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Chapter 43

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 43: A Talk with Mr. Generosity

    Yu Changmo got so furious that he punched his pillow when he woke up and found his goddess gone.

    This goddamn disease!

    Why did it always flare up at such a critical moment?

    Why did he pass out at the very instant when they had shared their first kiss! That was not his first kiss, which was taken when he was little, but his first kiss as an adult!

    The innocent pillow became the target of venting his anger. He had just been in the middle of hitting the pillow when he heard his (future) father-in-law talking in his loud voice on the other side of the wall.

    It seemed that he was borrowing money from his friends?!

    Immediately after, Yu Changmo texted his brother and asked him to send some money to her. However, he got quite anxious after the transfer.

    Was that enough?

    He had no concept of money because he was born in a family that didn’t need him to make or spend it. Thus, what Yu Changmo lacked the least in his entire life was none other than money.

    He had been gifted shares by his grandpa and grandmother when he was born. He was a classic example of the people that were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

    He was given trust funds to his account every year since he was one year old. At that time, the family business was operated by his grandmother and grandpa. When he and his brother grew up, he continued with his studies at a military school to realize his dream of being a pilot, longing so much for being with the army.

    He left the business to his brother, who had to share cash and profits with him and his sister every year following his grandmother and grandpa’s order. As a result, his brother grumbled about being overly tired every day. However, his complaints were always ignored by the family.

    Later, he found that he had a mental disease that was totally out of his control, so Yu Changmo changed his career and took over grandpa’s business. However, he had just taken over and was still quite inexperienced.

    Thus, he was not sure if the amount was enough for her family’s emergency. Yu Changmo wanted to transfer some more to her, but he was afraid that she would find out the truth…

    Seeing the string of numbers on her cell phone, Qianmo thought that the bank had made a mistake and was about to call them for confirmation when another text came.

    “Congratulations, Chen Qianmo, the goddess. You have just won the top prize for being the first person who has passed by our company and got the opportunity of getting cash.”

    Qianmo’s lips twitched, turning speechless while staring at the wall. If she had not been tricked by the same method in her previous life, she would have taken it as a fraud.

    Why had he used the same excuse in both lives? Couldn’t he come up with a more persuasive lie?!

    Actually, it had not been Yu Changmo who came up with the content. Instead, it was his brother’s secretary.

    “What brainless text have you just come up with?” The bossy third brother across the other side of the ocean watched his secretary messaging his future sister-in-law.

    “One of the passers-by… Do you think that my future sister-in-law would be as dumb as you so as to believe this stupid excuse?”

    The secretary lifted her black-framed glasses and thoughtfully replied, “The entire purpose is to make her not believe the text so that she will follow the lead and find out that it is from Brother Mo. Afterward, she’ll be so moved that she will take Brother Mo in her arms, and oh god…”

    That was such a beautiful scene to fantasize about. She had seen Qianmo’s pictures before, feeling that she was a stunning beauty being the woman God Mo had a crush on.

    Ever since then, the secretary had become obsessed with this cute couple.

    “Are you sure… that my sister-in-law will be moved rather than scratching my brother’s face until it’s a bloody mess?” The third son felt his chin, wondering about the outcome.

    “Why’d she scratch him when he’s the one giving her money?” The secretary looked at her boss as if he were an idiot.

    The third son smiled sinisterly. “What about hanging out with me for one night if I pay you 100,000 yuan?”

    The secretary snorted. “You may bring AIDS with your money.”

    The third son raised his eyebrows. “Aren’t you afraid of me firing you?”

    She was getting really bold.

    The secretary showed an arrogant smile. “I’m sorry, but Aunt Meng is the one who hired me, not you. So you can’t fire me. What’s more, I’ll fax a copy of the friends you hang out this week to her now.”

    The third brother cursed in a low voice. Where did his mother find this four-eyed monster?

    Qianmo stared at the phone’s screen for a few minutes absentmindedly, unaware of whatever her father and aunt were talking about.

    Something similar had happened in her previous life too. Qianmo was going through the most challenging time of her life after coming out of prison, and she couldn’t even pay the rent. That was when she had received a text with the exact same content. But back then, she had obtained much more money than she did now.

    At that time, she didn’t have time and energy to check the sender. She was so poor that she couldn’t even afford food. Therefore, she took out some cash to pay for food and rent, leaving the rest intact.

    It was not until she started dating Yu Changmo later that she got to know that the money was from him.

    She was cautious about using the money before being aware of where it was from. But she got even more troubled after knowing its origins. How was she possibly going to repay everything she owed him after taking so much from him?

    Understandably, Qianmo was once again a bit unsettled when the funds appeared at this moment. In order to test him, Qianmo took a deep breath and weighed her words.

    At this moment, Chen Baichan was in a heated conversation with Mu Mianmian when he heard the loud shouting from his daughter, who had been standing by the opponent’s side.

    “100,000 yuan is not enough!” Qianmo spoke these words so clearly and so loudly that she was sure they had gone through the wall.

    Chen Baichuan and Mu Mianmian were both given a fright. Chen Baichuan’s blood pressure almost shot through the roof by her shout.

    “What’s the matter with you? Got haunted?” Chen Baichuan gave his heart a pat.

    “Nothing.” After the shout, Qianmo went back to bed and held the cell phone tightly.

    Barely a few minutes later, 100,000 yuan was transferred again.


    Qianmo wanted to test his bottom line, so she kept yelling in a loud voice.

    “200,000 yuan is not enough, either!”

    Chen Baichuan got so startled by his daughter’s sudden shout that the porridge he had tried so hard to get spilled again.

    100,000 yuan came again, this time, much more quickly.

    Qianmo just didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry. She was filled with complicated feelings.

    She could take the first 100,000 yuan as compensation for her transfusion, and the second 100,000 yuan as a show-off of a wealthy man.

    What about the third then? It wasn’t as if it was 10,000 or 100.

    There was only one explanation as to why a man could spend so much money upon a woman. Furthermore, Qianmo was also reminded of how those people addressed her as “sister-in-law”. Taking everything into consideration, she decided against pretending as if she understood nothing. She didn’t want to be a shameless woman, after all.

    It seemed that they didn’t recognize the wrong woman when they called her “sister-in-law”.

    Oh, that was troublesome. Qianmo had no idea whether she should be happy or furious. Maybe, she should be both.

    After she was reborn, she had not thought about how to get close to him and build up their relationship. However, after knowing that he liked her, she was trying to figure out whether she should continue to date him like in her previous life when she kicked him away after he had served his purpose.

    That had been so shameless and despicable. She had been such a bitch and a scumbag.

    “Oh god, you girl. Is that enough?!!”

    Chen Baichuan was furious.

    “It… is.” Qianmo’s mouth twitched a few times when she heard the beeping sounds from her phone.

    Oh… here came another 500,000 yuan. Now, she had received a total of 800,000 yuan!

    “Dad, how much does an apartment cost in the city nowadays?”

    “Around 5,000 yuan/ sqm. Why?”

    It was expected that in a few years, the price could rise to 10,000/sqm. So, she just made a few shouts, and she got two apartments?!

    It seemed that her yells had worked their charms, so did her father’s…

    Qianmo couldn’t sit still anymore. She must go over and talk with that Mr. Generosity, who was doing a good deed without revealing his real name.