    At this moment, Chen Meng was a bit amused inside her heart, witnessing Qianmo look at herself in such an earnest way. So this girl had heard of her before? She looked at her potential daughter-in-law with a smile, totally forgetting her worries.

    This powerful woman was not arrogant in the slightest. Just like in her previous life, she was always so affable and warm-hearted towards Qianmo, who was very happy to see her as if she had seen her family. Instead of saying anything flattering, she expressed her faith to her teacher.

    “I want to become an accomplished woman like you in the future, and I’ll work diligently for that.”

    Chen Meng also smiled after being flattered. She stretched out her hands in a meaningful way and took hold of Qianmo’s, patting slightly.

    “A woman like me?”

    Qianmo nodded enthusiastically. Yes!

    She was going to become the most authoritative expert in criminal psychology, to promote the legal construction, to conduct more in-depth research in her field, and to reduce the crime rate. She was definitely going to make a name for herself for the sake of her teacher!

    “I have three children, and two of them are twins.” Definitely like me…

    Chen Meng was already imagining how she would have one grandchild in each hand like two bodyguards and bragging right in front of those old neighbors.

    Your children had partners and got married, so did mine!

    See, her future daughter-in-law had already expressed her idea of learning from her mother-in-law—to give birth to many children!

    Qianmo was confused by her teacher’s words: what babies?

    Seeing the woman that she had always dreamed of meeting appearing in front of her, Qianmo simply felt at a loss for words. She tried so hard to talk with her teacher and present her best side to her while Chen Meng was also trying to figure out some common topics to share with this lovely girl.

    At this moment, Chen Baichuan drove the car to her side. Seeing that his daughter was talking with a beautiful lady, he rolled down the window and was about to ask who that was when his phone rang.

    “Yes, this is Chen Qianmo’s parent… what?! My daughter is expelled?!”

    In the vacant underground parking lot, Chen Baichuan shouted so loudly that the voice echoed everywhere. Chen Meng and Qianmo were just looking at each other when their attention was drawn to that sharp yell.

    Qianmo was just in the middle of figuring out how to make her teacher remember herself when she felt falling from heaven to hell. After all, she was a freshman with no achievements, and it was not easy for her to get to talk with her teacher with such a great background.

    But her teacher would remember her now! She had just left such a poor impression on her!

    Almost no one had been expelled from this school since it was established, and why did her father have to shout this out loud in front of her teacher!

    Chen Meng felt the girl’s hands in hers freezing. Then she noticed her face turning pale and her eyes becoming full of despair. She was about to console Qianmo and tell her not to get too anxious when she grew so agitated that she collapsed.

    After the transfusion, she was feeling giddy already. However, when she heard her father roaring about her being ousted in front of her teacher, she couldn’t stand it anymore.

    Chen Meng was holding her up. Seeing his daughter fainting in someone else’s arms, Chen Baichuan got off the car and rushed to her without even hanging up the phone.

    “What’s wrong with this girl?” Chen Meng asked as she held Qianmo in her arms.

    Chen Baichuan had no idea about his daughter’s relationship with this woman but considered her as a kind-hearted lady. So he took over his daughter cautiously and let out a breath.

    “Sigh, my daughter saved a silly boy today. Both of them have a rare blood type. She would rather give him blood than go back to school, but the administration called, saying that they are going to expel my daughter… not sure where this annoying boy is from. His arm was hurt yesterday, but he had her in his two arms! So unruly…”

    Chen Baichuan took hold of his daughter’s unconscious body and didn’t have time to hang up the phone. Seeing this, Chen Meng grabbed the phone from his hand.

    On the other side of the line, the staff from the school was trying to reach Chen Baichuan. Where did this guy go in the middle of a call?

    “This is Chen Meng. Chen Qianmo just saved someone, and she must not be expelled.” Chen Meng had already understood what was going on. This girl had missed the window of returning to school because she was donating her blood. She was so moved by her actions at the moment that she was definitely not going to watch her expelled.

    After all, her future daughter-in-law had promised to learn from her: she was going to give birth to many babies…

    It had been Qianmo’s mentor who informed the school. Besides, he was not in a high enough position to know who Chen Meng was. Hearing her rejecting his statement, he got impolite.

    “Your words don’t count! I knew you are her family! It is not so easy to bluff school! Chen Qianmo broke her promise and ignored the rule. Our school is different from other universities, and students with moralities like her don’t fit the bill. Goodbye!”

    The guy hung up the phone rudely, leaving Chen Meng speechless.

    Well, she indeed had no reason to rebuff what he said. That fellow said that she was her family, and he had indeed hit the nail right on the head. Maybe she was not now, but most likely, she would be in the future.