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Chapter 44

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 44: Just for the Sake of Love

    “Is Brother Mo really… as smart as you?” The secretary looked at the president, who had a fox-like smile adorning his face, confusedly after she finished the money transfer.

    The president was deeply amused by how his brother had transferred the money to the girl he loved, smiling brightly and dandily.

    “There’s no bad genes in our family.” He was quite arrogant and proud of his heritage.

    Although his brother was an idiot when it came to his romantic relationship.

    Yet he was still an excellent student ever since he was little… just slightly less brilliant than himself and their sister, maybe? The president was obviously putting himself on a pedestal, forgetting the numerous times when his brother had exceeded him.

    “Why is he courting that girl in this way when he’s so smart? You rich people have really strange ideas…” The secretary was quite startled by how fast and determinedly Brother Mo had transferred the money, not hesitating in the slightest.

    “But what I’m more curious about is why you would collaborate with Brother Mo; after all, you’re a…”

    ‘A cold-blooded and sinister robot without any emotions that keeps scheming against people and has a distant attitude towards the entire world.’ In short, he was a playboy who liked to take control of everyone… but all she could do was complain inside her heart, not daring to give voice to them.

    Chen Haoxuan gazed outside the window, lost in thought. It was still daylight in this country, but it must have gone dark back home. He was wondering when the dark side of his brother could again be lightened.

    The secretary was just grumbling about her own boss when she looked up and saw the strict president’s gloomy side face. It was still so perfectly and annoyingly handsome, except that there was something different lingering on the surface…

    “President, you’re very… indescribable at the moment.” The secretary swallowed the word “human-like” to keep herself alive.

    Chen Haoxuan threw a fleeting glance at her. However, she couldn’t understand the loneliness that was reflected in his pupils. “Not everyone is what you perceive them as.”

    For example, his brother, who was actually quite unfathomable lonely despite being so famous, always remaining under the spotlight. He just hoped that this Chen Qianmo could be worth his brother’s devoted love and care. If she did anything wrong, she would be stamped out.


    Having weighed her words, Chen Qianmo took up her cellphone and was about to visit the room next door. The moment she stood up, however, Chen Baichuan was startled like a cat that had its tail stepped upon.

    “Where are you going?!”


    Qianmo opened the door and walked out, making Chen Baichuan want to stand up and drag her back, yet he was pressed down by Mu Mianmian.

    “Why are you stopping me?!” Chen Baichuan bellowed. He should not have spared any effort to hit that boy when he had the chance!

    She needed to go to the bathroom so many times! Was she obsessed?

    What was so good about that “bathroom” next door?

    “If anything is going on between Mo and that boy, do you think that she’ll behave so openly in front of you?”

    Chen Baichuan sat down again, panting heavily. Mu Mianmian helped him to calm his mood.

    “Since you have so much time to spy on her, why not try checking out what the boy next door is doing and how he is, etc. As long as he’s not a scumbag like Lin Xiang, we can take it one step at a time. After all, Mo is still young!”

    “How can I find anything about him when he’s not a local?”

    Aunt gave him a composed, poised look, opened the door, and called out to the two men who were guarding the ward.

    “Either of you got some time for us?”

    That was a ready-made source for prying!

    The two men exchanged a look and understood that they must please their boss’s future in-laws.

    Thus, one of them came up to her instantly. “Anything I can do for you?”

    Mu Mianmian seized him up and asked him to come into the room. The moment he entered, she got to the point instantly.

    “I want to ask you something. You soldiers never lie, do you?”

    The man stood at attention immediately. “Please, ma’am!”

    “That man in the room next door, what’s his name? What does he do? What’s his salary? What about his family?” Mu Miamian fired a barrage of questions directly.

    Chen Baichuan stiffened. What was going on here?

    Despite his reaction, Mu Mianmian was rather pleased with herself and threw a disdainful look at her brother-in-law! What was the point of getting annoyed by that little lass? Any questions could be asked from those people, and there was no need to complicate the matter.

    Sure enough, when the man heard her queries, he answered one question after another, sincerely and frankly.

    “He’s our general manager, and his name is Yu Changmo, a retired pilot. I don’t know much about his salary, just that he takes it annually.”

    Mu Mianmian exchanged a look with Chen Baichuan—If it were an annual salary, then he must be receiving enough to support the family.

    “He was a pilot in service before?”

    “Yes, Boss was the most excellent pilot on the scene, but he changed his career because of some special reason. Furthermore, Boss has two master’s degrees, and he has high academic qualifications. Moreover, he is definitely a man of tradition and culture. He plays an important role in whichever position he is in.”

    Oh really?! He sounded so lovely, and he also had high academic achievements under his belt. Mu Mianmian was indeed satisfied.

    Wonderful. She started to smile more brightly, the more she thought.

    “Besides, I heard Boss mentioning that his parents are all public employees in national offices.”

    Aunt beamed even more merrily, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

    A child born in a family with a stable foundation would have a good personality and upbringing, and his work and academics were also quite excellent. But his age was…

    “Boss and Sister Mo are a good match in the zodiac—totally auspicious, and they are going to make a great couple. They will undoubtedly make a happy family, and they will have a big one too…” This nice-looking man had made many efforts for Boss’s future blissful life.

    That hit the nail on the head. Every businessman believed in this kind of auspicious thing. Aunt felt quite gratified to have heard these words, and Chen Baichuan was also not that upset anymore. Still, he found the whole thing quite weird as well.

    “How did you know what year my daughter was born?”

    Lin Xiang was not quite satisfying to him before was because their zodiacs didn’t match each other’s. Although they might sound a bit superstitious, businessmen cared a great deal about this aspect.

    “That you better ask our Boss. Uncle, you can call us anytime you need something. We’ll come to you whenever we have time. After all, we’re a family, so we should look out for each other…”

    For the sake of Boss’s happiness, he was willing to do anything. Go for it, Boss!


    When Qianmo entered the ward, Yu Changmo was checking the cellphone in his bed. When he found that she had shown up, he stiffened again.

    Qianmo was not someone who dragged the matters on. Hence, she went forward and gave the phone to him directly.

    “You transferred the money?”

    “Not me.” He looked outside the window.

    Qianmo went around to catch his eyes. “Speak to me while looking into my eyes.”

    Her advances petrified him, not daring to move an inch.

    “Now tell me, was it you?”

    “Not me…” This stiff expression was a huge contrast to his weak voice.

    “Tell me that it was not you while looking at me!” Qianmo had an entirely different style in handling her man from that of her aunt.

    Aunt bellowed and hit, but Qianmo raised her eyebrows and talked with a low voice.

    “It was not me. It was my brother.” The man gave up eventually.

    It was a method that worked from her previous life all the way to the present day. Her man would simply throw in the towel whenever Qianmo gave him the look, no matter how serious he might appear on the surface.

    “Why did you transfer the money to me?”

    “I… lent it to you.” If she could spend his money without any qualms, that would be truly wonderful.

    Yu Changmo couldn’t help but think of the scene when his mother asked his father for the card.

    How happy must they have been! But no one wanted to take his card.

    “Why did you lend it to me? Will you lend the money to the cleaner too?” Qianmo continued her questioning.

    “No.” You were special!

    Qianmo couldn’t stand it anymore. This guy kept turning his face to the outside whenever he spoke.