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Chapter 40

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 40: The Moment of Realization

    Chen Baichuan felt Mu Mianmian’s porridge over his head. He licked the warm porridge and learned that she had put dates inside. However, that was not the point.

    “Have you gone insane, Mianmian?” What was she doing by not saving his face in front of his daughter! She could do whatever she wanted at home. Poor dates…

    “You are the one who’s gone crazy! Shameless!” Mu Mianmian used all of her force to punch this cheater.

    Qianmo placed her arms behind her head while watching her father being scolded to silence.

    That was how her father had treated Yu Changmo a moment ago, hadn’t it?

    He rebuked him even though he was injured and respected him as the senior citizen. Now, he was getting porridge over his head from her aunt.

    What a cycle of karma. Serves him right!

    Mu Mianmian’s brother-in-law didn’t dare to hit back, so he had to turn to his daughter for help after seeing Mu Mianmian in tears.

    “Come, talk to your aunt, ah!” That scream was generated due to a chubby fist belonging to a body of over 80 kilograms.

    Qianmo spoke right on time.

    “Stop it, Aunt!”

    Chen Baichuan let out a sigh of relief, while Mu Mianmian had her hand up in the air as she looked at Qianmo in tears.

    “Are you with him or with me!” Did I cook for you for nothing? Did I braise the meat for you in vain, too?!

    Qianmo pointed at the bag in Mu Mianmian’s hand. “I mean, leave the steamed buns…”

    Aunt cared a great deal about Qianmo. Thinking that the child would be weak after transfusion, she passed the two remaining bags in her hand to Qianmo. There were steamed buns and soup inside.

    Chen Baichuan took the opportunity to sneak away, but Mianmian turned around and ran after him with her plump body. Chen Baichuan was indeed a man who wouldn’t hit a woman. He took off and ran outwards as he tried so hard to maintain his own self-esteem, or salvage whatever was left of it.

    “Don’t think that I won’t hit you because you’re a woman! I just don’t want to do that in front of the girl! Let’s talk outside!”

    “Stay if you’re a man!”

    He was indeed her father for coming up with such a reasonable excuse for running away. He was as thick-skinned as an elephant, not feeling any shame at all.

    After the couple went away, Qianmo took up the two bags from the side and went out calmly. Then she pushed open the door of the room next door.

    “Boss, drink some soup, please.” A pair of men in the room were trying hard to get him to drink something.

    “I don’t have the appetite. Move it away.”

    “You won’t have the strength to meet Sister-in-law next door without complementary nutrient…”

    Qianmo happened to run into this scene, and when Yu Changmo caught sight of her, he stiffened and then turned his head to the window directly.

    It was another bout of dizziness, and his heart felt quite tightened…

    He had been in a fragile state all this while, and his heart started to beat overly fast at the sight of her. Now, he got even more light-headed and could pass out any second. He must not allow himself to faint, though. He must stay awake and see her. He wanted to gaze at her as long as he could, not letting go of the slightest opportunity.

    The men had no idea about the complicated emotions inside their boss’s heart. They just greeted Qianmo when they saw her.

    “Sister-in-law, please, look at our boss!”

    “Leave it to me.” Qianmo came forward and told the two men politely.

    “Please help me guard the door, in case my father is here again.”

    “Don’t worry! From now on, not a single fly will be able to enter the room!” The two men walked out instantly. However, before they left, they didn’t forget to wink at their boss.

    Anyhow, their boss didn’t see the teasing of his brothers. He had his eyes staring outside the window, his body stiff and breathing stressed.

    Although they weren’t looking at each other, he could still hear the sound of her footsteps. She placed the soup at the head of the bed, opened the bowl, and then came the sound of a spoon clattering against the bowl. Even that was so crispy. It must have been the best spoon in the entire world.

    Yu Changmo was in pain, yet he was also happy.

    “Am I that scary?” Qianmo prepared the soup and asked him. But she was quite displeased seeing that he had the back of his head against her.

    “No.” He moved his head back, threw a quick glance, and then turned away.

    Oh no, he was going to pass out.

    Yet, just that quick look was so stunning. How could she be so attractive…

    When watching her from a distance, he could already sense his body’s strange physical reaction, and this nearness made him feel even more uncomfortable.

    The physical influence brought about by his mental issue was beyond imagination. Judging from the way Yu Changmo was suffering, he looked exactly like someone with acrophobia standing at a very high point, or someone with car sickness sitting in the car.

    What he wanted the most was what agonized him the most. Picking the most stunning and the only rose while standing on the tip of the blade was cruel torture for him, and it was a curse that destiny had placed upon him as well.

    “Drink some soup. If you don’t want it, I can get something else to feed you.”

    To feed him!!!

    Yu Changmo had never expected that he would be treated in this manner, even in his dreams. With his amazing willpower, he suppressed the strong discomfort in his body, turned around, and opened his mouth stiffly, his eyes lingering somewhere else.

    Qianmo had no inkling of what made this guy look so agonized. She fed him in a natural way, but Yu Changmo had no idea what the soup tasted like except that everything was so nice.

    The girl and the soup were both perfect, fulfilling his wildest fantasies.

    Although the short distance made him feel exceedingly terrible, yet he was so delighted inside his heart. It was a special feeling that only he could get, one that was a combination of intense agony and strong pleasure.

    A rhapsody of love with both happiness and agony mingling together tasted so much like a sweet candy, enriching his whole being.

    Qianmo had no idea about the two contrasting feelings inside his heart. What she did notice was his dejected look and clenched fists, as well as the eyes that were focusing on something else. Was he thinking that she was too frivolous?

    Oh well, she was indeed spoon-feeding the man after only knowing him for a few hours. Her father would definitely get furious if he ever caught sight of this scene.

    Whatever, she must feed him the soup.

    “Do you still remember who I am?” She recalled that she had made a self-introduction before.


    “Then, I’ll shut up.”

    No! Could you please talk more? Yu Changmo was afraid that she would leave, so he turned his head to look at her, ignoring how much pain it might bring.

    Luckily, she didn’t seem to have the intention of leaving. Instead, she was feeding him and reporting the situation to him.

    “I found the lady whose things hit you yesterday. Her husband runs a construction material business here, and he has been hooking up with some improper woman…”

    That improper woman was most likely to be her mother, Mu Feifei. When Qianmo ran into Wang Ziying yesterday, she was already quite certain about this conjecture. But she had been too busy dealing with this matter. Since the school gave her one week off, she could take the opportunity to settle this affair.

    It was definitely going to be a hectic week.

    Qianmo recounted the whereabouts of that bag of things to him in a very peaceful tone. She said no superfluous words and put everything straightforwardly. She concealed whatever she had done in this mission, briefly mentioning that she was with the team.

    But that was precisely what hit his heart, a sentence that looked weightless yet extremely important. His barren heart suddenly turned into grassland. She was there herself!

    The more moved he felt, the stronger he panted. Yu Changmo thought that he couldn’t hold it anymore and that he was going to pass out any minute…

    “That woman may be a bit complicated, but I…”

    The man who was on the verge of losing consciousness was suddenly startled awake. He sat up, his gaze sharp like a blade.

    “Is she bullying you?!”

    He was no longer dizzy or feeling bad, none at all.

    He didn’t want her to be bullied, by whoever it was or in whichever way it was.

    Qianmo was alarmed by his sudden reaction, and then something unfortunate happened to this guy.