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Chapter 36

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 36: His Other Side

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    “Who’s the student you’re talking about?” The principal asked discreetly.

    Chen Meng recounted the story and threw a glance out of the window; Qianmo was already in the building. She exchanged a look with her husband, who nodded and walked outside. He then whispered something to his son’s men who bobbed their heads too. Next, they moved outwards. They were going to keep Qianmo occupied for a moment under the order of Mrs. Yu so that she would not come up so fast.

    After explaining the situation to the principal, Chen Meng was about to hang up the phone when he suddenly thought of something on the other side of the line.

    If it was a regular transfusion, what Professor Chen needed to do was to call his men. But when she reached him instead, she might…

    “What’s your relationship with Chen Qianmo?”

    Chen Meng threw a look at her son, who was sleeping in bed. “She is my family.”

    These four words hit the nail on the head, and the principal understood everything.

    “Whose Miss Right is she?”

    “My second son’s.”

    The principal was no longer confused. Instead, he kept passing on congratulatory words.

    However, Chen Meng said happily, “Although my son will not get married as early as yours, you’ve already seen what my future daughter-in-law is like. Well, the latter one has taken over. Please inform your wife that she and her daughter-in-law should join Qianmo and me for some spa when we all have time.”

    This upright yet stingy principal didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. No wonder she called him on purpose: she was trying to show off her daughter-in-law?!

    His wife and Professor Chen worked in the same place. Since she had not exceeded Chen Meng either in career or family throughout her entire life, she kept showing off her son, who was getting married very soon, suggesting that even though Professor Chen had three excellent boys, all of them were still unmarried.

    However, it was something that annoyed Chen Meng, so she instantly started to boast when her daughter-in-law was in sight!

    Chen Meng hung up the phone and had arms over her waist as she said, “Just wait and see, you guys; the latecomers always take over! Slow and steady wins the race, after all.”

    “So confident?” Yu Shaofeng raised his eyebrows. She was already defending the girl before they even officially started to date. His wife made this call to show off her son’s girl, but actually, she was trying to back her up.

    If the news that she canceled the wedding behind the school’s back was leaked, Qianmo would have a terrible reputation on campus even if she didn’t quit the school. But the call from Chen Meng changed the whole situation.

    It was like announcing to the school that if any rumor were to be spread about Chen Qianmo, she would not hesitate to make enemies. After all, Director Chen always had the habit of defending her family. She liked joking around, yet she was still clear-minded.

    “We’ve both seen with our very own eyes how Qianmo is and the way she treats our son. Hence, how can we keep misunderstanding her by following those terrible men’s ideas?”

    When some hitmen tried to stop Qianmo from returning to school in the morning on purpose, she got rid of them but chose to stay on for her son, even if it meant that she would be expelled. If Chen Meng didn’t step out and help, she would be totally out of line.

    “It doesn’t matter whether she will end up marrying our son; I’ll vouch for her today after she decided to save our son rather than go to her school. I think this girl is worth respecting and my help.”

    Chen Meng watched her resting son, feeling very gratified. This boy was the most worrying one among all of the three children she had. She was delighted to see him having such a good girlfriend.

    What she could do was to assist her son with whatever she could, and what she had done was to remove the obstacles for the girl he liked to a proper degree. As for how he was going to court her and whether they would end up being together, she would not interfere at all. That was their own private affair.

    “What about meeting her?” Yu Shaofeng checked the time and realized that his son’s men would not be able to keep that girl busy for too long.

    “Not a good time now. I don’t want to give that child too much pressure. Come on, let’s go, honey.” Chen Meng took her husband’s hands and left with him. She was assured to leave her son in the care of that girl.

    When Qianmo came upstairs on the elevator, she was still thinking of Yu Changmo’s men she had run into on the way. The two men kept her busy while talking with her. No matter whether she liked it or not, they kept praising Yu Changmo.

    Something like their Boss won the championship at a martial arts competition and broke many records that were yet to be exceeded, like he was very outstanding and blablabla.

    Qianmo had been in a hurry to see him and got quite impatient being occupied by these two. However, what they said in the last few sentences piqued her interest, successfully holding her up. He was steady and capable, and that was the side she had not met until now. Through the duo, Qianmo heard much news she wasn’t aware of in her previous life.

    But there was one thing these two men said that Qianmo couldn’t agree with.

    “You said that he’s a harsh man?”

    “Please, Sister-in-law, do not tell Boss that I told you this. Can’t you try to persuade him not to be so strict about being… perfect?”

    Yu Changmo was an excellent man himself, someone capable of doing everything. However, that was the requirement he had set upon his men too.

    While the staff from the other departments were required to complete the task up to 99% perfectness, Yu Changmo thought that anything without 100% perfection was a failure. In one word, he was being critical and didn’t accept anything with even a slight defect.

    To put it more plainly—always picky and fussy about every single detail.

    That was also why his team was the most excellent one of all, one that was going through most hardship.

    “You are exaggerating, aren’t you?” She couldn’t remember him throwing any temper.

    In her impression, he had very few expressions, but he spoiled her in every possible way. In her previous life, she was definitely a trouble-maker, and sometimes, she could be exceedingly unreasonable and cause him much distress. However, he was never displeased.

    Therefore, the impression Yu Changmo left upon her was that he was always tolerant even though he couldn’t endure it anymore!

    “Oh, Sister-in-law, you have no clue how much suffering we go through while following our Boss. It’s so scary! A single mistake would make him scold us to the fullest degree… One time when I wrote a report to him and made a mistake at the symbols, he kept nagging me for five minutes! Five whole minutes without a repeated word. He does have a rich vocabulary of reprimanding people!”

    He was a director, but he didn’t dare to talk back after being rebuked in such a manner. How much harder could life get?

    “…” He threw temper too? And since when did he talk that much? Wasn’t he always silenced and facially paralyzed?

    Qianmo was shocked. Was she reborn into a fake world?

    “He doesn’t… chatter that much, does he?” Why was he always passionately staring at her without saying anything when he was with her?

    “Oh, if we don’t irritate him, he indeed talks little, but if anyone does so… Sister-in-law, when Boss participated in the national debate contest for university students back at school, he triumphed over each contestant. He was logical and reasonable without uttering any filthy words! Anyone with a fragile psychological problem would get ill afterward. I am not exaggerating here: people were crying, actually crying!”

    The other guy jabbed him, who kept spilling out information, hinting that he should save his breath. What if his wife was scared off? It was not so easy for their Boss to find a girlfriend, after all.

    “Then why are you still following him when he is so stern with you guys?” Qianmo was curious.

    “Because it’s an honor to follow him. Only the most excellent soldiers can be the men of the most excellent general. Also, Boss is very nice to us, like he got injured this time because…”