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Chapter 37

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 37: Back Off, Bastard!

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    Yu Changmo and his team were out for negotiation. Even though he didn’t have to go when his arm was wounded, he was a perfectionist who insisted on dealing with an emergency right on time. In order to protect his men, he added more injuries on top of his already existing one.

    The man who tried to stop his friend from telling Qianmo was the one Yu Changmo had saved. When the incident was mentioned, he was choking with sobs.

    “Although Boss is strict with us, he really takes care of everyone, with all his heart. I might have… died if not for him.”

    The other “reporter” also had admiration written all over his face, nodding hard.

    “Sister-in-law, Boss is stern, annoying, and verbally harsh, but he is definitely capable and makes us all feel safe. You have to be the one that goes to hell; oh, what I mean is, you and he are so cute together.”

    It was indeed true that the man took care of his people. He would put candies into Qianmo’s pockets and made plans for her to take revenge. He was an umbrella of protection, one that she couldn’t find any problem with, just like a role made up in a TV-series.

    And it had been because of his perfection that made her feel so guilty towards him…

    Qianmo entered the ward and found him fast asleep. He was still frowning, not able to sleep well. The two men exchanged a glance, then walked out of the ward and closed the door, leaving Qianmo and Boss alone.

    He was in the patient’s gown, and his top was left open, revealing the layers of bandages inside. It was said that no one could approach him, and he didn’t want his clothes to be changed.

    What an unfortunate man! His arm had just been hit the day before, and now he got injured for saving his subordinate. Noticing that sweat beads were strolling out of his forehead, Qianmo went to get a towel for him from the bathroom and was about to wipe them off his forehead.

    The towel was still a distance away from his face when her slender and snow-white wrist was grabbed by him. Yu Changmo opened his eyes, appearing cautious and alert. Even while dead to the world, he was able to detect the approaching assailant. Qianmo didn’t utter a sound, although her wrist was gripped hard.

    The startled man had not figured out what was going on. His hair was slightly unkempt, and the bandages over his chest revealed his perfect, healthy muscles. With his hand over Qianmo’s wrist, he looked so profound and fierce that his eyes could even melt the sun and the moon. Although he had just gotten out of a fatal situation, he still had a sharp look on him, just like a hawk searching for prey.

    This woman, no, this goddess, greeted his eyes when he focused himself. Yu Changmo instantly sat right up.

    “Watch out; don’t move that fast.” Qianmo had wanted to help him to lie down when the force on his increased, as if their two hands were glued together.

    Yu Changmo was now more certain than ever after hearing his goddess’s gentle voice: it was a dream, because if it was not, why was she talking to him?

    And since it was a dream, he could do whatever he wanted without worrying about anything. So he went straight up and took hold of her directly!

    Qianmo’s body turned rigid suddenly. His arms felt both strange and familiar, giving out a different texture and air compared to those of previous life. Was he confused, or had he got dumb because of the fever?

    This dream felt so real that Yu Changmo didn’t want to wake up. Since they were already hugging in the dream, what about doing something more…

    Qianmo watched as his lips approached her closer and closer. So close that she could feel that warm air caressing her face. Was he trying to… kiss her?

    This guy had been a very upright man in her previous life, who would even sweat while holding hands. So was this fellow a twin brother who tried to kiss her at their first or second meeting?

    Yu Changmo was just about to reach her when he felt someone pulling him away from the neck, trying to break him and his goddess.

    Qianmo saw that it was her displeased father who was grasping Yu Changmo’s neck. Chen Baichuan had just finished the hospitalization procedure and came to seek for his daughter. Sure enough, the lass who claimed to need to go to the bathroom was in need of ‘bathroom’!

    That was not going to happen, not in front of him!

    This shameless guy was taking advantage of his daughter in public! Chen Baichuan came rushing to this bastard, who tried to approach his apple of the eye, breaking these two away as far as possible!

    Yu Changmo was also furious when he couldn’t even kiss his goddess in his “dream”. He turned around and was about to strike Chen Baichuan with one single hand when Qianmo burst out.

    “Get down, Dad!”

    Dad… Yu Changmo withdrew his hands and squinted at Chen Baichuan, who took this opportunity and gave him a push, making Qianmo drag her father off furiously.

    “You are bullying an injured man!”

    “This bastard wants to take advantage of you!” Chen Baichuan firmly believed that if he had been a second later, his daughter was going to be kissed by this man.

    Oh right, this man was her father.

    Although it was merely a “dream”, pleasing future father-in-law was a skill that every man from Family Yu should master. After all, that had been what his father was doing, and Yu Changmo had learned a great deal from him.

    “Dad, don’t worry. I’ll treat her well.” Yu Changmo accompanied the words with a nod. “And I’ll also be filial to you.”

    That made Chen Baichuan even more enraged.

    What the heck?!

    Where did this bastard come from?

    What was he calling him?! He and his daughter were not even dating, and he was already calling him Dad?

    “I don’t know you and nor does my daughter!” Chen Baichuan would have punched this bastard had he not been held by Qianmo.

    “My name is Yu Changmo, born in Shizhou and grew up in the capital. I’m 25 years old and running a family business. My monthly salary is…”

    “I’m not listening! We’ve nothing to do with you; Mo, let’s go!” Chen Baichuan found this man more provocative the more he talked about himself.

    Qianmo didn’t know whether she should cry or laugh when she watched the two of them bickering with each other with a completely different focus.

    If she was right, Yu Changmo might have said some terrible words in his fever, which her father took as real.

    “Come, Dad.” Qianmo pushed her father off, or there would be a battle in a few minutes.

    Seeing that she was leaving, Yu Changmo jumped off the bed and took hold of Qianmo despite his fragile body.

    “Don’t leave!”

    Couldn’t she just stay a few more moments with him in the dream? He wouldn’t be able to conquer his own mental issue when he woke up. However, in the dream, he could take hold of the girl he loved, and he was never going to let go!

    “I’ll come back later.” Qianmo whispered in his ears.

    At this moment, this was what was happening in the room: Chen Baichuan had gotten extremely furious being one meter away from these two people, watching this bandaged guy taking advantage of his daughter right in front of his face!

    Taken by him from behind, he and Qianmo were standing in an excellent position. She was 168 cm while he was 182, perfect for hand-holding, kissing, and hugging. Everything was just ripe, ready for them to take a step further.

    He had arms around her from behind while she looked up slightly and saw his handsome and chiseled face. She was whispering in his ears, creating a scene that made them appear like a well-positioned couple that would look so cute on any magazine. And that also incensed the girl’s father to the tipping point!

    He couldn’t stand it anymore!

    Chen Baichuan didn’t expect that an injured hooligan of a soldier could be so rampant. He rolled up his sleeves, exposing the muscles gained from picking up sea products, and got ready for a battle!

    This was the father, and the bastard should back off!