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Chapter 39

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 39: Being in Love

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    “Dad, aren’t you starving?” Qianmo couldn’t help but ask her father when she saw him sitting on the sofa with legs crossed and arms over his chest, staring at her fixedly.

    “Don’t worry, your aunt is bringing food.” He was not going to buy any food. Instead, he was going to stop his daughter from meeting that bad boy next door at any cost!


    Qianmo could not be bothered to speak to him anymore and closed her eyes. Within one second, however, Chen Baichuan started talking with his daughter of his own accord.

    “What do his parents do?”

    “I told you already: I don’t know.” She was on the verge of meeting his parents in her previous life when something happened to their child. Therefore, the plan failed.

    Qianmo rarely regretted whatever she did, but she had been reflecting on whether she had done the right thing about the child and whether she should have told him about it. But later, she thought that no matter what she told him, it would never have reversed the situation. It was the arrangement of destiny, and some things are better left to fate.

    “Why are you so close to him when you don’t even know what his parents do? Let me tell you, you must find a local resident as your future boyfriend. Outsiders are never reliable. You don’t know what they’re like, just like Lin…” He swallowed that scumbag’s name under the sharp look of his daughter’s.

    “He said that he grew up in the capital. Didn’t you hear that?”

    Chen Baichuan struck the sofa and got energetic and riled up.

    “You said that you have nothing to do with him! Did I mention anything about him just then? You still like him, don’t you?”

    Her father was possessed, so Qianmo decided not to bicker with him anymore.

    In the room on the other side of the wall, the nurse who was conducting the examination upon Yu Changmo almost cried. What had she done to make this good-looking guy in bed so… outrageous.

    “Excuse me, Sir, you broke my bottle…”

    She was definitely feeling threatened to have run into a patient who could break a bottle with a grip and looked very fierce.

    Yu Changmo was paying close attention to the chatter next door. The sound-proofing was not that good. Therefore, even though what Qianmo said couldn’t be heard due to her low voice, everything Chen Baichuan spoke could be made out a little.

    Chen Baichuan said that Qianmo still liked him. Was he referring to Lin Xiang?

    Yu Changmo’s eyes cleared up and turned sharp, exuding a thick killing intent when he thought of Lin Xiang. He initially thought that since she had already chosen Lin Xiang, he should respect her choice. However, he had not expected that Lin Xiang was such a scumbag that he even lied to her.

    That was a man who never deserved her.

    In the room, what Chen Baichuan asked was whether Qianmo liked Yu Changmo. But Yu Changmo misunderstood his question and naturally blamed Lin Xiang for all that was happening.

    Although he was still a bit weak, Yu Changmo, who was well-trained, had already gotten outraged. He picked up the phone and called his brother, who was having fun abroad.

    “I need the current situation of Lin Xiang.”

    A few seconds of silence later, his brother’s teasing voice arose.

    “As far as I know, you almost died?”

    “Hit the point.”

    “Let me fix him for you?” His brother wanted to tease him a bit more. However, Yu Changmo, who cared only about his woman, had already disconnected the call.

    Oh… that meant that no one else was allowed to interfere in whatever was going on with his woman. Oh well!

    There were only four people in the world that dared to hang up on this bossy president—his father, his mother, his sister, and… his love-struck brother. His brother didn’t do that when he was not in love!

    Seeing him contemplating, the secretary with a pair of black-frame glasses next to him asked.

    “President, your private jet is ready. You can board the plane.”

    The third son waved his hand away. “No need to return; my brother is completely fine.”

    He was energetic enough to be able to instigate him in this manner, so he should be alright.

    He mused how his brother sprang up from the bed when Chen Qianmo walked past like a dog barking in her arms. On the other hand, when he saw his enemy crossing him, he glared and bared his fangs. Hence, he could feel his brother’s irritation even across the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

    “Get me the information on Lin Xiang. He’s just so unlucky.”

    The secretary thought for a while and realized that the man who was considered as unlucky last time by her president was already dead for ages. Who had displeased this fierce and lethal boss this time?

    “He offended my brother, not me.”

    “…” He would have been a little bit luckier to have offended the president himself.

    President’s brother…

    The man who only opened his mouth when necessary and who never spared his efforts to break the arms and legs of those who tried to trouble president. The man who was like the incarnation of a god, one that was so muscular and strong.

    The third son caught sight of his secretary, who was holding her hands together, her eyes shining with stars.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Praying for that unlucky fellow who has offended Brother Mo. Rest in peace.”

    The third son was not pleased at all. He squinted at her. “Since when did you get so close to my brother? Why don’t you call me ‘Brother’?”

    “I can call you Brother Three, and we can play with Sister-in-Law Two together?” She giggled when she thought of the funny catchphrase.

    “…” His secretary didn’t think in a normal way like others. The third son looked at her in a spoiling way.

    “If you dare to play with Sister-in-Law Two, my brother will slay you alive. Try if you don’t believe me.”

    His brother was attached to home, and he protected what was in his bowl dearly.


    Chen Baichuan looked at his watch and wondered what was taking Mianmian so long to arrive here.

    “Mo, are you hungry?”

    Qianmo was lying in her bed, watching TV. She said amusedly as she heard her father’s grumbling stomach, “If you are, you can go and get food from the canteen.”

    However, Chen Baichuan sat still on the sofa, ignoring his growling stomach.

    “Don’t even think about it! I’m not going to give you any more chances to visit the next-door neighbor.”


    Qianmo continued to watch TV, and Chen Baichuan answered a phone call.

    “Yes, I’m selling ginseng. Yes, to get ginseng with money!”

    Mu Mianmian was standing at the door with a lunchbox in her hands. Before she could push the door open, she heard her brother-in-law speaking such a stimulating word.

    He was trying to sell himself out?! Bah! Damn! Shameless. He had indeed fallen!

    “Mo, you’re definitely an excellent strategist. He is prying about ginseng business. I told them exactly what you asked me to.” Chen Baichuan was excited.

    His daughter planned everything and brewed a scheme on how to set a trap for Lin Xiang and his mother. She asked him to announce that he was going to borrow money for ginseng, so Lin Xiang could take the bait. And as expected, he was indeed prying about the ginseng.

    Qianmo had just set the trap at lunchtime, and now, Lin Xiang had gotten hooked. It was clear how well she understood people’s minds. It was good that this girl was on the right track, or else, she would kill her enemies shortly if her thinking wasn’t upright.

    “I can not only predict that Lin Xiang will lose all his properties, but I can also predict that in five minutes, you’ll be punched. Just look at your forehead.”

    Qianmo had just finished her words when her aunt pushed the door open and pointed at Chen Baichuan with tears in her eyes.

    “Chen Baichuan, you scumbag!”

    Chen Baichuan had no idea what mistake he had done when the chubby aunt lunged at him with tears streaming down her face. She had heard everything!

    “Who did you hug? You’re hiding private money? You’ve requested a membership card? You are trying to sell yourself… to whom? Are you trying to make up for your own mistake by giving yourself out?!”

    Mu Mianmian felt that the girl who was selling the seedlings of sea cucumber was very lustful. Thinking back, she was always staring at her brother-in-law in a horny style whenever she was talking!

    Her aunt was a virtuous wife who obeyed every order. But she couldn’t be stimulated in emotion, which was something Qianmo had figured out thoroughly in prison. Mu Mianmian, the head of District Three, could handle everything and everybody…