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Chapter 45

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 45: A Gentle and Peaceful Time

    “Why did you lend me money, and why do your men keep calling me Sister-in-law? And how scary am I to make you look elsewhere whenever you speak with me? Start from the first question.”

    If the conflicts between them couldn’t be solved, it was not really a good choice to ask him everything at once. Before she entered the room, she had wanted nothing more than to give the money back to him. She tried her best not to talk about their relationship and behave like a bitch.

    However, she got so irritated when he didn’t even glance at her. The way he looked at her really hurt. Therefore, she made up her mind to go with the flow. She was confused, and so was Yu Changmo. Or, he was more like being in an awkward position.

    That he liked her was something stuck in his throat. Before he could utter anything, he already felt his heart beating fast and being on the verge of passing out.

    Seeing his breathing becoming hard, sweat beads emerging out of his forehead, and fists clenching tightly with veins popping out, Qianmo frowned.

    It was a weird reaction, to say the least.

    People usually didn’t have such a reaction to these questions. If he liked her and wanted to confess his feeling to her, he would have gotten nervous.

    If he hated her and didn’t want to confront her, he would have shown more detestation.

    Both of these reactions would lead to his current physical changes. So the only standard to make a judgment out of everything was… to look directly at his eyes. Qianmo decided to observe the pupils that were going to point out everything.

    Pupils were often widened when a man was extremely nervous and excited.

    However, pupils were often narrowed when a man disliked the person he faced. Qianmo looked towards his eyes, feeling like a bundle of nerves. She just couldn’t accept the possibility that he hated her.

    But his eyes were… shut.

    “Open your eyes and look at me!” She ordered him like a queen.

    He was so stubborn that he didn’t even want to open his eyes. That was his bottom line, the lowest self-esteem he could have as a man with a mental problem.

    “If you don’t look at me, I’ll never see you again.” She had a hunch that what was going on here was quite important.

    The man who had insisted on only listening to her and sticking to his principles in the previous second suddenly opened his eyes. His self-esteem was nothing compared to what his beloved girl had just declared. He was quite grievous about his weak affection.

    It was something that happened within a quarter of a second, but it didn’t escape her observation.

    His pupils were widened.

    She was quite casual and calm while facing his reaction, as if she had expected it.

    It was merely a moment though it felt like a whole century had just passed. Then he opened his mouth that was completely dried up by now and said with difficulty, “Just leave.”

    He didn’t want her to see his bizarre reaction, and he surely didn’t want this woman, whom he had loved for so long, to think that he was a patient. Although his disease only flared up when he was facing her, yet in other people’s eyes, he must be a weak man to have such a response.

    No one could understand the pain he underwent while suffering from this disease. He would rather hide in a corner somewhere far away than see the disgusted look from her eyes.

    That would kill him.

    Yu Changmo laid down, turned his back to her, and pulled the blanket over his head.

    He was never going to have anyone to love for the rest of his life…

    He deserved to be a sick man throughout his entire life.

    His grandfather was an authoritative man in the world’s psychiatry field, while his mother was the No.1 person in national criminal psychology. Still, none of these experts could cure him. He was a useless man who couldn’t give her any happiness.

    But he didn’t hear her departing footsteps, so he opened his eyes confusedly.

    Wouldn’t ordinary people just leave whenever they see someone mentally challenged?

    The moment he opened his eyes, he saw her face. She was so close to him and had her hands placed softly upon his face. Her eyes had also turned red.

    “What’s wrong? Did something happen to you?”

    How did he get a phobia? And it seemed to be a phobia that only happened to women. That was something Qianmo couldn’t accept.

    In her heart, he was someone so strong and capable, the most excellent man in the world, the invulnerable human being. Why did he have such a disease of weakness?

    She understood that her reddened eyes would make him feel that she was pitying him, which was worse than detestation.

    “As you can see, I am a man with a mental problem! I am sick! I can’t control my feelings for you, but I also can’t control the fear of approaching you! You can go now, as far as you can. Don’t show up in front of me again, and don’t ever be around me anymore! Leave, now!”

    His entire world was now meaningless.

    What was the point of living anymore?

    He could have nothing but her in the world, yet he was behaving so cowardly in front of her.

    She might feel nauseous and uncomfortable to have been liked by a sick man.

    He seemed to have seen the disdainful look in her eyes. After all, every normal woman would react by staying far away from ailing people. He had all the reasons for giving up now.

    He should not have come and dreamed about anything.

    He should have hidden in some corner and watched her on the sly. Why must he come out to disgust her?

    He should…

    Anyway, this man who detested himself so much was trying to push her away from him at the moment.

    But the reaction he had expected didn’t come. He opened his eyes once again and found Qianmo holding his hands. That was a shocking behavior.

    Qianmo, in her previous life, had never taken the initiative. Instead, she had always been protected by him and had accepted everything he gave her. But that seemingly irreversible distance was changed after the rebirth.

    “Tell me, who did this to you?”

    She sounded calm, yet her voice was full of the smell of gunpowder. People who knew Qianmo would know that the calmer, gentler, and more peaceful she got, the more displeased and enraged she was.

    And now, she was so furious that she almost blew her fuse.

    Who dared to touch him?

    Who was the one that hurt him? What was his name? Where was he living? How much did he earn, and how big his family was? Did he have a pet? And where was his family buried…

    She was going to destroy that man, put an end to his fortunes, and tear his family apart. She was going to send the pets to some other family and then change the Feng Shui of his family grave.

    That was what she had just thought of, and she was never going to forgive the fellow who had grieved him. Anyone who dared to hurt him must pay!

    “None of your business.” He was at a loss for what he should do when confronted with her strange reaction. Shouldn’t revulsion and detestation be the feelings at the moment rather than anger?

    She didn’t speak in a very loud voice, but he could feel that she was quite unhappy.

    “Let me ask you again. Who did this to you?”

    Seeing that he remained speechless, Qianmo pulled a chair near him and sat opposite to him like a leader. Then she picked up an apple from the head of the bed and started to peel the skin.

    Yu Changmo had never been fearful about anything in his life before, except for this woman who made him swallow his saliva, imagining that he was the apple in her hands.

    “I once had a nightmare before: I cut Lin Xiang when he made me angry.”

    She spoke such a violent statement in her gentle voice while peeling the apple in a beautiful manner. It created a scene of brutal elegance.

    “I hate it when people talk slow, you know? I’ve already asked you twice, and if I have to repeat one more time…”

    The blade that was shimmering with a cold light cut straight into the fresh fruit, sprinkling the juice over his hands and chilling Yu Changmo so much so that he immediately sat straight up.

    “Tell me, who did this?” As long as she was gentle, it would be a peaceful time.