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Chapter 38

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 38: Expulsion and Holiday

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    Qianmo turned around and made a promise in Yu Changmo’s ears that she would return later.

    As the warm air blew past his ears, he felt the tickling sensation zip past from his ears all the way to his heart. She smelled so good, and her eyes looked so starry. Her voice that echoed over the empty valley made this dream way too realistic.

    Held by him in this way, Qianmo had no time for any romantic moments but was only worried about his physical condition. It was not healthy for him to stand in such a manner, and she was about to get him back to bed when her father lunged at them.

    Chen Baichuan took the opportunity to attack Yu Changmo while he was being all lovey-dovey with Qianmo. His care for his daughter made him punch directly on Yu Changmo’s wound, which caused him enormous pain. However, he uttered no sound, except that his pupils widened.

    That was a tough guy with an unyielding spirit. But Qianmo had no time to praise him for being gritty. Instead, her heart ached for him.

    “Are you out of your mind! Why did you hit him?!” Qianmo furiously bellowed at her father.

    “What does he mean by being so rampant? I must teach him a lesson!” Chen Baichuan had his mind upon separating his daughter and the bastard when the way his daughter looked at him startled him for a second.

    Qianmo was not looking at her own father at the moment. Rather, she was watching Yu Changmo in such a concerned fashion that she didn’t even realize how unusual her gaze was.

    “Does it hurt?” Qianmo supported him cautiously and wanted to help him back to bed, only to realize that his body had stiffened, and he almost fell out of breath. She couldn’t help but blame all of these to her father.

    Her father hit his wound without any consideration. What if it split!

    Yu Changmo behaved like this not because he was in pain, but because he was shocked.

    The pain of his wound reminded him that it was not a dream!

    Everything was real!

    He was hugging her; he almost kissed her; and he… almost hit her father!

    After realizing that it was not a dream, he found his mental disorder rearing its head again. He couldn’t breathe, feeling dizzy and light-headed. The girl in his arms and the furious look of the girl’s father made his heart beat insanely fast. As his mind churned with thoughts… he collapsed, right then and there.

    He would have fallen on all fours on the floor had Qianmo not supported him.

    Qianmo helped him to the bed and rang for the doctor. Chen Baichuan was fiddling with his fingers like a boy that had just made a mistake.

    “I didn’t hit him that hard. Could he have…” been dead?

    “He saved me so many times, and I owe him a lot. Dad, you shouldn’t have hit him!” Qianmo’s look at him jerked Chen Baichuan up. Oh god, why was this girl so fierce-looking?

    “Even though I didn’t use much force, he still fainted. I can’t be the reason…”

    This was a sentence that would make him pay dearly. Qianmo never dragged on what she decided to do. Three minutes later, she came out of the ward, and five minutes later, her aunt, who was on the way to the hospital, received a text from her. She mumbled the lines.

    “The mistakes Mr. Chen Baichuan made this month: 1. Hugging a young family member in the plantation. 2. Saving over 2000 personal money. 3. Getting a membership card of some hotel…!!!”

    These three unrelated matters created a land of imagination when put together. Mu Mianmian almost exploded out of fury.

    “Drive faster, please!” Brother-in-law, you’re making a huge, terrible mistake!

    He saved personal money and got the membership of a hotel. Was he trying to do that with the little lass at the sea cucumber plantation?!

    Not knowing that disaster was on the way, Chen Baichuan led his daughter back to the ward. However, a smiling doctor stopped them before even stepping out of the present ward.

    “Mr. Chen, right? Your daughter’s ward has been upgraded to the single room next door, without any cost.”

    Chen Baichuan followed the direction this unusually friendly doctor pointed at and found that it was situated right… next to the bastard’s!

    “Can the ward even be upgraded? Then why was I told that only four-beds rooms are left when I checked in?” And how could this doctor seem so cordial and flattering too?

    The doctor looked innocent, though. “If you don’t take the single room, there will not be any four-beds room left either.”

    Qianmo looked around. Sure enough, she noticed Yu Changmo’s men, who made a “go ahead” gesture to her.

    These young men were just so… naughty.

    Chen Baichuan found the situation quite tricky. Nonetheless, he couldn’t possibly let his daughter suffer. Therefore, he walked into the ward with Qianmo and pursed his lips after scanning around.

    “This room is so different from the one downstairs!” The decoration here made it look nothing like a hospital room. What a luxurious place; look at the fridge!

    The wards for special departments were not opened to the public, thus being so well-furnished. Apparently, Yu Changmo’s men had done the trick. Lying in bed, Qianmo realized that with him being next door, she could sneak there any time.

    She opened her eyes and found her father staring at her with widened eyes. He didn’t even blink, as if he were keeping an eye on a thief. The moment Qianmo moved, he would stand up and make sure that she wasn’t sneaking to the room next door.

    “Aren’t you exhausted?”

    Chen Baichuan snorted. “I hadn’t observed carefully enough before, so Lin Xiang happened.”

    He had to be on the alert for his daughter and kill all the rascals in the cradle.

    “Can you not compare him to Lin Xiang?” Qianmo felt sick to her stomach, hearing her father putting these two guys together for comparison. They were not of the same level! Yu Changmo was an extraordinary man, and it was totally humiliating to put him next to that scumbag.

    “Are you so mad at me for scolding him? When did you start dating? How long has it been going on?!”

    Her father was thoroughly enraged, but Qianmo didn’t cooperate with him. She was just too lazy to argue with his childish behavior. “What a wrong year you were born in. If you had been born decades earlier, you might have become a spy to frame comrades from our party.”

    It took Chen Baichuan three seconds to realize that his daughter was humiliating him. He was about to burst out in anger when his phone rang.

    “From school? I don’t care about your school! Didn’t you expel my daughter? We don’t care about your place anyway. What? A misunderstanding? No more expulsion? One week off for us too?”

    Chen Baichuan’s facial expressions changed multiple times within a matter of seconds. He had been angry, then exaggerated, and now quite flattering.

    “Oh, so that’s the reason. Who am I talking to? Ah, my daughter’s mentor. Alright, I’ll treat you to dinner next time…”

    This uneducated father was instantly transformed into a chameleon for his daughter’s future. He could be flattering, and he could be intimidating; what a dramatic old man!

    After hanging up the phone, Chen Baichuan got quite pleased. He laughed so loudly that Yu Changmo next door could hear him.


    Yu Changmo immediately sat up straight. Whose voice was this? Goddess’s father’s? Could the goddess be right… next door!?

    “My daughter is definitely outstanding. How would they want to expel you! Girl, lie down and take a rest, for one whole week!”

    Qianmo frowned. No more expulsion? And more holidays too?

    She was not an uneducated, rich man like her father. Hence, she knew that something was going on behind the scenes. Someone must have spoken for her; could it have been…

    Qianmo switched her look to the wall, and so did Yu Changmo on the other side.

    A wall separated these two people on each side, but both of them were thinking about each other at the moment.