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Chapter 41

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 41: Right to Spoil Her

    “…The soup has spilled.”

    Qianmo took a step backward subconsciously so that the soup would splatter on her hand first before landing upon the blanket. She wanted to stretch out her hands to reach the paper at the table, while he hurried to check if her hands had been burnt.

    That was how a cute couple of excellently-matched height worked. With one forward and the other upward, four lips were connected together without any warning.

    How soft, how fragrant, and how sweet!

    It was so much more real than in his dream.

    Qianmo had never expected that something like this would happen. Startled, she watched the expressionless man falling backward. He had a contented calmness lingering on his face, just like a man who had been shot in the battles played out in a TV-series.

    It looked as if everything was worth the effort for him now, embracing his death with a delighted expression!

    He had passed out…

    Qianmo turned speechless at the sight of this man who had fainted. Had there not been romantic feelings nurtured between the both of them in her previous life, she would have seriously suspected if he truly detested her.

    What was going on with him? Why would he behave so weird whenever they meet each other?

    He acted as if he looked forward to touching her yet feared to be contacted by her as well.

    Qianmo bore this matter inside her heart. She was definitely going to find out the secret behind all of these. But right now, as she watched this unconscious man, her concerns caused her heart to beat frantically. She checked if his wound had split open and took off the patient’s gown. Then, she discreetly removed his clothes.

    During this time, he opened his eyes to the smallest crack, and when he saw that it was she who was next to him, he stretched out his hands to take one of hers, his lips moving.

    He uttered no sound, but she knew that he was asking her not to leave.

    It didn’t matter who he wanted her to be. Qianmo was not sure if he was mistaking her as someone else, but what she knew was that she would not leave him.

    She helped him with the top in a gentle way, revealed the blanket, and hesitated for a few seconds while staring at his pants.

    It might not be so proper to remove his pants; also…

    Anyway, they almost had a child before, and it was totally impractical to deal with this situation in this hesitant manner. His wound would not be cured if he wasn’t sleeping well. If he ever wondered about how this was done after he woke up, she would say that his men had done the job.


    Qianmo had ignored his men. After all, nobody could approach him, and he could tell if someone was near even when he was asleep.

    She also sneaked a peek at his underpants when she was changing his clothes. What boring outfit…

    Without her, he wore whatever he could get within his reach, not minding the fashion. Pressing down her impulse of replacing the underpants with the style she preferred, Qianmo suddenly thought that she might be a bit obsessed with something. She had always been fascinated with sorting out everything within her sight in a proper way.

    Like urging her Aunt to lose weight and getting Yu Changmo changed, etc….

    He had not yet woken up after he was changed when Qianmo heard some noise coming from the corridor. Her father must have finished his business with Mu Mianmian by this moment. Thinking of this, she stood up, took a glance at him, got him under the blanket, and left.

    Yu Changmo in the dream seemed to have sniffed her scent, and his lips arched upwards.

    Back in the room, she saw her father with a blackened face. Apparently, he had been busy dealing with Yu Changmo’s men, who were blinking at her.

    “Saw enough of him? Ha, you really know how to stop your father! Alright, alright, since you can’t live with us anymore, I’ll go and get your dowry ready!” When Chen Baichuan didn’t see his daughter in the room, he knew that she was next door. He had wanted to go and catch her right on the spot when the two men stopped him and carried him back to the room.

    He wasn’t their match physically, so he sat alone by himself, feeling increasingly pissed as the seconds ticked by. He spoke in a sour tone when he saw his daughter, who was no longer standing by his side.

    Qianmo almost burst into laughter when she saw her father’s serious expression, as well as the three lines of scratches on his face and his unkempt hair. Still, she had to press her emotions down.

    “Where is Aunt?” She didn’t reply to her father directly but laid down in bed. After all, however much fiercely he was bellowing, he would never hit his daughter.

    Sure enough, Chen Baichuan didn’t stick to his guns when he saw his exhausted daughter. Nonetheless, when he heard her talking about Mu Mianmian, he got even more furious.

    “You bad little girl! What did you mean by sending that misleading information to her?”

    “You felt her scratches?”

    “…No! I gave her a lesson! She apologized to me in tears, and now she is out to buy porridge.”

    Chen Baichuan tried to get his face back by talking nonsense, pretending as if he were the man of the house, someone with an established name.

    Qianmo snorted at the three lines of scratches on his face, which irritated her father to almost blowing his top.

    “You’re not allowed to fool your Aunt anymore!” That chubby woman almost crushed him a moment ago!

    “Am I misleading? I just told her three points about you. You opened the membership for Aunt and saved the private money to buy presents for her. I indeed exaggerated a bit about the hugs, though…”

    Chen Baichuan’s eyes became as large as bells while his nostrils flared, looking like an enraged bull.

    Oh man, what had this girl done?

    How come she knew everything about private money and membership?!

    “Why didn’t you clarify the made-up stories to your Aunt?” That chubby lady was so scary when she was pissed…

    “Which of the three messages I said was made-up? You had fish plantation boss’s mistress in your arms a week ago at the seafood house while drinking with your mob friends; is that a made-up story?”

    Chen Baichuan froze with his nostrils still flaring. They seemed much bigger than usual, appearing ridiculous. But his heart was not amused at all.

    “No, no way…” That was a hollow sentence, which even an unprofessional man could tell.

    “You know pretty well whether it’s true or false.”

    That was a memory brought here from her previous life. She hadn’t considered Father and Aunt a couple at that time, so she was too lazy to remind him of anything. However, the situation naturally was different now.

    Facing his intimidating daughter, Chen Baichuan explained guiltily.

    “You know nothing! That’s just an act, a behavior for business.”

    That was real.

    Her father was not a playful man. But he loved to defend his face.

    Sometimes, when he hung out with his friends, he would conduct something over the top after being stimulated a bit.

    For example, hugging a woman when drinking. That was something he did when incited by his friends on the table. They said that he should fear nothing; hence, her father stepped out and hugged the lady so that he didn’t look so coward…

    The bitch Mu Feifei in her previous life aimed at plucking Chen Baichuan’s wings when she saw Mu Mianmian getting more and more capable of taking care of the plantation. Therefore, she instigated someone to get him drunk and snapped a picture of him hugging a woman. As a result, Aunt had a huge fight with Father, sparing the opportunity for Mu Feifei and Lin Xiang to get whatever they could from the plantation.

    That was a shortcoming her father must change, no matter what. So Qianmo texted Aunt today not only to take revenge for Yu Changmo but also to remind Chen Baichaun.

    Chen Baichuan got furious. He felt humiliated to have been scolded by his own daughter.

    “How much is your face even worth? You must always remember who is the person that loves you and takes care of you in this world! If you ever dare to defile my Aunt, I’ll not accept you as my father. If that ever happens, I’ll live with my Aunt, and you can die alone! Let’s see if your mob friends whom you try to please so much will take care of you when you’re sick!”

    Outside the door, Mu Mianmian burst out in tears, her plump cheeks streaming with teardrops. She currently had chicken soup in her hands for Qianmo and understood that she had spoiled the right child!