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Chapter 35

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 35: A Stubborn Girl

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    Chen Baichuan helped his daughter to the car and planned to take her to the emergency room. It was such a messy situation that he had no idea where to start. Anxious and furious, he threw his temper at Yu Changmo.

    “Coveting my daughter! Filthy thing! Damn!” Chen Baichuan drove the car to the emergency building, taking over the phone Chen Meng gave to him while complaining about Yu Changmo. Had it not been for the transfusion, his daughter would have gone back to school! But the situation had gone critical, and his daughter might have to drop out.

    Chen Baichuan’s complaint greeted Chen Meng’s ears, stiffening her. The door of the passenger seat of that luxurious car opened at this moment. Yu Shaofeng had been watching the whole scene from beginning to end, but he never showed up. Instead, he left his wife Chen Meng to deal with their son’s beloved girl.

    This experienced man had a good impression of Qianmo. He felt that their second son truly had a good taste and judgment, being able to spot the most outstanding girl among the crowd, very excellent indeed.

    Chen Meng jabbed her husband, feeling loaded.

    “Did you hear that? It seems our future in-laws do not like our son much as we would have hoped!”

    Although she was glad that her son had the courage to conquer his psychological issue and embraced Qianmo, yet she wondered what he meant by hugging her in front of her father? Chen Meng had a daughter too, and she fully understood how Father Chen felt.

    If there was a bad boy who dared to hug her own daughter right in her face the day they met, it would already be quite polite of her not to beat him black and blue.

    Chen Meng suddenly felt worried; that boy had become too arrogant. Why must he hug her in front of her father rather than any other time?

    “How did you get our son to become like this? What if he remains single forever?!”

    “Hasn’t it always been you who keeps an eye out for him?” Yu Shaofeng was very calm.

    “Then maybe it is your genes!” Chen Meng was furious at his carefree attitude.

    “What about fixing her school issue instead of complaining about our son.” Yu Shaofeng threw a loving look at his wife, who was so eager to get grandchildren.

    “What do you think our son will do if he knew that Chen Qianmo got expelled due to the transfusion? Also, I remember you worrying about Qianmo lying to our son.”

    Oh, woman, you are just so fickle.

    Chen Meng rolled her eyes at him. “Those documents were just not accurate. Besides, pictures are lifeless! And I have met the real person now, and I won’t be mistaken about whether the girl is good or evil.”

    After spending a mere few minutes with Qianmo, she could tell that this daughter-in-law was a capable and steady girl. On top of that, she was her idol! A girl with an excellent taste and charisma was definitely a perfect match for her son.


    Qianmo woke up after she had a blackout. What she remembered was that she ran into her teacher at the hospital and that she heard her being expelled. Recalling up to this point, she suddenly sat up from the bed, startling the doctor who was checking her up.

    Chen Baichuan instantly leaned forward to the doctor as he saw his daughter reclining. He had been waiting for her anxiously for a very long time.

    “How’s my daughter?”

    “Not a big deal; she just needs some rest. Or she can stay at the hospital if you are that worried.” The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with Qianmo.

    Qianmo had no spare thoughts for hospitalization. Her head started buzzing with pain when she thought of the meeting with her teacher.

    “Dad, my tea… where is the woman I was talking with?”

    Chen Baichuan focused so much upon his daughter that he didn’t really pay attention to the person she talked with.

    “I don’t know. I brought you here after you passed out. Mo, what about staying at the hospital? The school has… you know, after all…”

    Even though Chen Baichuan hated that man who stopped his daughter from returning to school, what was done was done. It would not help to get distressed when the administration had already passed the notification. Therefore, now that Qianmo was weak and tired, she might as well stay here and take a rest.

    Qianmo shook her head and stood up with all her strength. “I need to get back right this instant.”

    She was not at all happy that she was expelled in this way. She must explain to the school, no matter whether they would listen, she still must try. Chen Baichuan got anxious, seeing his daughter remained so persistent.

    He was not able to help with anything about her going to school. The authorities didn’t accept any presents or listen to any words.

    “That is only a school! Just give it up! I can find you a school abroad, but you should take a rest now. Hey, where are you going?”

    Before Chen Baichuan finished his words, he saw his daughter dragging her exhausted body out of the door. He hurriedly ran after her.

    “Hey, you girl! Are you already so wilful as not to listen to me?!” Chen Baichuan talked in an intimidating fashion before realizing that Qianmo was totally ignoring him. He calmed down after that.

    “Whatever, I will drive you there. Honestly, whose temper has she taken after!”

    “Yours!” Qianmo snapped, silencing Chen Baichuan.

    Qianmo became dizzy and light-headed as she hurriedly walked to the parking lot. However, she ceased her steps all of a sudden after a few moments, and then she glanced back at the ward.

    The sun was just making way for the moon, so the lights were turned on. As a result, the ward brightened, and the man Qianmo had been longing for was lying there. The doctor said that it was going to be a critical observation period, and if she returned to school now, she would not make it back if anything unexpected were to happen.

    The little voice of the angel inside her heart asked her not to leave since she had owed him so much. Yet the tiny voice of the demon asked her to go because she was not a doctor, and with so many people around, she would not be of help even if she stayed.

    As the angel and the demon kept arguing with each other, Qianmo, who was rational and smart, understood that she must ask her father to drive her back to school and to explain her deed. Besides, if the hospital could offer a certificate, she might really have some hope.

    Still, she found it difficult to move her heavy steps at the moment. She was tangled with her emotions, failing to choose between the two. The images of her teacher being disappointed and him lying in sickbed kept overlapping with one another, struggling to take over.

    Chen Baichuan had overtaken her by now and found his daughter motionlessly standing right on the spot.

    ‘Oh man, this girl had her own ideas and was under the control of no one.’ Chen Baichuan sighed.

    “Dad, I am not leaving tonight. I will stay in the hospital.”

    “I will help you with the procedures, and you…”

    “I need to go to the bathroom.” Qianmo walked towards the ward without hesitation.

    There were other ways to fix the school problem in the future. She could attend the college entrance examination this year and get accepted by the department of psychology from a non-police school. Thus, it was just a matter of time before she could meet her teacher.

    It didn’t matter how many roundabouts she had to take, but this road that was going to take her to him was what she needed to walk through.

    Chen Baichuan mumbled as he watched his daughter’s receding figure.

    “Just spill out if you want to see that bad boy! Why bother to give such a lame excuse? Is his name ‘bathroom’ now? If it really is so, then Mo says that she needs him? Really?! Damn! He has got a big prize!”

    This stubborn girl listened to none when she fixed her mind on something. And now, her heart had settled on that bad boy, and that was something her father couldn’t do anything about!

    What he could do was to help her fix the hospitalization procedure!

    Qianmo’s figure was spotted by Chen Meng and her husband who were standing outside the window of the ward, causing a smile to bloom on Chen Meng’s face. She was absolutely satisfied with this daughter-in-law.

    That girl was obviously astute and smart, so much so that she knew how to get emotional for the man she cared about. How moving!

    Chen Meng talked on the phone while feeling content and gratified.

    “Congratulations, Wang. Your student saved someone today, and she is indeed excellent.”

    The principal on the phone with her got confused. Who was the student Professor Chen was talking about, the one that saved someone today?